2021 Handmade Jewelry Collection

NEW! 2021 Handmade Jewelry Collection

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TTT Jewelry ensures sustainability, flexibility, and adherence to production deadlines that are important for your brand. We are a fashion jewelry manufacturer offering low minimums, reasonable prices, and quick delivery.

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    New Arrival

    Browse through our line of new fashionable handmade jewelry products that are sure to command the attention of your audience. Having a keen eye on the latest and upcoming style trends in global fashion jewelry, our creative designers and artisans develop eye-catching jewelry designs that perfectly reflect what the market wants.

    Featured Handmade Collections

    TTT Jewelry’s wide range of fashion jewelry collections plays around a central theme or material, bringing out the material’s natural allure and beauty in each product. These tried & true favorites will have you set to get down to business.

    Natural Stone Collections
    Natural Stone Collections
    Breathtaking natural stone jewelry highlights the rustic appeal of natural stones.
    Crystal Collections
    Crystal Collections
    A charming set of high-quality jewelry accentuated by the addition of authentic crystals.
    Copper Collections
    Copper Collections
    Invoke a classic and timeless look with our copper jewelry offerings.
    Miyuki Collections
    Miyuki Collections
    Professionally-made jewelry with intricate shapes and patterns using top-class Miyuki beads.
    Pearl Collections
    Pearl Collections
    Oozing with class and luxury, our fine pearl jewelry reflects unparalleled sophistication.
    Tila Collections
    Tila Collections
    Explore your creative side with our selection of whimsical tila jewelry.

    Featured Services

    Accelerate 3D jewelry design rendering, material procurement, and optimize your brand with our in-house manufacturing team. Our supply chains help you efficiently maximize investment, optimize costs and save you time.

    Fashion Jewelry 3D Design

    Free Custom Jewelry Design & Engineering

    We specialize in helping wholesalers, retail chains, brands, and designers launch their handmade jewelry line or produce their existing ones. Our simple process makes it easy to design and develop your bracelets, necklaces, earrings even without any prior design or manufacturing experience.

    • We take into consideration your project budget.
    • The design depends on your target consumers’ age and sex.
    • 5 series of custom design 3D rendering in only 2 days.

    Premium Jewelry Material Procurement

    Premium jewelry materials are the most crucial start! With 11 years of experience serving thousands of customers, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in raw materials to bring your handmade fashion jewelry to life.

    We have plenty of in-stock materials (such as different beads, natural stones, crystals, pearls, and cords ) to make any fashion jewelry, and we also work with specific materials.

    Jewelry Material Procurement
    Private Label Jewelry

    Private Label or Engraved Your Logo

    This private label production service has been used by:

    • Small and medium boutique chains wanting to offer best selling models under their own brand.
    • International e-commerce stores wanting to offer high end made in their country.
    • Startup jewelry designers to produce their sample line and store orders.

    Universal Packaging or Customization

    We offer all kinds of boxes and bags. The primary material of the bag is flannelette, netting, linen, cotton, and silk. Packaging boxes include cartons, leather boxes, and cloth boxes. The cartons are mainly corrugated paper, kraft paper, cardboard, and specialty paper; the cartons’ materials are mainly PU(Polyurethane), PVC(Polyvinyl chloride), and Derma.

    We are unique in that we do not only work in one substrate such as paper or plastic, so we can begin a project with an open mind, focused totally on what is best for our customer and their specific application.

    Jewelry Packaging

    One-stop Shop Handmade Fashion Jewelry Partner

    TTT Jewelry is the premier handmade fashion jewelry destination that not only provides you with custom jewelry solutions, but also gives you an incredibly comprehensive end-to-end service to make your job easy and save your time.

    • Our project manager systems allow us to quote within 12 hours and provide you with short manufacturing turnaround times.
    • Design experts available to discuss jewelry design challenges, and your products will launch to the market faster than ever before.
    • We make it easy for all customers – from startups to  famous companies – to access manufacturing on demand by providing the most efficient way to source high-quality materials.

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      QC In Handmade Jewelry Production

      Quality control starts with selecting raw materials, integrated more than 20 factories, and raw materials are strictly selected from factories. No matter wearing beads, knotting, making tassels, and assemble viscose, every step is meticulous.

      Tip: Please still allow for slight variations in shape and color, as no two pieces of handmade jewelry can ever be identical.

      Quality compensation: Minor quality problems can be repaired or refunded when full refund for serious quality problems!

      Get All You Need at TTT Jewelry

      As your professional manufacturer of handmade fashion jewelry, TTT Jewelry provides a full range of practical and cost-effective solutions for your jewelry needs. Boasting deep research and development, access to the best materials, and strong production capabilities, we have everything you need under one roof.

      Whether starting in the business or an established name in the industry, our years of expertise and expansive supply chain are sure to satisfy your brand’s vision for success. Talk to our team today and see how we can boost your brand and revenue.