What is Fine Jewelry: Its Values, Underlying Benefits, and Factors to Consider When Buying

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Are you thinking of adding fine jewelry into your business inventory?

Do you have doubts?

The fine jewelry business is competitive, but that doesn’t mean it is not lucrative. It is!

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People enjoy shopping for jewelry because it makes them happy. Whether you’re wearing a simple necklace or a statement ring, it can bring your whole look together. When you genuinely enjoy wearing jewelry, investing in fine jewelry is always the best option. So, what really is fine jewelry? What sets it apart from other jewelry? 

In this blog, we’ll define fine jewelry and its values. Also, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of the benefits of wearing one, plus a list of things to consider when buying fine jewelry.

What is Fine Jewelry?

Fine jewelry is used for any jewelry made from precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Moreover, fine jewelry pieces usually have genuine gemstones, such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies. More than that, they are durable and made to last almost a lifetime, meaning you can wear them daily.

Interestingly, fine jewelry can do just about anything. Simply wearing one can make a statement out of T-shirt and jeans. It can also boost your confidence and make you feel special because there’s nothing like the glow gemstones and precious metals give you. 

Fine Jewelry VS Fashion Jewelry

Opposite of fine or real jewelry, fashion jewelry won’t burn your wallet because they are mostly affordable and available with a wide range of exceptional designs and colors. The downside is that they tend to rust or tarnish over time, so if you’re looking for a jewelry piece that you can keep in the long run, choose fine jewelry. However, if your budget is tight and you only need jewelry for a particular occasion, you can sort to fashion jewelry.

The Value of Fine Jewelry in Society

Though a picture conveys a thousand words, fine jewelry can express even more. From ancient to modern times, humans have been decorating themselves with precious metals, gems, and other custom pieces. Hence, fine jewelry plays a significant role in society, whether it represents fashion, cultural milestones, or simply flaunting a relationship status. 

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Here is a list of fine jewelry’s importance in human culture.

Showing Affection

When a person wishes to make their loved ones feel special on a memorable occasion, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, or anniversary, they often give the recipient a piece of fine jewelry as a present. As a gift holding value, it provides nostalgia or pride to the wearer when someone asks about the jewelry’s importance.

Celebrating Milestones

Whether it’s a beautiful watch to congratulate a recent graduate or an engagement diamond ring from a known jewelry brand, fine jewelry has been used for years to celebrate important milestones in a person’s life. In fact, many religious ceremonies involve gifting the recipient with a piece of custom jewelry as a reminder of essential moments.

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Storing Wealth

Practically, fine jewelry has been used commonly by business people and other experienced investors to store their wealth. Unlike other investments, jewelry pieces like diamond rings and custom jewelry often hold or increase their monetization value over time. It also allows people to put their money into good use rather than letting it sit in a bank.

Fine Jewelry Benefits

There’s more than just aesthetics whenever people wear accessories, particularly fine jewelry. It can boost your confidence and, surprisingly, improve your overall health. So whether you’re purchasing a single piece of fine jewelry or getting fine jewelry wholesale, you should know the outcomes of having one. Here are the benefits of wearing fine jewelry:

1. Showcasing Your Personality

What you put on speaks volumes about your image and personality. For instance, people with bubbly personalities often end with large jewelry pieces as a fashion statement. They’re not reluctant to wear brightly colored or unusually shaped pieces of jewelry just to express they’re unique. 

On the flip side, people with a minimalist approach usually go for small and inconspicuous fine jewelry. Generally, they avoid pieces that are big, bright, or loud. Whichever your personality, surely, there’s fine jewelry available to suit your taste and style. Always think of your jewelry as an opportunity to show your personality, and ensure it represents the image you’re trying to convey. 

2. Health Benefits

Surprisingly as it may seem, wearing fine jewelry pieces offers an extensive range of health benefits. Simply think about how walking with a smile and confidence improves your mental health. That’s what a stunning, sophisticated fine piece of jewelry can do to your self-esteem. 

Other health benefits to wearing fine jewelry rely on the precious metal you put on. For example:

  • Gold

Gold, the most popular metal, has long been known to help heal wounds. Moreover, it can reduce stress and even help regulate body temperature.

  • Silver

Next to gold, silver is also great at controlling body temperature. But, interestingly, it does even more by protecting our bodies against radiation. Also, it is an effective antimicrobial agent since it’s used to deal with flu and skin diseases now and then. 

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Other common metal materials and genuine gemstones, like platinum, jade, and the like, can also provide tremendous benefits for your body. So, the next time you wear fine jewelry, put it on confidently, knowing that they also help you improve your health.  

3. Enhance Your Look

Are you planning to go out for a dinner date and wondering what to add to your outfit to achieve a touch of elegance with style? Then you better equip yourself with fine jewelry to also look timeless. 

How about your get up to work? Remember, a gorgeous bracelet or classic necklace can simply add a touch of professionalism to your look. Also, the right fine jewelry piece can draw attention to specific areas of your body. 

For example, suppose you want to highlight your face instead of your chest, you can wear large earrings and a small simple designed necklace. Whatever you select to wear, you can always find a piece of fine jewelry that will surely enhance and compliment your look.  

Fine Jewelry Drawbacks

If fine jewelry is considered a good investment, it also has some downsides too. They are the following:

  • Surprisingly, owning a set of fine jewelry items can raise new concerns, like how to carry and where to store it safely.
  • In comparison to stocks that pay good dividends, fine jewelry does not. It doesn’t receive passive income.
  • Fine jewelry only provides money until it’s sold, which could be a thing to do since, for sure, you have already fallen in love with your collections.

Things to Consider When Buying Fine Jewelry

Buying fine jewelry isn’t always fun and easy. Although it can be such a tedious task to do research, having the right piece can make birthdays or anniversaries so much more special. So if you’re searching for a long-lasting, deeply sentimental piece, you must know the following factors when purchasing a fine jewelry set.

1. Brand Loyalty

Some of the largest brands in the fine jewelry business are also some of the most sought-after, but are they worth the hype and premium? The traditional luxury brands don’t often offer discounts on their jewelry, making them poor options for holiday gift-giving. Remember that knowing when and where to purchase fine jewelry can save you hundreds of dollars on gift-giving occasions.

2. Gold and Silver are Timeless

Fine gold jewelry feels different on the skin compared to low-quality metals. Also, to most people, fine gold doesn’t itch, irritate the skin, or decay even after many years have passed. On the other hand, Silver offers a solid contrast to pearls, topaz, ruby, amber, marcasite, and so on. Nevertheless, both are best used for your fine jewelry collections.

3. Not Only Diamonds, But Pearls are Also Girls’ Best Friends Too

It is a given that diamonds are exquisite, but take note of pearls, for they can give you way more options. So if a diamond necklace for your loved one isn’t within your budget range, how about considering pearls? They are an iconic complement to all styles and aesthetics.

A String of Cultured Pearl Jewelry Surrounding the Red and Buff Rose

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Pearls are divided into three classes:

  • Natural

Natural pearls are the rarest and often counterfeited pearls. They are hard to find in the wild.

  • Imitation

Then there are imitation pearls that are usually made from plastic and resemble nothing of the real deal. 

  • Cultured

Cultured pearls are cultivated and farmed to produce an extensive range of pearls on the market. You can find cultured pearls almost anywhere.

By its sheen, luster, and surface smoothness, you can easily tell if you’re looking at an authentic and high-quality strand of pearls. Real pearls, the most expensive ones, shine like a glass with a faint iridescence. On the contrary, cheaper pearls have more transparent bodies.

4. Ask a Reputable Jeweler

If you ever need assistance with purchasing fine jewelry, then it makes sense to seek help from someone who makes their living creating it. Generally, the best sources of unbiased recommendation will be from smaller shops or online stores, such as TTT Jewelry. Avoid letting your buying decisions be shaped by the same person selling fine jewelry to you.

5. Get a Second Opinion

Suppose you’re having difficulties deciding what type of fine jewelry your loved one may like, don’t be anxious to seek advice from a friend or family member. Remember, personal taste is all subjective.

6. Complement Your Overall Look

Another thing to consider when buying fine jewelry is if it complements your attire, whether you’re wearing casual or formal clothes. On that note, you don’t have to buy many jewelry pieces because your new fine jewelry is versatile.

Although comparably more expensive than fashion jewelry, fine jewelry offers high societal values and other benefits such as showcasing your style, improving health benefits, and enhancing your overall image. Get your set of fine jewelry now from your trusted jewelers!

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