TTT Won A New Client For Successfully Tackling A Chain Project

Promptly responding to the client’s requirements and entirely analyzing his business, TTT jewelry delivered gold-plated chains which were beneficial to the client’s interest and built a new customer relationship.


On 20th July 2021, a new client from the US, Dennis, reached out to TTT Jewelry, via one of our websites, asking for a quote for 18K common gold-plated stainless steel chains and samples of thick gold-plated ones in addition.

Dennis wanted both common gold-plated Chains and thick ones after receiving our quote and thick gold-plated samples. The business didn’t move as smoothly as we wished for the price problem. After a comprehensive analysis, we came across a challenge to persuade him to purchase a whole batch of common gold-plated chains and accept the price we offered.


The Challenge

1. Counter-offer came while the weekend was coming.

Previously, we had sent the quote for the common 18K gold-plated and thick gold-plated stainless steel chains to Dennis. 

However, we received a counter-offer which said our prices on the quote are too high to order. At that time, it was Friday in the US and Saturday Night in China. If we didn’t deal with this counter-offer until days later on Monday, Dennis might receive better options from competitors, and we might probably lose the deal and the chance to build a business relationship with him.

2. Dennis changed his mind about the product midway.

Receiving the samples of thick gold-plated chains, Dennis was surprised by the premium quality of thick gold-plated chains and really wanted these chains. 

Therefore, Dennis changed his mind to order products in both normal gold-plated and thick gold-plated chains. However, with thicker gold plating and higher quality, the price of thick gold plated pieces is absolutely higher and we were not able to hit his target price. So Dennis felt upset and troublesome.

After a thorough analysis of the market and Dennis’s business, we decided to persuade Dennis to order common gold-plated chains only.

3. Price of the gold-plated chains is higher than competitors’.

In terms of the common gold-plated stainless steel chains, Dennis bargained that the chain price from us was several times higher while the quality wasn’t. And we were informed that he started to think about whether it’s worthy and wanted to turn to competitors.

The Result

With seizing every moment and second to dealing with Dennis’s updated requirements and the most sincere suggestions we provided, he finally placed an order for a whole batch of 18K common gold-plated stainless steel chains with the deposit paid even without asking for samples.

Dennis was appeased, the deal was made, and a new business relationship was built.

How We Did It

Looking back at how we did it, here are some of the factors how we satisfy the client’s specific needs:


Timely Response

In TTT Jewelry, it’s one of our service standards to promptly respond and instantly react to customers’ requirements. Thus, we always reply and deal with clients’ inquiries or requirements immediately as long as we see them. 

Thus, even though Dennis contacted us on Saturday night, we were still available. That night, we quickly contacted departments. Smoothly cooperating with our team members till 1:30 AM and contacting Dennis in time, we solved Dennis’s confusion on price and offered him the updated quote in a day. 

In a market full of fierce competition, we have entirely believed that time means opportunity and it’s a key factor to defeat competitors. We totally understood that if we didn’t deal with the counter-offer promptly on Saturday, we might not only lose the deal but also a new client. Everyone in TTT, especially the sales department, has paid extra attention to inquiries from clients, especially new clients on weekends. 

Insightfully Know Customers

As an expert manufacturer, we are responsible for creating what customers need. What’s more, it’s significant for us to understand our clients and their business so as to offer them useful advice sometimes. When Dennis felt upset about the over-budget thick gold-plated chain that he really wanted, we persuaded him to purchase common gold-plated pieces only using the following reasons or advice:

First, our quality of the 18K common gold-plated chains is better than those he received from competitors. We clearly illustrated our outstanding chains from the material, appearance to quality checking by PPT. We imported premium chains whose shapes and looks are the same in the same pattern. Our professional workers polished the chains six times more than average so that they were shiny. Besides, the plating covers were strictly checked so as to assure that there were no flaws.

Second, we suggested that the color of common gold-plated chains match perfectly with common gold-plated pendants from Dennis while the thick gold-plated ones don’t.

Third, it’s rather wise to use common gold-plating thickness to maintain product stability. Through market research on Dennis’s product, we recognized that if the products with thicker gold-plated chains are produced, they are at a much higher price than the average price in the market, which is out of line with market demand. Thus Dennis might not earn a profit if using a thick gold coat. Fourthly, we offered suggestions on how to promote his chains, such as seeking help from influencers, doing advertisements, collaborating with sports brands, etc.

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