6 Effective Ways to Prevent Copper Jewelry from Turning Customers’ Skin Green

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“Such a pretty bracelet; shame it tires green after a few uses just got mine 2 weeks ago, and it is turning green.” You’ve probably seen similar reviews from customers. Over time, copper jewelry does tarnish and loses luster. 

But brightness and distinct red-brown color make durable copper jewelry an irresistible statement piece for everyone. Moreover, wearing copper bracelets is thought to alleviate pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. 

So, have you ever thought that customers could prevent beautiful copper jewelry from turning skin green and maintain its luster with simple and regular cleaning? Keep reading—6 practical ways how to clean copper jewelry listed below work. 

Copper Jewelry and Green Skin

Copper jewelry turns wearers’ skin green due to the metal’s chemical reaction with sweat, which produces copper chelates. Copper chelates, unlike pure copper, can be absorbed by the skin. Our body only absorbs as much copper as it requires, and any excess copper chelates not absorbed by the skin begin to turn skin green.

On a side note, copper absorption is not harmful. Many people wear copper jewelry to help their bodies absorb copper as needed. The skin gets green, indicating that this is working. Copper is also an antimicrobial and antifungal metal that is neither harmful nor irritating.

6 Ways to Clean Copper Jewelry

Regularly cleaning the copper jewelry with handy materials and easy methods, customers no longer worry about skins turning green. 

It’s simple for customers to clean copper jewelry home with a few common household ingredients, like using naturally acidic ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, and ketchup to remove copper tarnish. 

So, let’s see the accessible methods for customers below to bring back the shine of copper jewelry without breaking it: 

1. Clean Copper Jewelry with Lemon Juice and Salt

Cleaning copper engraved bracelet with lemon and salt

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Method 1: 

First, wet the copper jewelry with lemon juice and sprinkle some salt on the surface of the copper jewelry. 

Then, gently rub the tarnished copper piece using a soft cloth. Rubbing for a few minutes, the copper becomes radiant and shiny. A pro tip is to sprinkle the salt on the cut half of the lemon, then scrub the jewelry with the lemon.

Finally, thoroughly rinse and dry the copper bracelets, copper necklaces, copper earrings, or rings.

Quickly learn from this Video.

Method 2: 

Squeeze the lemon juice(1 / 2 lemon) into a cup and add a little salt to the juice. Allow the copper jewelry to soak in the lemon juice for several minutes. If necessary, rub the lemon with a soft brush or cloth to remove all tarnish. Lastly, thoroughly rinse and dry your copper jewelry.

Notes: use only glass, ceramic, or plastic containers rather than metal containers.

2. How to Clean Copper Jewelry with Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

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Make a paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and lemon juice.

Rub the paste on copper jewelry using your fingers or a cloth. For a deeper clean, use a soft toothbrush. This method works very well on intricate pieces with numerous crevices. 

Finally, rinse the paste thoroughly and dry.

3. How to Clean Copper Jewelry with Ketchup

Regular ketchup works well for removing copper tarnish because of the vinegar in the ketchup. 

Squeeze some ketchup on the copper piece and rub until the tarnish is disappeared. 

Use a cloth, fingers, or a small soft toothbrush to clean the area. Finally, rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of ketchup.

Here’s a short video that helps. 

4. How to Clean Copper Jewelry with Vinegar

Pour vinegar into a glass or plastic bowl and immerse the copper jewelry. 

For a deeper cleanse, add some salt to vinegar and allow the copper to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. The copper jewelry will be gleaming when it’s taken out. 

Finally, rinse it thoroughly to remove all of the vinegar, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Do not soak copper jewelry with gemstones in acid vinegar can damage the stone because acid substances can damage gemstones. In that case, skip both this method and lemon juice.

5. Cleaning Copper Jewelry with Commercial Copper Cleaner

When buying a commercial cleaner, remember that some may be too harsh for use on copper and may scratch it rather than shining it. It is recommended that customers purchase a cleaner designed specifically for use on copper.

Copper cleaners are excellent for heavily tarnished items. Follow the cleaner’s instructions and rub the piece with a soft cloth until the copper shines again.

6. Apply Soapy Water for Brilliant Shine

Customers don’t always need a fancy copper jewelry cleaner to clean their favorite copper jewelry. Sometimes the best way to clean it is to use just a little soap and water to do the job. Instead of using metal containers for cleaning, use a plastic or glass bowl.

How Often Should People Clean Their Copper Jewelry

The frequency with which people clean their copper items is determined by how frequently they use them. Jewelry worn daily requires more frequent cleaning, usually once a week.

However, frequency of use is not the only factor to consider, especially since moisture is a significant factor in patina development. 

It is also essential to consider places to wear the jewelry. If people wear the copper piece where they sweat excessively or expose jewelry to additional water, clean it much more frequently than pieces they don’t wear out to such places. Remove the jewelry before going to the gym or swimming pool to ensure it doesn’t tarnish.

Except for Regular Cleaning, Seal the Copper Jewelry

Some copper jewelry is sealed with a polish or wax to prevent tarnishing, rusting, and staining skin green. Sealed or lacquered copper jewelry won’t get tarnished but loses its luster and dulls over time. But it is easier to restore its original radiance by simply using a jewelry polishing cloth.

You can request sealed wholesale copper jewelry from suppliers. Customers whose copper items haven’t been sealed can buy a commercial copper sealer. More than that, they can lacquer the bright pieces using nail polish or car wax to maintain the brightness and protect it from tarnishing. These are helpful ways to prevent and reduce the development of a patina on copper.

How to Care for and Store Copper Jewelry

Wearing a shiny copper bracelet

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  • Make sure the copper jewelry is thoroughly dried before storing it. Because exposure to air and moisture causes copper to tarnish, keep copper in a dry and cool place. 
  • Place the copper jewelry in an airtight bag, such as a plastic Ziploc bag, to reduce the copper’s interaction with air to slow the tarnish rate. Wrap copper jewelry in anti-tarnish paper before storing it if accessible.
  • Remove copper jewelry when exposed to chemicals such as chlorine in swimming pools or household detergents. Even body oils can cause copper to tarnish, so keep copper jewelry clean by wiping it down.
  • Copper jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it shiny. It is straightforward to restore copper pieces and make them look as good as new using our listed cleaning methods.


How to clean the copper bracelet?

The best way to clean copper bracelets is to soak them in mild soapy water for a minute or two. Then rub it with a soft cloth and dry the copper bracelet after rinsing.

How to clean copper rings?

Lemon works perfectly. Click this short video!

How to clean the magnetic copper bracelet?

Wash the magnetic copper bracelet by hand in a mild soap solution, then rinse it simply. Do not submerge or soak it in water. Once finish rinsing the magnetic copper bracelet, let it air dry.

How to clean tarnished copper jewelry?

Step1: Mix a bit of lemon juice, a tablespoon of baking soda, and water in a bowl.

Step2: Soak tarnished copper jewelry in the solution for a few hours or overnight.

Step 3: Buff the jewelry with a soft toothbrush to remove tarnish or stains. 

Step 4: Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with water the next day.


Hopefully, these copper jewelry cleaning tips are everything you’re looking for. While there are numerous strategies to choose from, it all boils down to what supplies people have on hand and which methods work best for them.

Try testing the methods now and sharing them with your customers. We bet restoring the glamorous sheen of copper jewelry is easy as pie. With these approaches, the customers won’t get annoyed by the green skin anymore!

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