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We believe each piece of handmade jewelry tells a story

Industrial products are becoming more and more popular nowadays, but handmade jewelry is still an indispensable fashion accessory. The reason would be that handmade jewelry is unique and high quality, but it is convinced that handmade jewelry is meaningful. This is just as we know: each piece of handmade jewelry is telling a story. Each pieces of handmade jewelry is telling a story, maybe happy, maybe sad, maybe recording a painful past, maybe looking to the colorful future.


A real story

Meghan Markle is not only famous for his status as a princess, but also because of her fashion style. During the Royal Tour last week, 6-year-old Gavin Hazelwood approached Meghan, who presented the Duchess with a homemade pasta necklace while the royals welcoming fans in Melbourne. The royal, 37, immediately put the adorable necklace on. What drove the royal to take this Inconspicuous and inexpensive necklace without hesitation? There is no doubt that Gavin has given this necklace a unique meaning and the story behind it. Now Gavin is becoming just as well-known with jewelry order requests coming in from around the world. This means that there will be many handmade pasta necklaces that look the same all around the world, but we all know that the meaning and story of the necklace will never be the same.

Story Behind

The story always begins with the designer. The designer integrates his experience or ideal into the design, finds the materials and elements that perfectly embody them and hopes that the owner of the jewelry can feel the meaning and story behind the jewelry by looking or touching it. Handmade jewelry is a unique carrier and medium, each pieces of handmade jewelry is a unique carrier and medium that carries the designer's ideas and stories and passes them on to others.

I believe that handmade jewelry not only tells a story about designer behind it, but also creates a new story with the wearer. The story behind tells the past, the new story looks to the future.

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