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New Products

Miyuki Tila Bracelet

This 17cm long bead bracelet, beading Tila beads by the 0.4mm elastic rope which imported from Korea, is very popular in Europe and the United States this season. The profits of this bracelet are very impressive, the unit pricing is 30USD (27 Euros) and hot sale in BY Johanne.

Tila Beads, another new best-selling raw material after the DB (Delica bead) series, was also produced in Miyuki, the seed bead factory in Japan.

Hot Sale

Handmade in China, top quality within the industry!

2019 3 and 4 Pcs New Handmade High Grade Stackable TILA Bead Multi Color Elastic Beach Bracelet
2019 New Fashion Japan Miyuki Seed Bead Matte Colorful Tila Bead Bracelet for Women
Handmade Jewelry Gifts Bohemian Elastic Rope String Luxury Gold Plated Unisex Men Women Miyuki Tila Beaded Bracelet Set
Fashion colorful 3/4PCS Handmade Miyuki Tila Bracelet For wholesale and retail


Different services for different clients

For Wholesalers

Large volumes of jewelry in different ranges to fit your target price. Direct factory from raw material to production.

For Designers

Production of your fabric or jewelry from idea to delivery in TTT jewelry. Whatever simple bracelets or detailed necklace.

handmade jewelry wholesale

For Retailers

TTT has provided wholesale services since

2013. Tailored jewelry for your customers including packaging and displays.

For Activity Promoters

Very high quantities of simple jewelry at low cost pr. unit. Low cost but unique promotional jewelry as gift or souvenir for participant.


We always strongly believe that handmade jewelry will

lead the fashion trend. Warmly welcme to join us!

Focus on Handmade Jewelry Production

Price Range

0.2 - 10 $. On anything from simple bracelets

to detailed necklaces.

Lead Time

4-6 WEEKS​. From our production in China to your storage whereever in the world.


120 PCS. We handle both small and very large orders of up 50.000 pieces.

Let us know what type of jewelry is in your interest, we will provide prices, minimum quantities and examples, as well as tailer them to your preference. We always answer within 24 hours and from your approval you can expect the samples at your office within 7 business days.

Found in June 2010, Guangzhou, China, with the brand of “TTT Jewelry”, Guangzhou Swordsman Jewelry Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in handmade jewelry, which actives in the fashion industry and trade.It is the sincerity and love make the Chinese craftsmanship traditional and excellent, which lead us to focus on the exquisite handmade and great originality in the long time.



Indusry & TTT News

TTT Jewelry at Asia’s Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Fair
Some information with you about TTT at the Asia’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair.
Real time news--Sales officially exceeded 20 million--TTT Jewelry
By January 18, 2019, TTT has officially achieved the annual sales target of 20 million.
Coming soon! Color trendy in 2019 Spring & Summer--From Pantone
For the vision of TTT Jewelry-To be the leader of fashion trend, a series of new designs based on popular color system are coming soon. Here's some news(To risk death to disclose in advance).


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