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Why we believe the handmade jewelry will lead the fashion trend!

Why we believe the handmade jewelry will lead the fashion trend!

In modern society, it's so common to go for that perfect ring which was molded by machines, but more and more people are turning to handmade jewelry. There are many good reasons one of which is that most people don't want to wear the same ring as millions of others. Makes it a lot less sentimental & valuable when you get to run into other women with the exact same ring all the time. Handmade jewelry may have small imperfections sometimes but it does prove that it was really handmade & unique.

Superior Quality — Not Machine Made

Handmade jewelry is unique in that each piece of jewelry is handmade individually by skilled craftsmen and does not use machine. Designers need a long time to design unique patterns of jewelry, whether it's handmade natural and metal necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or silver, gold or diamond rings. Craftsmen use rare and beautiful natural gems, carefully designed to create a unique gem jewelry, has a high aesthetic value. In other words, handmade jewelry boasts of uniqueness which machine jewelry would never done and since it is handcrafted, it is of superior quality than machine made pieces.

Exclusive Designs

Each handmade jewelry is carefully designed by the designer, with a unique design concept or meaningful story. Hence you are unlikely to run into someone in a wedding or at an event wearing the same piece of handmade gold or diamond jewelry like you and even if you meet someone who wears jewelry similar to yours, there is never a story the same as yours. Craftsmen don’t face the restrictions posed by machine designs or trending items. They use their creativity and come up with handmade jewelry ideas and designs that stand out. Emilie Shapiro talks about her process and says, “While creating jewelry, there is a very intimate relationship with my work. I know every curve and line (is) put there with intention. As a maker your energy goes into the piece.”

Affordable but Valuable

Many people are surprised to know this but handcrafted jewelry is actually affordable. Thats because handcrafted jewelry has fewer overhead expenses. Various online jewelers on Etsy offer beautiful handmade jewelry at much lower prices as compared to conventional jewelry stores. But as we know, the value of the materials involved in a handmade piece are of stellar quality and as previously mentioned, since there are no machines involved, handmade jewelry takes an incredible amount of time to produce just a single piece. So each piece of handmade jewelry is valuable.


Considering handcrafted jewelry is produced in smaller quantities, resources are used conservatively. Whereas mass-produced items often lead to depletion of resources. Smaller scale production of handmade jewelry is always of higher quality because the ability to track and control the process from start to finish is inherent in the making process.

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