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Top Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA

Private Label Jewelry

Source: jewelryprivatelabel.com

The search for good quality, reliable jewelry manufacturers is extremely difficult to perform. Product quality and a trustworthy relationship with customers are essential in this business. 

Moreover, easy shipments, reliable service, and balanced costs are essential for the best possible experience. Many people want to establish their business under the private label category to run it the way they would like.

For small businesses, Private Label Manufacturing is a great option. It is a good deal in establishing a great company. However, there are some risks in building contracts. 

Are you in search of a private jewelry manufacturer? If so, then you are in the right place. We will take a look at the benefits of private label jewelry. Moreover, we will also discuss the steps to keep in mind when choosing a jewelry manufacturer. Plus, this article will provide you with the top 6 Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA.

Benefits of Private-label Jewelry

Private label jewelry provides you with a variety of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • A private label allows you to make your own choices rather than depending on other brands. For example, a retailer who wants quality products without brand names can have jewelry. He can contact a manufacturer for this purpose. The private label jewelry manufacturer will provide him with the jewelry without the brand name.
  • Private label jewelry manufacturers offer your small business huge revenue. For example, if you have a small business. Private label manufacturing will provide your customers with customized jewelry with your private branding at a low cost.
  • After selling to many customers, you can build trust with your customers. Customer feedback and engagement are important for this.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Jewelry Manufacturer     

Alongside these benefits, ordering from a private label jewelry manufacturer also has some risks. Before contacting any manufacturers, keep these points in mind.

1. Quality should be your top priority

The manufacturers you contact should have good quality products.

2. Degree of customization

Good Manufacturers will provide a high degree of customization, so pay attention to their good customization offers.

3. Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ is extremely important in dealing with Private-Label Jewelry Manufacturers. The MOQ is the lowest number of units you need to buy from the manufacturer.

4. Popularity and Reputation

Check out any feedback and reviews available on their official website to see the reputation of a private label manufacturer. The verification of reputation is essential.

5. Cost adjustment

Before contacting private label jewelry manufacturers in the USA, check out their placement and charges. Overseas shipments are costly, so try to have a domestic manufacturer. If not, have cost adjustments of overseas manufacturers in mind.

Top Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA

To find a great manufacturer for private labeling, we will look at the top jewelry manufacturers and their services. Here are the top private label manufacturers in the USA:

1. Printful

Printful is the topmost reliable private label manufacturer in the USA. Printful is a company that prints on demand. However, alongside demand printing, Printful offers other services. Let’s have a look at its jewelry manufacturing services.

With Printful, you can provide your customers with various customized jewelry products. With several distributors worldwide, Printful is a full-service company. Printful offers its retailers the decision to decide the price according to their profit margin. This is one area they’re winning, and other businesses should take note of that.

Printer Private Label Manufacturer in the USA

Source: thecleverbusiness.com


Printful uses two methods for pricing. The first one is per item pricing, while the other is a premium plan. Visit their website to find out more!


  • Multiple options for customization.
  • Fast delivery service.
  • Reputable and trustworthy platform in the industry.


  • Low-profit margins.
  • Overseas shipment for some products is restricted.
  • Lacks in the Marketplace.

2. Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a placement for private label jewelry manufacturers.

Amazon jewelry manufacturers provide good quality products for building a trustworthy relationship. It also offers fast shipment. Personalized jewelry is also available at the Amazon Private Label fashion jewelry platform.

Amazon Business Private Label Jewelry Manufacturer in the USA

Source: amazon.com


Amazon Business offers discounted prices depending on the product.


  • Worldwide shipment.
  • Easy and reliable.
  • Good quality products.


  • High requirements.

3. Oro Alexander

Oro Alexander is a famous private label jewelry manufacturing company. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Oro Alexander Jewelry Manufacturer has a popular focus on gold, diamond, and colored stones jewelry.

Oro Alexander provides its retailers with good quality products and ships worldwide.

Oro Alexander Private Jewelry Manufacturer in the USA

Source: oroalexander.com


MOQ order should be $25,000.


  • Easy shipments
  • Reliable service
  • Good quality


  • High MOQ


SOKO Jewelry Manufacturer company attempts to connect Kenya with the world. Women lead SOKO. SOKO is making a bridge between Artisans of Kenya and the World. SOKO works on gold, silver, brass, bone, and wood jewelry. Along with private labeling, they also offer custom manufacturing and wholesale products.

SOKO Private Jewelry Manufacturer in the USA

Source: shopsoko.com


15% discount on first purchase. The company has yet to disclose MOQ.


  • Unique products.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Ship to more than 100 countries.


  • Jewelry breaks easily.

5. Covet

Covet provides a variety of services according to your needs. Along with private labels, they also offer wholesale and custom jewelry. Their packaging is without branding to brand the jewelry with your logo.

Covet Private Label Jewelry Manufacturer offers changes in length, color, and style for any jewelry item.

Covet Private Label Jewelry Manufacturer in the USA

Source: covetbodyjewelry.com


MOQ should be at least 25 products with a value of $500. 


  • Worldwide shipment
  • Good quality products
  • Handmade products


  • High rates

6. Nendine

Nendine is a sustainable jewelry manufacturer providing private label services. The complex system here means that making and finalizing orders is tricky for customers.

After finalizing the design, Nendine will provide you with a 3D image of your product. Kobelli will provide a waxing model of your design.

custom jewelry design by nendine


Nendine Private Label offers different pricing tiers depending on the product and packaging.


  • Good quality products.
  • Shipment is worldwide.


  • Expensive


Companies work hard to find top private label jewelry manufacturers that produce high quality customized jewelry. 

This post helps you learn more about the USA’s top Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers. Printful jewelry provides reliability and multiple customization offers. 

Hopefully, you will have an idea of what to consider before contracting a private jewelry manufacturer in the USA.

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