Wild and Unique Boho Jewelry, What is It? 

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Are you a jewelry brand trying to create more fascinating bohemian jewelry? Are you a wholesaler or retailer who plans to launch new boho jewely that are more striking? You’re in the right place!

In this blog post, you will discover useful ideas including what is boho jewelry and what boho means, what is boho jewelry made of, and inspiring and stunning boho jewelry.

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What does Boho Style Mean? 

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“Boho” is an abbreviation for “Bohemian.” This distinct style dates back over two centuries, when bohemian jewelry, clothing, and overall art style became popular in Europe. It is most commonly associated with intellectuals, artists, writers, and those who prefer to live on the road in a nomadic fashion.

The key visual characteristic of boho fashion is that it is designed to feel natural, free, and open. The boho style does not work well with any kind of constraint, and it is intended to express inner uniqueness and individuality.

It’s difficult to specifically describe boho jewelry and boho fashion because norm-breaking freedom of choice is the key tenet of the boho style. Nonetheless, there are several common themes you may notice when looking at bohemian jewelry or fashion:

  • Large, colorful, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Colorful and huge earrings, artisan bracelets, and earthy-colored rings on almost every finger are examples of boho Jewelry.
  • Extra-large accessories. Oversized handbags and massive boots for instance. Boho accessories could be anything audacious but not discreet.
  • Numerous straps. Strap bands instead of bracelets, hair straps, strappy “gladiator” sandals – the bohemian style adore this unique design element.
  • Boho is characterized by combining various bright colors, which are rarely seen together in other fashion styles.
  • Oversized, loose, and freeing clothing is also a typical boho fashion. In boho fashion, you won’t see things like tight jackets and skinny jeans. 
  • Scarf. Though a scarf is not included in every boho-inspired outfit, it’s unmistakably associated with the boho aesthetic. In boho fashion, a scarf is always tied around the hat, wrapped around the handle of the bags, or wrapped around the arms like a large bracelet.

What is Boho Style Jewelry?

Boho jewelry is a style that arose from the bohemian culture. It’s described as ethnic, tribal, and wild. boho-style jewelry, true to its origins, gives people the freedom to mainstream fashion. It liberates people from the norm, allowing them to experiment with new styles.

Boho fashion has its roots in hippie fashion. It has, however, become more liberal and open to new influences. Boho jewelry is one-of-a-kind because each piece is handcrafted. To keep up with the ever-changing fashion tastes, authentic boho style is now merged with an urban touch infused with elements like natural materials, flowers, and free-spirited patterns.

Unique bohemian jewelry has elements of bright colors, leather,  textiles, rattan, and other naturally sourced materials. They’re also fringes and tassels to complete the perfect boho look. Colors associated with boho jewelry pieces include bright pink, golden yellow, turquoise, jade, amethyst, saffron, and magenta. They’re also mixed prints instead of solid colors. 

Some artists also combine their works with unusual decorations to make them stand out even more.

Typical Characteristics of Boho Jewelry

Black green and purple beaded necklace

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Bright and colorful. Boho jewelry favors more natural hues such as orange, green, brown, and yellow. Other colors are also possible, such as bright red or blue, as well as various shades of purple and pink. Gemstones are popular because they add natural and vivid color to the piece.

Nature-inspired styles and designs. Geometric shapes, natural motifs such as the sun, stars, animals, and flowers, as well as spiritual motifs such as mandalas, are commonly seen in boho jewelry designs.

Affordable, made of semi-precious stones and inexpensive materials. Boho jewelry is commonly made of semi-precious stones like amethyst, lazuli, lapis, labradorite, quartz, etc. Bohemian pieces also contain natural materials like

  • pearls, especially those with irregular shapes,
  • wire design made by sterling silver wire or copper,
  • fossil fragments, polished wood pieces or carved wood,
  • leather, string, and cord are frequently fused in the boho pieces,
  • shells and coral, particularly those feature distinct shades and patterns,
  • Beads are made from above natural materials in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Boho jewelry is affordable, and rarely expensive, as is the typical type of most counterculture fashion styles. Would like to discover more about boho jewelry? Take a look at our quality and radiant boho bracelets with pictures that are popular in European and the US. 

Boho Jewelry 

The key point about boho jewelry, like boho clothing and other accessories, is that there are very few limitations to what you can do with it. For starters, Boho jewelry can come in a variety of styles. Here are a couple of examples:

Boho Rings

Boho rings are typically made with accessible semi-precious gemstones rather than expensive precious stones. Raw gemstones are another popular material in boho jewelry, as they are not polished or cut into specific shapes but are left in their natural state.

Boho Bracelets 

When it comes to Boho bracelets, the sky is the limit – whether to stack a layer of small bracelets or choose a large, statement bracelet. Friendship bracelets, which typically feature handwoven fabric patterns, are another popular type of boho bracelet.

Boho-style Necklaces and Pendants

Boho necklaces, like bracelets, have endless possibilities. Leather, semi-precious gemstones, beads, and string are popular natural materials used in boho necklaces and pendants. Long necklaces are the most popular bohemian pieces, followed by thick bangle bracelets, pendants, and dangling earrings.

Boho-style Earrings

Boho-style earrings are also quite rich and colorful, and they are usually oversized. Boho earrings have beautiful textures and stunning color combinations.

Headpieces such as halos, tiaras, and head jewelry chains are also examples of boho jewelry. They rarely include expensive precious stones, preferring to focus on flowery and earthy themes created with various materials.

Till now, being clear about boho style and boho jewelry as well as essential materials and features of the boho pieces, you must have come up with several fabulous ideas on your boho jewelry design or what boho items to add. 

If not, let’s delve into the brief history of boho fashion and jewelry for further insights.

History of Boho Fashion and Jewelry

For the past 200 years, the bohemian style has been one of the most striking “alternative” styles. The bohemian counterculture began in France in the years following the French Revolution.

Following that cornerstone of French and European history, artists fell into poverty because the former artistic patronage system had almost totally collapsed. Many of them adopted a nomadic lifestyle, began living more cheaply and looked for alternative ways to express themselves.

As a result, a new cult of personality emerged among European artists, in which all boundaries and constraints of art were removed, and artists felt free to create, invent, and even wear whatever they wanted.

These wandering artists were quickly compared to Gypsies due to their similar lifestyle and fashion choices. Many people believed that Gypsies came from bohemia in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, so the bohemian fashion style was born.

Over the years, boho has had its ups and downs as a “counterculture” fashion style, but it has always been a part of the scene. The boho style is making a strong comeback with the rise of the millennial generation.

Get Inspired by TTT Jewelry’s Handmade Boho Jewelry

New arrivals boho bracelets from TTT Jewelry

Source: TTT Jewelry

Boho Bracelets

TTT’s boho bracelet is one of the most popular in Europe and the US. The bracelet’s design and pattern are changeable and customizable, allowing it to incorporate a wide range of raw materials and colors. Your brand logo is easily displayed because we use high-quality button clasps only. 

The button clasps are made of alloy, polished by hand, and vacuum gold plated. Their quality and appearance are comparable to highly polished stainless steel, while the price is 1/3 that of stainless steel.

1. Boho bracelets and boho watchbands
  • Bead length: 165-170 mm/ 135-140 mm
  • Secure and high-polishing magnetic clasp and lobster clasp help prevent bracelets from falling off hands or turning hands green.
Turquoise watchband from TTT Jewelry

Source: Photo by TTT Jewelry

2. Unique LuLu wrap bracelets & LuLu watchbands
  • Beaded length: 5 wrap boho bracelet is 850 mm; 3 layered bracelet is 510 mm.
  • Secure and high-polishing magnetic clasp and lobster clasp help prevent the bracelet from falling off hands or turning hands green.

Boho Necklaces

Source: TTT Jewelry

Affordable and Stunning Jewelry Crafts for Everyone

Now, you have completely reviewed and learned about boho style, boho jewelry and its features, and boho fashion history. Get down to design your brand-new boho jewelry and source dainty boho pieces to your collection now!

Would like to get custom boho jewelry pieces? See the materials you want from our materials library. Have other questions about the boho jewelry business in TTT Jewelry? Get them solved quickly.

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