Your Definitive Breakdown For Necklace Types

woman wearing gold chain pendant necklace & silver chain  pendant necklace & silver rings

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Necklaces have a rich and remarkable history. People are astounded to learn that the creation of the chains began in the Stone Age, making them around 40,000 years old. They were made entirely from natural elements such as vine or animal tendon, and are decorated with stones or shells.

As time passed, necklaces went through many developments. Various methods such as the art of weaving and metal crafting are utilized. And materials such as precious metals, pearls, and gemstones are used in making and decorating necklaces.

Necklaces also have deep meanings and symbolism for humanity. It depends on the materials and adornments used. Some believe that necklaces with gemstones can ward off evil or protect you. Others believe that infinity pendants symbolize undying love, and heart charms are equal to love and sentiment.

This blog will talk about the different types of necklaces available today. We will also look at some tips to help select the perfect necklace for any occasion or wearer.

24 Kinds Of Necklaces

Necklaces come in numerous designs, styles, and kinds. Understanding more about chains can be valuable in choosing your jewelry. Let’s dive deep into the world of necklaces.

A. Bib Necklaces

Woman Wearing Gold Bib Necklace
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A bib necklace encircles your neck, just like a bib. This necklace has a broad piece lying below the collarbones and a slimmer frame around the neck. Bib necklaces made of pearls, beads, or gemstones are great as statement pieces.

B. Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are the most versatile and minimalistic type of necklace. Typically, they’re made of sturdy silver, gold, or platinum materials. Chains can be simple or adorned with charms or beads. 

There are numerous styles of chain necklaces, such as anchor chains, Figaro chains, and snake chains. Wearers can match chain necklaces perfectly with formal clothes and elegant dresses.

C. Choker Necklaces

a pretty woman with nose piercing wearing a gold choker necklace
Source: Pexels

A choker is generally 14 to 16 inches long and snugly worn around the neck. Choker necklaces are available in various materials such as gold, leather, and even ribbons.

The most notable benefit of donning a choker necklace is that it goes well with nearly anything you wear, no matter the form or style. It’s best suited for U-neck and off-shoulder necklines.

D. Collar Necklaces

Collar necklaces are worn just above the collarbone and are generally 12 to 13 inches long. They’re stunning when made of pearls or jewels and gold and silver for a more casual appearance.

Collar necklaces are perfect for off-shoulder clothes, turtlenecks, and even boat necks. These necklaces can also give a dramatic sophistication to evening wear.

E. Festoon Necklaces

The festoon necklace is a vintage-style necklace originating in Greece. It resembles a garland and consists of several drapes of beads, metals, gemstones, and other ornaments.

The main chain of a festoon necklace must be choker-size, and the rest must rest on the collarbone for the necklace to fit appropriately. The festoon necklace is perfectly paired with off-the-shoulder dresses.

F. Graduated Necklaces

an elegant woman wearing graduated pearl necklaces and a pearl earring
Source: Unsplash

Graduated necklaces consist of single-strand necklaces formed with various-sized materials, such as pearls. The beads start smaller at the clasp and become more prominent at the front of the chain. Graduated beads are popular in pearl necklaces.

G. Lariat Necklaces

Wearing Gold-plated Chain Link Lariat Necklace
Source: Pexels

A lariat necklace has a one-of-a-kind design with its Y-shape look and no clasp feature. The ends are either knotted, crossed over, or looped.

It is longer than the opera necklace and usually falls under the belly button. The chains and beads make a long rope that can be adjusted through a circular loop and tied at the front. You can drape it multiple times around your neck if it’s too long.

H. Lavalier Necklaces

The lavalier necklace was created at the onset of the twentieth century and is usually about 14-19 inches in length. It comprises a thin chain with a small pendant with luxurious stones. The lavalier design works perfectly with a feminine, boho impression.

I. Locket Necklaces

Photo Of A Man In A Round Locket Necklace
Source: Pexels

Locket necklaces are intimate pieces of jewelry and were highly popular during Victorian times. A tiny cavity in the locket necklace can contain a small photo or memory of a loved one.

Locket necklaces are generally paired with an opera-length necklace. But you can also combine them with choker necklaces to create a multi-layered style.

J. Matinee Necklaces

A matinee necklace is between 22 to 24 inches long and can be matched with formal attire. Beads and stones are used to create and decorate this necklace.

Matinee necklaces are perfect for layering since they are shorter than the opera length and longer than the princess’s length. These necklaces are perfect with high necklines and turtlenecks, emphasizing the bust area.

K. Multi-Colored String Necklaces

A multi-colored string necklace is a variant of a string necklace. This necklace is designed with multi-colored beads of different shapes and sizes. The focal spot of this necklace is the bright, colorful beads.

Wearers may wear this necklace on any occasion, such as going to the cinema or partying.

L. Negligee/Tassel Necklaces

A negligee necklace is a long necklace distinguished by the asymmetrical length of its tassels. Match these elegant and feminine necklaces with glittery dresses to complement the glamour with some class. Off-shoulder and sweetheart necklines are perfect with negligee necklaces.

M. Opera Necklaces

Opera necklaces are usually around 26 to 36 inches long. They are ideal for deep-necked dresses or shirts. They can be worn with a single strand or stacked with opera necklaces of different lengths for a layered look.

The opera necklace is a piece of elegant jewelry commonly worn for formal events. But, due to its versatility, people can also wear it anywhere to any event.

N. Pendant Necklaces

Gold Cahin Necklace with Moon Pendant & Star Pendant & Round Pendant
Source: Unsplash

Pendant necklaces are a must-have for all jewelry enthusiasts. These necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that enhance your style and allow you to show off your personality. 

A single-strand pendant necklace usually comprises a gold or silver chain with a charm at the front. Gold vermeil and 18-carat gold are the popular metal choices for this necklace.

O. Plastron Necklaces

Plastron necklaces are enormous and cover a broad area around the chest. These necklaces consist of several rows of beads with clasps at the back. Plastron can be made from gold, turquoise, and even wood.

Plastron necklaces are popular and make you look like a million bucks. And whether you’re attempting for an elegant or casual look, this necklace will add a burst of color to your attire.

P. Princess Necklaces

A Pretty Woman Wearing Princess Necklace
Source: Pexels

The princess necklace stands out due to its design and appearance, which screams royalty. It’s typically a necklace embellished with stones in various shapes and sizes, which focuses on a central piece.

The princess necklace is usually an 18-inch necklace that sits under the collarbone. You can match it perfectly with a strapless gown, which is great for wedding occasions.

Q. Religious Necklaces

Religious necklaces typically have a charm or pendant with a religious symbol. The materials, length, and fastening styles vary extensively. Customers can wear them daily to symbolize faith or match them with formal attire for family occasions.

R. Riviere Necklaces

Riviere necklaces consist of a row or two gemstones stringed together with identical or graduated sizes. The typical length of this necklace is between 14~16 inches.

Riviera necklaces go well with strapless or V-neck dresses. These necklaces are elegant and sophisticated choices to animate people’s outfits for formal occasions.

S. Rope Necklaces

The rope necklace is a  boho fashionista’s masterpiece. The materials used for this necklace are usually strings and cords. 

These lightweight necklaces are at least 36 inches long. You can encircle them around your neck or let them sit on the center of your chest.

T. Sautoir Necklaces

Sautoir is a French word for a long necklace with a pendant or tassel suspended at the bottom. These necklaces are 30 to 36 inches long, and they are often wrapped around the wrists as bracelets!

Sautoir is a versatile piece of jewelry that can instantly enhance your style. This necklace pairs perfectly with your V-neck, off-shoulder, and scoop neck. 

U. Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are enormous, unique jewelry that features pendants and lavish ornaments. They are available in various materials such as metals, gemstones, and pearls.

Statement necklaces are bold jewelry that anyone can instantly notice. They can define people’s personalities and boost confidence.

V. Thread Necklaces

Thread necklaces are trendy pieces made with colorful threads linked together to form the necklace pattern. It’s an excellent choice for people who cherish handmade jewelry.

Thread necklaces come in lengths of 14 to 20 inches. Threads can be worn with almost any outfit and are suitably matched with a shirt or a casual dress.

W. Torque Necklaces

The torque necklace is a solid metallic ring for the neck with an open front and no clasp. It’s an excellent choice to pair with a plunging neckline or even a V-neck.

X. Torsade Or Twisted Necklaces

Torsade or twisted necklace comprises numerous strands to form a unique design. Torsades may feature elegant and gorgeous clasps in the rear. These necklaces come in various lengths and are usually made of beads, wire, and fabric.

Twisted necklaces are delightful accessories for a relaxing picnic in the park or a trip to the seaside. People can pair them with any neckline and solid colors.

Ideal Necklace Length Guide For Women

Choosing the appropriate chain length is essential when planning to buy a necklace. This simple guide can help your customers select the right necklace length that will best flaunt their jewelry and emphasize their best features.

  • 14″ Necklace

This length fits like a choker and wraps closely around the neck.

  • 16″ Necklace

It falls flawlessly around the center of the neck like a collar. It dangles loosely around the neck when worn by a petite woman and drops just above the collarbone. And when adorned by a plus-sized woman, it may fit more like a choker necklace.

  • 18″ Necklace

The 18-inch necklace is a popular choice for women. It sits perfectly on the collarbone.

  • 20″ Necklace

A 20-inch necklace falls just below the collarbone.

  • 22″ Necklace

This necklace length falls just above the top of the chest.

Different Types Of Necklace Materials

Over the centuries, jewelry, in general, has been made from almost all kinds of substances. It could be from raw materials like pearls or synthetic leather. Let’s look at the frequently used materials that necklaces are made of. 

A. Beads

woman wearing colorful glass beaded necklace and stackable metal rings
Source: Pexels

For thousands of years, beads have been used to create various types of jewelry. Beads are usually made from different materials such as metal, wood, or crystals. Nowadays, the beads are made of plastic or acrylic. They come in many sizes, with the smallest known as seed beads.

B. Crochet/Knitting Yarns

Young Girl Wearing Orange Crochet Choker Necklace with Round Gold Pendant
Source: Pinterest

While it may not be the most popular necklace material, yarn is an impressive necklace component for a couple of reasons. It’s inexpensive and exceptionally durable.

Crochet yarn is available in numerous colors, styles, and patterns that you can create a gorgeous necklace in no time! With a knitting yarn necklace, you can choose a lavish or straightforward style.

C. Leather

Wearing Summer Vibes Pearl and Leather Choker Necklace
Source: Lagunapearl

Leather is one of the most robust necklace materials available in various patterns, thicknesses, and colors. Try a leather necklace and add beads, pendants, or gems to elevate the wearer’s style.

D. Pearls

a woman wearing a pearl necklace and a flower pendant chain link necklace
Source: Pexels

Elegance and grace are what come to mind with pearls. Genuine and manufactured pearls are available in various sizes and hues.

Pearls are usually associated with party dresses, business wear, and cotton shirts. Pearl necklaces will surely up your game and get you some compliments!

E. Silver And Gold

a woman wearing gold and silver chain necklaces with round pendants
Source: Pexels

Necklaces are made from silver and gold—the fairer the quality, the greater the cost. Necklaces made of silver and gold are available in various sizes and patterns.

Factors To Finding The Perfect Necklace

The chain length is not the only essential factor when choosing a necklace. Here are the other vital aspects to consider in finding the perfect necklace.

  1. Neck Size

Take a moment to measure the neck size before buying any necklace. The simplest way to do this is to wrap a measuring tape closely around the neck.

Add two inches to the actual neck, and it’s a perfect length for chokers. Add four inches to that; it’s the ideal length for a pendant or nameplate necklace.

  1. Height

Height is another aspect to consider in choosing the perfect necklace.

Women below 5’4” look great in 16 to 20-inch necklaces. Women between 5’4” to 5’7” can wear necklaces of any length. Taller women who are above 5’7 inches can also wear any necklace length.

Long necklaces can overwhelm a more petite frame. But they look best on taller women as they emphasize a tall structure.

  1. Body Type

A necklace accentuates the area where it rests on the body. If you don’t want to attract attention to a particular site, avoid chains that stop there.

For example, long layered or long thin chains will look incredible on women with small chests. And if someone is tall and thin, wearing a necklace that hangs at the waist will accentuate the waistline.

Full-figured women should avoid necklaces below the chest, for they won’t hang properly. Instead, go for an 18-inch long chain, as it will sit high above the collarbone.

  1. Face Shape

Besides being an accessory, necklaces can help frame the wearer’s face. Necklaces can emphasize dominant facial features and change the way others see their face.

  • Round Shape Face

Women with round-shaped faces must avoid chokers or short necklaces as they will emphasize the roundness of their faces.

  • Oval Shape

Women can wear almost any shape, length, or type of necklace with an oval-shaped face. Oval faces are the most versatile of all face shapes.

  • Long Shape

Women with long-shaped faces, who want to enlarge and soften the shape of their faces, are advised to wear shorter necklaces. Short, round chains will restrain from adding length to their faces. Consider wearing princess and choker necklaces measuring 16” to 18”.

  • Heart Shape

Heart-shaped faces look incredible with a choker or any short necklace. It creates an illusion of fullness and balances out a slim chin.

Key Points In Choosing The Best Necklace For Any Occasion

Picking the perfect necklace for a specific occasion can sometimes be tricky. People need to consider several things to dress up appropriately for a formal or casual event. Below are several key points to help you choose which necklace to wear.

  • Consider The Event

For fancy affairs, choose a not too loud or flashy necklace. An enormous pendant on a thick chain will not match a beautiful beaded dress or a little black dress.

Choose understated necklaces for casual events and workwear. When in doubt, wear a thinner chain and a small charm or gem that matches your clothing without drawing too much attention.

  • Clothing Colors

When choosing a chain or a gemstone, try to match the color of clothing. A tiny gem with tones similar to the outfit or dress is ideal. 

  • Shirt’s Cut

Blouses and shirts have different necklines. It would be best to choose a necklace according to the outfit. Wearers could wear necklaces that follow the blouse line for a more pronounced look.

  • Other Jewelry

When pairing a necklace with earrings, make them match each other. When they are the same shape, it can become overwhelming.

So, when wearing the round, studded earrings, pair them with a larger diamond-shaped pendant. This jewelry will balance and complement each other well.

  • Color And Sparkle

Pairing a monochromatic necklace with glittery diamond earrings will make a fantastic combination. Another way to achieve this look is to have a large sparkling diamond necklace and pair it with monochromatic earrings.

Necklace enthusiasts are anticipating the latest trends that will dominate the jewelry world. Here are five trendy necklaces that are rising in popularity this year.

1. Abstract Pearls

Baroque Pearl Necklace Organic Shapes and Color
Source: Pinterest

Pearls have never lost their glint. We’ve seen numerous reiterations of them over the past few years.

So, what new trend is drawing our eyes to these lovely pearls? The answer would be abstract pearls.
Pearls in uneven shapes and shades that broke free from their perfect image are everywhere. And they’ve given a new definition to sophistication and cool.

2. Heart Pendants

woman in pink shirt wearing silver layered heart pendant necklace & a diamond silver ring
Source: Unsplash

Hearts are considered to be the universal symbol of love. Heart-shaped necklaces have been popular since medieval times. And since people are natural romantics, they revel in the thought of giving their “heart” as a gift to their loved ones. 

Heart pendants dominated the early 2000s, so get ready for another love invasion. Heart-embellished necklaces are a trend that’s making a smooth comeback.

3. Nameplate Necklaces

A Woman Wearing A Nameplate Necklace
Source: Unsplash

Nameplate necklaces have a rich cultural history. They were predominant in the Latin and Black communities as symbols and declarations of individuality and pride. Nameplates also became trendy due to the influence of the Hip-Hop culture and celebrities.

This necklace also signifies the importance of people’s identity, uniqueness, and personality. So, if your customers don’t have personalized necklaces yet, now’s the time to help them get one. Nameplate necklaces have many variations, including the double-plated nameplate and the gothic-script version.

4. Tennis Necklace

Wearing Diamond Tennis Necklace Paired with Diamond Gold Ring
Source: Superjeweler

For a luxurious look, get a tennis necklace. With its glamorous and straightforward design, it’s an infinite classic. Aside from its timeless charm, we’ve discovered this style popping up everywhere. 

A simple piece of advice: Instead of wearing it strictly for formal events, pair it with casual pieces like a tank top for a fresh twist.

A Young Fashion Lady Wearing Chunky Chain Link Necklace
Source: Unsplash

Chunky link chains are one of the most versatile jewelry. Chain links appear in every excellent outfit shot grazing our feeds.

It’s not hard to understand why this necklace is trendy. People can effortlessly layer or mix their chains with their favorite charms. The trick is to go fierce with your chunky links, complex or straightforwardly.

The Enhancing Power Of Necklaces 

Necklaces have played a significant role in enhancing people’s beauty and looks. Each style has a different impact and benefits on men and women alike.

Now that we’ve finished tackling the various types of necklaces, have you chosen the one for your customers? Remember what you need to consider, such as your customers’ height, length, and face shape.

You can now choose the most befitting necklace. Pick the one that best describes your clients’ personalities and enhances their elegance.

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