What is Permanent Jewelry? Why Buy it?

A pair of hands wearing thin gold rings is welding a permanent bracelet

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Permanent jewelry has been an increasingly popular trend on TikTok. With the media hype about it, a crowd of people picked up the fashion trend and got themselves a piece of permanent jewelry. 

However, what is permanent jewelry? Why should you consider buying it? And what you should know before getting one of your own?

Keep reading, you will discover things about what is permanent jewelry!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Simply put, permanent jewelry is jewelry that you can not easily take off. It has the ends welded together forming a seamless design rather than a clasp, so you can’t remove it easily. 

Generally, permanent jewelry takes the form of a metal bracelet. But, you can also have other options like necklaces, rings, or anklets welded on. 

Mostly, the chains for permanent jewelry are 14k gold because they don’t tarnish easily. You can choose delicate chains and chain designs from jewelers. Alongside, you can have gemstones adding extra glow adorned on your permanent jewelry if you want. 

What is the Point of Permanent Jewelry?

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1. Minimal Maintenance

Having permanent bracelets perfectly fit and welded on your wrist, you’ll never have to worry about your bracelets getting misplaced or lost and falling down the drain. 

Besides, by choosing a delicate, solid gold piece, you don’t have to worry about whether your jewelry will pass TSA or turn your skin green.

2. Commemorate the Special Events or a Relationship

Many people buy permanent jewelry to celebrate significant events in life. 

Or they commemorate the special bonds they share with loved ones like a romantic partner, a best friend, or a family member. Permanent jewelry is versatile so anyone can have them in their daily wardrobe. 

3. Permanent Jewelry Won’t Hurt

Does permanent jewelry hurt? No. The welding process of permanent jewelry is safe and painless. The process of doing permanent jewelry with lasers only takes a few minutes and is painless. 

Besides, jewelers who provide the service take extra care to make sure you won’t feel anything hurt when welding the chain around your wrist. 

4. Permanent Jewelry Doesn’t Break Easily

permanent jewelry can accidentally break. If your permanent bracelet breaks, keep the broken chains and take it to the jewelers, and they will repair or re-weld it. Mostly, your permanent pieces are measured perfectly to fit your wrist, they won’t break easily. 

5. Nice Price 

Prices of permanent jewelry vary depending on the materials used and the chain length you need. But considering the low maintenance, sentimental value, and durability, the price is affordable and acceptable.

Marisa Mason offers chains chain between $22 and $50 per inch. Catbird, a New York City-based jewelry store that specializes in permanent bracelets, offers a variety of solid gold bracelet options that start around $98.


  1. Types of permanent jewelry?

Currently, permanent bracelets are the most popular permanent jewelry to have. You can also get a permanent necklace, rings, or anklets for yourself.

  1. How long does a permanent bracelet last?

A permanent bracelet lasts forever as long as you want. It’s custom fit to your wrist and welded. 

  1. Do permanent bracelets tarnish?

The permanent bracelets made of solid gold will never tarnish. They won’t lose their golden brightness or stain your skin. 

  1. Do Forever bracelets come off?

Permanent bracelets can be removed as simply as a scissor snip. However, they will stay on until you want to remove them.

  1. Are permanent bracelets welded to your skin?

The bracelet does not attach to your skin in any way. Instead, a jeweler will fit the chain to your wrist and weld it shut so that there’s no clasp.

  1. How tight should a permanent bracelet be?

Measure the chain against your customer’s wrist as close as possible without being too tight. The chain should be able to wiggle slightly.

  1. Can you wear permanent jewelry during surgery?

No. You should remove jewelry before having surgery. Wearing jewelry during a surgical procedure increases the patient’s risk of surgical burns caused by the use of medical equipment. In that case, you should cut the permanent jewelry off.

Unique and Fashionable Jewelry for Permanent Memories

A hand holding a glass wearing thin permanent bracelets with a thin chain ring

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Hope this article is thoroughly stated to help you learn about what permanent jewelry is. 

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