TTT Jewelry’s New Trendiest Valentine Jewelry 2023

Red roses with crystal heart chain necklaces

Source: Pexels

With the recent flurry of runway shows for 2023, you’ve seen hearts, pearls, beads, shells, crystals, and flowers… again and again.

Looking ahead to the future spring and Valentine’s Day, you will definitely want jewelry adorned with these fashion elements displayed in your jewelry collections.

Yet, have no idea where to start?

Read on to see our newest Valentine’s jewelry for 2023! 

TTT Jewelry’s trendiest Valentine’s Jewelry 2023

Showing pure love and bringing positive power to those who buy TTT Valentine’s jewelry stands at the center of the design and handcrafting process. 

We have created jewelry that subtly blends evil eyes, heart tokens, padlocks, pearls, and blossoms with copper in new ways. 

Besides blending the latest fashion elements in interesting ways, what else can you get from our Valentine’s pieces? Let’s go deeper into these lovely items.

Heart Jewelry

Hearts will stay swish in the Valentine Season 2023. Nensi Dojaka, Acne Studios, Vivetta, Moschino, all these brands had love on their minds for the upcoming season, displaying hearts of all sizes and shapes, sometimes from head to toe. So balk at the trend quite yet. 

A model wearing a love string pendant necklace

Source: Harpersbazaar

Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

Source: TTT Jewelry

Multicolored Ceramic and Flower Beaded Hoop Earrings with Heart Drops

Source: TTT Jewelry

Decorated with bright and colorful blooms, paved with sparkling crystals, or defined by organically textured copper, each of our handcrafted warm and fuzzy-feeling heart pieces is the best way to show pure love and bring lovers positive power.

More Valentine’s heart jewelry from TTT Jewelry:

Bead Jewelry 

Adjustable Heart-shaped Evil Eye Couple Bracelet

Source: TTT Jewelry

Heart-shaped Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Source: TTT Jewelry

A female model wearing a red beaded necklace decorated with shells


Beads are one of the Spring jewelry trends in Spring 2023. Designers blended beads, shells, and stones in jewelry design in new ways. At TTT Jewelry, we have specially designed Valentine beaded jewelry adorned with colored evil eyes and uncut gemstones. 

More Valentine’s bead jewelry from TTT Jewelry:

Pearl Jewelry

Cute Multi Bead Necklace with Pearls and Crystal Flower Beads

Source: TTT Jewelry 

Artistic Multicolored Crystal Beaded and Pearl Choker Necklace

Source: TTT Jewelry

Time and time again, pearls are classic. They will come back with a modern twist. TTT Jewelry’s choker pearl necklaces are styled chicly with vibrant colored beads of different shapes. Amaze your buyers with this edgy-looking pearl jewelry!

Shell Jewelry

Purple and Rosy Heart Drop Dangly Earrings with Colorful Beads

Source: TTT Jewelry

Lightweight Shell Dangle Natural Pearl Small Hoop Earrings

Source: TTT Jewelry

A pretty model wearing golden shell earrings and golden shell strapless

Source: Vogue

Our dangle shell earrings are sophisticatedly partnered with trendy pearls and beads. Seashells and natural beads will still make a lot of cameos on the jewelry and accessories this season. They’re instant mood-boosters because shells immediately put wearers in a vacation-ready, sunny state of mind. 

Crystal Jewelry

Valentine LOVE Letter Pendant Necklace in Gold

Source: TTT Jewelry

Adorable Star and Galaxy Hoop Earrings in Gold

Source: TTT Jewelry

Crystals will be spotted everywhere, from necklaces to earrings. Our sparkly textured copper earrings and necklaces are bling and cool all the right way. Wearing these glimmering items with a go-to sweater, she’s ready to hang out. 

Each little glittering crystal is entirely handset and hand-assembled, making our handmade jewelry a valuable and meaningful gift. Manually polished, each piece is flawless and scratched-resistant. 

More Valentine’s crystal jewelry from TTT Jewelry:

Flower Jewelry

Playful Multicolored Flower Beaded C Hoop Earrings

Source: TTT Jewelry

Blooms are always taken to lift the mood as well. Our vivid Valentine flower earrings plant extra happiness in your customers during valentines. With all the pins of silver, customers feel comfortable and safe wearing them. 

More Valentine’s flower jewelry from TTT Jewelry:

String Thing

Key Padlock and Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Source: TTT Jewelry

A model wearing a luxe gold string pendant necklace

Source: Harpersbazaar 

The Luxe pendant suspended from a simple piece of string exudes relaxed elegance. Similarly, we got many string necklaces for Valentine’s that combine love and protection tokens, like evil eye necklaces, love necklaces, padlock necklaces, etc. 

Some of the necklaces have beautiful Spring Ring Clasp pendants so that your customers have a chance to select or customize several dainty interchangeable pendants. For those who are addicted to layering things up, our simple design string things will be a great complement.

More Valentine’s string necklaces from TTT Jewelry:

Jumping Through Hoops

Rhinestone Heart and Zircon Key Pendant Hoops Bling

Source: TTT Jewelry

Incorporated vivid flowers and bright colored beads to the cool hoop earrings, they give a woman a cute and smart accent.

More Valentine’s hoops from TTT Jewelry:

Quality Behind Jewelry Manufacturing

Build up Your Collections Right Away!

Got some ideas for your Valentine’s gift collection? Do not hesitate to share with us! We will always be there!

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