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we are your comprehensive solution for elevating your jewelry business. We also specialize in providing top-notch photography services.You can use them in your own online stores or show your customers the latest styles.
Professional photography draws more customers to your brand and increases sales.


Product Style Idea

We understand that each piece of your handmade jewelry is a true work of art, a labor of love, and a testament to your craftsmanship. We’re here to ensure that the exquisite beauty of your custom handmade jewelry is not only preserved but celebrated through captivating visuals.

  • Our team of skilled photographers, equipped with top-tier photographic equipment, is dedicated to capturing the essence of your handmade jewelry.
  • Whether your jewelry boasts intricate details, vibrant colors, or minimalist elegance, we adapt our photographic approach to showcase what makes your creations truly special.
  • Your handmade jewelry brand is an extension of your artistic identity. Our photography services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your brand’s messaging.


Product Photo-shooting

We recognize the value of your time and the dedication you pour into custom your handmade jewelry. Our photography services are thoughtfully designed to ease the burden of capturing your creations, saving you time and resources that might otherwise be consumed by the intricacies of product photography. With our experienced powerful team, you can channel your energy into what truly matters – passionately crafting and promoting your handmade jewelry.

At TTT Jewelry, let us help you capture the heart and soul of your creations through our photography services.


Photo Retouching

Our photo retouching service transforms your custom jewelry images into captivating masterpieces:

Enhanced Brilliance: We make gemstones sparkle and intricate details pop, enhancing natural brilliance.
Flawless Presentation: Our skilled team removes imperfections, blemishes, and dust for flawless imagery.
True Color Accuracy: We maintain accurate jewelry colors, ensuring lifelike representation.
Detail Emphasis: Fine details, from engravings to intricate designs, are emphasized for prominence.
Consistent Appeal: Whether one piece or a collection, we ensure a cohesive, professional look.


Resource File

When you choose TTT Jewelry for your photography needs, you’re not just investing in a service – you’re partnering with a team of experts who are passionate about making your visuals stand out. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our mastery of top-notch editing tools, guarantees that your images will shine and leave a lasting impression.


Value-add service

Besides regular customized wholesale product services, we will also provide our customers with a wide range of value-added services, including popular trends and market updates.

According to these, we can provide our customers with professional products or market solutions. You can get more if you are our VIP. The complementary color card, HD photos, samples, and models are always our value-add service for you.

Cooperate Detail

Get in touch with us today to explore the endless possibilities of custom jewelry and world-class photography. Together, we’ll create magic!

White Background Image
Our Product White Background Photography Service is all about precision and clarity.These images are perfect for e-commerce, catalogs, and online listings, allowing your products to stand out with elegance and professionalism.
  • Precision and Clarity √
  • Background Removal √
  • Photo per Products √
  • Resource File √
  • Photo retouching √
Story Sence Image
Scene Photography Service adds depth and context to your products.This service ideal for brands looking to showcase their products in real-life scenarios, connecting with their audience on a more personal level.
  • Context and Storytelling √
  • Precision and Clarity √
  • Photo per Products √
  • Resource File √
  • Photo retouching √
Catalog Ablum
This creates a versatile set of images that can be used across various marketing channels. Whether you need clean and concise or engaging and immersive visuals, our combined approach ensures your products make a lasting impact.
  • Precision and Clarity √
  • Context and Storytelling √
  • Versatility and Impact √
  • Background Removal √
  • Photo per Products √
  • Resource File √
  • Photo retouching √