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Where can I find the fashion jewelry wholesale from China?

Where can I find the fashion jewelry wholesale from China?

If you want to import jewelry from China. You have to figure out where and how to buy jewelry in China.

Where to buy:

Yiwu international trade city

Yiwu international trade city. District 1, Floor 2, from A-E area, thousands of booths sell hair accessory, fashion jewelry there. You can find on the latest trendy styles, and also traditional basic style. No matter what kind of styles you want to source, you always can find them easily. Fashionable and diverse styles with fast update is the advantage in Yiwu Jewelry market.

The MOQ is low here, normally 10doz/color, which helps the small medium buyers to start their business without big invest. You can test the market with the lower quantity firstly, if those styles turn out to be goods sellers, you can re-order immediately, and the lead time is only about 25-30days, if not the busy season, can be even faster.

If you want to buy stock, do not want to take a risk to get any inventory. Good option here, about 1/3of the suppliers in the market sell some stock, not for all the styles, but always their best seller piece at only 1doz/color MOQ.

Yiwu Changchun Jewelry professional street is also a place worth to visit, which next to the Yiwu international market. Only take about 5mins walk from the market.

Here located some bigger jewelry manufacturers, also you can find jewelry ornament, natural stones, crystal, fresh water pearl here. If you get your own designs, want to do DIY styles, here provide you all different of raw materials, can make your own masterpiece.

In the past, customers always think products in Yiwu equal low quality at low price. However, with the development and upgrade of the times, more and more customers focus on better quality at cost-effective price, the manufacturers in Yiwu also improved their production line and products always can meet the environmental test standards.

Qingdao China&Korea Jewelry City

Qingdao is located in the southeast part of Shandong province, a short distance across the Yellow Sea, lie Korea and Japan, making Qingdao an very important trade city. There are many Korean and Japanese build factories here.

Qingdao China&Korea Jewelry city main business is the jewelry ornament, the varieties include: copper iron with chain, shells wire ropes, acrylic, water drill, wood beads…

GZ market:                                                    

Amethyst Jewelry New Design


Guangzhou is most famous and traditional trading city in China. There is also several jewelry wholesale markets.

Guangzhou Xijiao Building

Xijiao building established in 2000, is the biggest professional jewelry wholesale market in Guangzhou and near the railway station, the location of the convenient transportation, attracts both domestic and foreign buyers. Here gathered jewelry industry leading enterprises to set up their showrooms, such as Weinihua, Neoglory,Yimei Jewelry. So in this market, most of the suppliers specialized in high-end jewelry.

So you no need go to all different factories, come here, you will see the latest styles from all the leading factories. The MOQ here is a bit higher than in Yiwu market, but normally 20/doz/color, but is still acceptable.

Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City

Taikang Jewelry city has about 500pcs suppliers, mainly for fashion jewelry, there are also some shops sell scarves, belts, hat and phone ornament. Donot has many big factories, here but you always can find many shops with very distinctive styles, if you want to look for some unique style distinguish from other regular styles. It’s worth to spend some time here. The MOQ is also very attractive, normally 10doz/color. For some very special and complicated styles, will need 20doz/color. And about 30%of the booths sell stock. And some of them can even sell you samples.

Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

Liwan Plaza mainly engaged in semi-precious stone, crystal. 70% of the suppliers come from Haifeng ketang, where is original place of crystal raw material. The rest are from Jiangsu Donghai and other raw material original place.

How to buy?

The suppliers in those wholesale jewelry market normally are not good at English. Some of the big factories may hire some staff know English but for most of the suppliers, they do not have English salesman, or just know little English, but cannot communicate with the buyer deeply. However, customers come to buy, more focus on the styles and quality of the products, after the buying trip finished. You will find out, those styles you picked from several, or even dozens of suppliers. So how to follow all those orders, make sure the mass production produce as required, the sticker or package are right, the goods meet the standard?

Then you will need our help. We worked in this field for over 7 years, know well with production line, packing process, and how to inspect the mass production. With our help, you only pay attention on picking the styles, other details all can leave to us to follow up.

How to ship?

Jewelry is fast update trendy products, so always need fast delivery. They are small volume, actual gross weight always bigger than volume weight , if the total volume of the shipment too less, the cost for LCL always not cheap. In this case, we suggest to ship by international express. In fact, most of the customer also ask to ship jewelry by Fedex or DHL.

In Yiwu international trade city, there is international express delivery point in E area. If you buy stock, you can ask the supplier packed immediately, and ship the package by international express directly, only take 5-7days.

If the total shipment more than 5CBM, then you can choose to ship by LCL, only need to make sure arrange the purchase order beforehand.

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