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Top 9 Wholesale Gold-filled Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA

Gold-filled bead bracelets on the champagne background

Source: Faire

What are the primary factors to consider when finding a proper wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer? That must include competitive prices, well-matched jewelry styles, fast shipment, and low MOV. However,  it’s overwhelming work to go back and forth between web pages to collect and compare prices, jewelry designs and styles, their services, etc. 

So, this blog we prepare lists all you need clear-cut when selecting a proper gold-filled jewelry manufacturer whose jewelry price fits your budget, jewelry styles suit your need, and design perfectly matches your brand, etc.

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PriceMOV.StylesJewelryShipping speedCustom order
1. GoldFi$2~80$100550+18K gold-filled jewelry; 14k gold-filled jewelry.3~8 days for delivery; worldwide shipping.Available
2. CGM Findings100+10K,14K, 18K, 22K; gold-filled and rose gold-filled jewelry.Contact them
3. JK Findings$250100+14k rose gold filled; 10k, 12k, and 14k yellow gold filled.Ship within 1-2 working daysContact them
4. Rebekah Gough Jewelry$20-130Contact themNearly 10014k gold-filled necklaces and earrings.Ship within 7 daysAvailable
5. Mia Jewelry$1.5~83$1502000+18K gold-filled jewelry1-5 working days for delivery; worldwide shipping.Available. The MOQ is 150pcs for custom orders.
6. Luxus USA  $200$2004000+18K Brazilian gold-filled jewelry; gold-filled jewelry for men.3-7 business days for deliveryContact them
7. Fantasy World Jewelrystarts at $1.5$100600+18K gold-filled jewelryShip in 2 business daysContact them
8. Rio Grande Contact them770+14/20 yellow or rose gold  filled; 12/20 yellow/rose gold filled.1-10 working days for delivery; worldwide shipping.Available
9. Garlan Chain$100100+14/20 gold-filled chainsCustom assembly available

*Tips: If you don’t find wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers you want, try TTT Jewelry. We support worldwide shipping with friendly rates.

9 Famous Wholesale Gold-filled Jewelry Manufacturers in the USA

Let‘s check each of the top-rated wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers now.

1. GoldFi

GodFi-wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in the USA

Location & basic info.: 

One of the top-rated wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in Miami. GoldFi guarantees they are the best gold-filled jewelry supplier in the industry with 26 years of experience. 

Gold-filled jewelry in Goldfi: 

GoldFi sells unique and trendy 18K gold-filled jewelry and gold-filled findings. Alongside, they supply some 14k gold-filled jewelry to the US market. Jewelry collections in GoldFi are listed as follows:

  • gold-filled earrings and gold-filled hoop earrings
  • gold-filled chain necklaces
  • gold-filled rings
  • gold-filled bracelets
  • gold-filled body jewelry 
  • gold-filled findings.

They have newly launched the popular gold-filled bead bracelets and gold-filled chains such as gold-filled paperclip chains. Zirconia, evil eye, colored crystals, and pearls partner with contemporary minimalist design to make GoldFi sparkle and dazzle.


  • They offer a 7-day return policy, so in case of return and refund, make sure the product is in the same condition you received in case of return and refund.
  • All GoldFi’s gold-filled jewelry is hypoallergenic and waterproof at the factory price. In GoldFi, they have a 1/20 5% gold policy in jewelry and manufacture the gorgeous pieces under strict health guidance regulations, complying with CA pro 65 and EU regulations. 

2. CGM Findings

CGM Findings-wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in the USA

Location & basic info.:

CGM Findings has been a well-known wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer in Los Angels for 30 years. 

Gold-filled Jewelry in CGM Findings:

CGM manufactures a wide range of gold-filled jewelry. It has a massive selection of

You’ll find everything you need at CGM Inc. Besides, their vast array of precious and semi-precious gemstones will inspire the most creative designs.


They promise to provide you with beads, gold-filled jewelry, earrings, rings, clasps, lever backs and others at reasonable prices and shipping rates. 

3. JK Findings

JK Findings-wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in the USA

Location & basic info.:

Another top-rated gold-filled jewelry manufacturer. JK Findings was founded in Rochester, New York, in 1975, and they have a sales office in Hong Kong. 

The company has one of the best acquisition strategies, making the brand offers some of the best gold-filled jewelry varieties at competitive prices. 

Gold-filled Jewelry in JK Findings:

  • 10k, 12k, and 14k gold-filled jewelry are available in gold, yellow gold or rose gold with brass inner core. 
  • Gold-filled rings, gold-filled earrings and gold-filled chains in JK Findings are of basic and simple designs.  
  • All of the jewelry is marked with the 1/20GF stamp of authenticity. 


  • JK Findings make your 14k or 18k custom gold-filled jewelry come to real life, thanks to the powerful precision machining ability!

4. Rebekah Gough Jewelry

Rebekah Gough Jewelry- wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer in the USA

Location & basic info.:

All this one-of-kind gold-filled jewelry is handmade in its studio in Seattle, Washington. Rebekah is now excited to partner with you!

Gold-filled Jewelry in Rebekah Gough Jewelry:

  • Minimalist and a little quirky! Rebekah creates 14k gold-filled jewelry in vivid geometric style. 
  • Gold-filled pendant necklaces are distinguished by star pendants, initial pendants, animal or leaf pendants and geometric charms. Earrings are in similar styles. 
  • Rebekah doesn’t have gold-filled rings or bracelets on its web page. 


Rebekah Gough takes pride in producing high-quality, sentimental jewelry pieces that will resonate with the wearer and represent the things women want to keep close to their hearts. 

5. Mia Jewelry

Mia Jewelry- wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer in the USA

Location & basic info.:

Mia Jewelry, a Miami gold-filled jewelry supplier, has produced 18K gold-filled jewelry in Brazil for 18 years. They make sure that they deliver premium gold-filled jewelry. 

Gold-filled Jewelry in Mia Jewelry:

  • They provide huggie gold-filled earrings and gold-filled stud earrings of colorful design. See Mia’s huge selection.
  • The wholesale order value is required to be $150 or more. 
  • Mia Jewelry’s design is a contemporary, classy, and feminine look. 


It takes 1-5 days for the delivery duration. 

6. Luxus USA  

Luxus USA- wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer in the USA

Location & basic info.:

Luxus has been in Miami’s jewelry community for 23 years, serving 8000+ customers. 

Gold-filled Jewelry in Luxus USA:

  • 18K Brazilian gold-filled jewelry. 
  • Sparkle and sturdy necklaces, chains, charms, bracelets, rings and earrings are of 40000+designs at a low price. 
  • Chunky 14k or 18k gold-filled jewelry for men, such as wholesale gold-filled men’s rings. 


Luxus provide high-quality, low-cost products that help customers succeed in their endeavors.

7. Fantasy World Jewelry

Fantasy World Jewelry- wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer in the USA

Location & basic info.:

A wholesaler based in Miami with over 30 years of experience creating classic and trending jewelry. 

Gold-filled Jewelry in Fantasy World Jewelry:

Fantasy world offers a large selection of 18K gold-filled jewelry (made with 3% or 1/30 gold content using 18kt). Apart from this, they also carry broad types of natural beads and findings to make your design.


The minimum order value is $100 in Fantasy world. Your order will be shipped in 2 business days. If you’re a new customer of Fantasy World, they are glad to offer you sample orders, though they’re not free. 

8. Rio Grande

Rio Grande-wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturer in the USA

Location & basic info.:

An NW Albuquerque wholesale jewelry manufacturer with a long history of about a century. They exist to support retail jewelers as well as the bench jeweler, the jewelry designer, the jewelry manufacturer and the educator. 

Gold-filled Jewelry in Rio Grande:

Rio Grande specializes in the finest gold-filled findings and rose and yellow gold chains. Gold-filled pieces they offer 

  • gold-filled chain bracelets
  • earrings
  • necklaces & chains
  • gold-filled rings
  • beads & charms
  • bails & enhancers
  • bead caps/tips or cones
  • clasps & tags and more components.

There are 770+ styles and a wide range of karat(10k, 12k, 14k,18k,24k) of god-filled findings to meet the most demanding designs. Gold-Filled Findings is one of the best places to start your search for gold-filled jewelry.


  • Profitable rates and massive diversity of jewelry.
  • Jewelry is sturdy at every angle. GRS® hand engraving and stone setting tools are reaching legendary status among customers.
  • Precious metals cut-to-order service saves valuable production time while controlling material costs. With silver, gold, and platinum sheared to your exact specifications.

9. Garlan Chain

Garlan Chain- wholesale gold-filled jewelry manufacturers in the USA

Location & basic info.:

The company was founded in 1967 in North Attleboro, MA. It’s a full-service gold-filled chain manufacturer known for producing high-quality gold-filled chains.

Gold-filled Jewelry in Garlan Chain:

Garlan Chian now offers over 1500 different styles of chain necklaces. They also have chains made of various metals, but the gold-filled chains are the most common. 


With at least 50,000 chain variations, you’ll quickly find almost any chain you’re looking for. The products are affordable and long-lasting, and there is something for everyone.

What is Gold-filled Jewelry?

Gold-filled jewelry is far superior for people looking for something more valuable. With a thick layer of gold layer heat and pressure-bonded to the metal base, gold-filled jewelry is cheaper than solid gold jewelry and sturdier than gold plated jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry has at least 5% gold by weight, at least 100% more gold than gold-plated jewelry, which makes it a lot more valuable and long-lasting. 

Moreover, the quality gold layer makes it quite popular because it’s safe for people sensitive to the metals in gold-plated jewelry. The gold layer on gold-filled jewelry can be stunning 10k, 12k, 14k, or 18k gold which doesn’t wear off and oxidize. 

Find the Supplier that Suits You Best

It couldn’t be better if the jewelry items, the prices, the history and the service of the companies mentioned above were helpful for you. May you finally discover the desired supplier who supplies wholesale price, jewelry pieces and services that meet your plan.

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