Top 7 UK Shell Jewelry Wholesalers May Help Your Million-Dollar Jewelry Projects

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Willing to start a seashell jewelry project or change to a new supplier? We’ve listed and analyzed the UK’s most well-known and high-ranked seashell jewelry companies. Be inspired now!  

Why Seashell Jewelry?

Fashion shell jewelry, especially jewelry made of natural seashells, reduces waste and minimizes environmental harm.

Organic shell jewelry is ethical and sustainable. Selling seashell jewelry is a way to promote eco-fashion. By promoting eco fashion, you are practicing sustainability, educating customers about environmentally friendly consumption and saving the planet with consumers.

Seashells used in jewelry are symbols of culture and religion. Seashell jewelry brings wearers positive spiritual, physical and mental powers. We have three more blogs about the seashell jewelry meanings and benefits, please see attached links if you’re interested in:

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Seashell jewelry is present in endless designs, styles and colors. Stacking, statement or layering, each style gives wearers an elevated look. Heating gold cowrie necklaces and silver shell jewelry are appealing to customers.

Top 7 Shell Jewelry Wholesalers in the UK

Let’s check these wholesale shell jewelry suppliers out! (They are listed in no particular order below.)

1. Talbot Fashions

Talbot Fashions Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

In Talbot, you can easily find sustainable and hypo-allergic stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel paua jewelry for all ages and sexes. Paua shell pendant necklace, paua shell earrings, and bracelets from Talbot have nearly a thousand jewelry styles in various colors and shapes.

Whoever you are-wholesalers, online sellers, market traders, independent fashion retailers, gift shops, multiple chain stores, etc., you can get time-saving and hassle-free service from Talbot.  

Talbot has been one of the UK’s leading fashion jewelry and wholesale accessory suppliers to the retail trade for 40+ years


MOQ should be £25 at least(excluding VAT and postage). Talbot hasn’t disclosed the unit price on its product pages.


  • You can get custom shell jewelry, package and bar-code.
  • Your order will be sent quickly (within 24-48 hours) for Talbot’s large stock.
  • No worry about the shipment because Talbot quickly delivers products worldwide. Delivery within 5-7 working days on overseas orders, 2-3 working days if you are based in the UK.
  • Your orders over £150 (excluding VAT) will be packed and delivered for free if you’re in the UK.


  • You might not find the specific shell jewelry you want because Talbot only lists shell jewelry made of paua shells on pages.

2. Posh Totty Designs

Posh Totty Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

Posh Totty’s Tidal Seashell Jewellery Collection is characterized by cowrie shell jewelry/clam shell jewelry/coral shell jewelry combined with precious metals. Some of them are decorated with semi-precious stones. 

Every piece can be stamped with meaningful words and dates while maintaining the integrity of the natural textures.


£49/piece at least. 


  • To meet your customers’ tastes and market trends, you can get custom shell jewelry from Posh Totty.
  • Seashell jewelry is in trendy design. Cowrie shell jewelry(including popular gold cowrie shell necklaces, cowrie earrings and cowrie bracelets) is available.
  • High-quality and long-lasting handmade seashell jewelry are crafted from the finest materials.
  • Recycle package and ethical sourcing.


  • Limited shell jewelry styles on its page.
  • You have to contact the Posh Totty team for MOQ.
  • 2-10 working days for delivery.

3. Siesta Crafts

Siesta Crafts Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

You can buy a vast selection of abalone earrings with silver plated hooks or fixings from Siesta’s Mexican Earrings Collection. Typically, earrings from Siesta are inlaid with abalone shells, designed in geometric shapes.

Established in 1983, Siesta mainly does wholesale business throughout the Uk and Europe. They have an excellent local reputation.


Seashell earrings are £6/design at least. 


  • Affordable price.
  • You will see 100+ unique seashell earrings designs.
  • Some items are customizable. If you have special product requests, you can add jewelry to the basket and type requirements into the comments box.


  • Shipping shell jewelry to the USA is not available.
  • 2-10 working days of delivery.
  • Due to Brexit, you cannot order through the website if you’re EU customer. 
  • Siesta advises against using third-party international mail forwarding services. 
  • You have to apply for a wholesale account on the website.

4. Ben’s Beach

Ben’s Beach Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

Want to buy shell jewelry decorated with pearl and glass beads? Ben’s Beach Shell Jewelry is defined by white cowrie shell jewelry adorned with beads. Puka necklaces and conch shell jewelry are also available. All jewelry is in bright and colorful boho style. 

Specializing in ocean-inspired jewelry from around the world, Ben’s Beach is a family-run online jewelry store based in London and specializes in ocean-inspired jewelry from around the world, specializing in ocean-inspired jewelry from around the world. 


Unit price ranges from  £4.99- £15.


  • The affordable unit price started at  £4.99.
  • Worldwide shipment and your order will be dispatched on the same day of placing the order.

1-3 business days of delivery to the UK and Channel Islands; 

3-5 business days of delivery to EU; 

5-7 business days of delivery duration to the rest of the world.

  • Endless design, Ben’s Beach launches new seashell jewelry items each month.
  • You may have a chance to get a discount by subscribing to receive emails.


  • Ben’s Beach pages have no seashell earrings.
  • MOQ hasn’t been disclosed.

5. Joe Cool

Joe Cool Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

In Joe Cool Jewelry, you can find both cowrie shell jewelry and abalone shell jewelry. Check this page. Bulk shell necklaces, cowries bracelets and abalone earrings are in stock. 

Joe has been designing, producing, importing, exporting and distributing fashion and novelty jewelry and accessories to customers worldwide for over 30 years. The majority of their clients are retailers, but they also serve importers and distributors and so on.


You may have a chance to get the sea shell jewelry at a favorable price. Joe adheres to providing the most convenient service and the highest quality at the best price.


  • You can get custom shell jewelry and custom package and label from Joe.
  • NO MOQ. It’s friendly to market testing.
  • Your wholesale orders, which are in stock, will be despatched quickly in 48 hours.
  • You will have a chance to receive jewelry without paying a delivery charge, thanks to Joe Cool’s free delivery policy.


  • Unit price isn’t shown unless you sign in. 
  • Limited designs on the websites.

6. Ocean Boheme

Ocean Boheme Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

Whenever you want to add silver jewelry or brass jewelry combined with various seashells, you can purchase eye-catching wholesale necklaces, bracelets, earrings and wholesale rings of a full range of sizes from Océan Bohème. 

Brass and silver shell jewelry are the 2 major types of wholesale jewelry in Océan.

Are you a brand that loves distinct boho-style seashell jewelry and is passionate about the ocean and a sustainable environment?  If the answer is yes, Océan Bohème, all about seashell jewelry, will be a great shell jewelry wholesaler for you. 


Rings, £45-£65; necklaces, £20-£110; bracelets, £30-£45; rings, £15-70.


  • Wherever you’re, you can receive goods for Ocean Boheme jewelry support worldwide shipping.
  • Small batches are available to test the quality from Ocean Boheme
  • Complete jewelry collections meet your various demand or inspire you.
  • You will receive seashell sustainable and ethical jewelry which helps build or promote an environmental-friendly band image.
  • 100% unique design products make a complement to your product range.


  • Sometimes you need to contact the Ocean Boheme team for what you want because the products shown on the web page are not always up to date.
  • You might have to wait for a despatch or won’t get what you want because some designs are out of stock.

7. Fluke Jewelry

Fluke Jewelry Wholesale Shell Jewelry Supplier in the UK

If you’re seeking gold or silver seashell jewelry, see Seashell Collection from nature-inspired Fluke Jewelry. 

Bulk gold cowrie necklace, cowrie silver bracelets, Limpet silver rings and tower shell silver earrings are shaped by the sea. Its colorful enamel shell pendant jewelry provides a new addition to you!


Price ranges from £15-£350. The listed prices include VAT at the Uk rate of 20%.


  • Worldwide delivery is available. 
  • You can return any item within 14 days of receiving the order for a full cash refund.
  • You can source ethical jewelry for sustainable practicing.


  • Some jewelry items take 21 days to dispatch your order because all jewelry is handcrafted. 
  • Seashell jewelry is limited on its website.


Hope each seashell company listed above is clearly stated and helpful for you. 

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