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What is Raffia Grass?

What is Raffia Grass?

What is Raffia Grass?



Raffia grass is known as love and wish. It originates from Madagasca, which is very expensive because of its strong toughness and extraordinary character.

People usually make Raffia rayon filament especially in handmade jewelry.

Brief Introduction

1. Raffia only originates from Madagascar in Africa, which is full with the impression of distant exotic and mysterious. 

2. All the time Raffia is very expensive and has been recognized by the international market because of its strong toughness and extraordinary character. 

3. The grass looks smooth and feels cool, waterproof and extremely strong, therefore, it is also regarded as love grass by showing our will, perseverance and the consistent love.

4. Most people do not know that the Raffia grass has been woven into a variety of rich ethnic jewelry and the wishing rope. For parents and children, Raffia gifts can pray for health, and for lovers, exchanging Raffia gifts and wrapping around the wrist for both also means the forever love.


5. There are a lot of loyal fans of Raffia all over the world.



National Story

According to the legend, in ancient of South Africa, the prince of a tribe fell in love with the daughter of a poor family but their love was opposed by the royal family. Finally the prince escaped with the girl. They arrived at a place with overgrown Raffia and decided to hold the wedding. Pleasantly surprised, the prince made Raffia into the bracelet, earrings and the ring for his bride. They made a wish to love each other, and hope that they can return to the hometown some day in the future. One day, the Raffia ring broke and two royal guards appeared in front of them. However, it was the old king and queen let guards take them back to the palace because of missing son  and forgave them already. Afterwards, people know about the story with the Rafia and called the Raffia love grass. 

It's known for lots of people that Raffia grass means love and wish.

However, in handmade jewelry , we make Raffia grass into different colors especially on tassel earrings.

Below is a sheet that notes the 9 Colors with 9 Meanings for your reference.


Color Meanings

Black               >>  Studies

Green             >>  Wealth

Blue                >>  Business

Red                >>  Love

Yellow           >>  Luck

White            >>  Happy

Brown           >>  Family

Purple           >>  Wisdom

Colorful        >>  Friendship

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