The No.1 Handmade Jewelry Company

Since TTT Jewelry’s inception in 2010, we’ve been fully committed to custom handmade jewelry because we are motivated to be in the vanguard of jewelry industry.

With our strong supply chain and manufacturing capacity, we are able to respond promptly to global market trends.

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We're On A Mission

To boost your sales and brand performance by supplying custom handmade fashion jewelry and comprehensive value-added services.

Each of our employees works around this goal. It is our pleasure to share TTT’s resources with you to help you succeed.

Why Choose TTT Jewelry

We believe that handmade jewelry will lead the way in jewelry fashion.

Accurate 3D Visual Design

Taking a step forward in innovation, our talented designers use digital programming in translating your jewelry proposal into a design mock-up.

Intricate details, material selection, and construction suggestions are shown on the visual rendering, which is made in five different styles so you can select the interpretation that you prefer.

With the help of intelligent visualization of your jewelry design, we save valuable time and resources when reviewing for changes before proceeding to mass production.

Premium Materials

TTT Jewelry places material quality in high regard, understanding that our custom handmade jewelry creations are only as good as the materials we use in making them.

In our effort to become the premier name for custom handmade jewelry, we established close partnerships with more than 16 raw material plants nationwide.

Material suppliers are routinely evaluated by our team, making sure that the quality of the materials supplied, as well as their pricing and delivery speed, is on par with our established standards.

Quality Jewelry Manufacturing

Adhering to the nation’s long-time tradition of handmade art, we excel in combining long-standing handicraft skills with modern craftsmanship.

From routine inspections by our seasoned artisans with over 10 years of manufacturing experience to our quality control team conducting multiple tests, checking for consistency and reliability.