Top 7 Handmade Beaded Jewelry Manufacturers in China

Are you looking for the best handmade beaded jewelry manufacturer in China? We understand the search for a good quality, reliable jewelry manufacturer can be intimidating, as you don’t want to waste your hours and risk your business with an inexperienced manufacturer. 

Therefore, we will mention the top hand-crafted jewelry manufacturers with years of experience and ensure product quality, safe shipment, and balanced costs. 

For small to mid-sized jewelry businesses, it can be a great opportunity. These producers offer amazing deals and customer experience. However, make sure to do your due diligence before choosing any of them, as there might be some risks involved. 

So, let’s check out today’s top list of handmade beaded jewelry manufacturers, along with benefits and factors to keep in mind when buying or choosing a jewelry manufacturer!

5 Benefits of Buying Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Manufactures 

Here are some benefits of purchasing handmade beaded jewelry from manufacturers. 

1. Designed by the Artisan with Unique Concepts 

Yes! Handmade jewelry depicts the true values of an artist who puts his heart, mind, and soul into design. Each piece conveys a special feeling and message. Your customers would love to buy and at least try for once. 

Let your customer feel special by wearing handmade beaded jewelry from your brand! 

2. Top-quality Materials 

Since a genuinely passionate artisan designs and produces the jewelry, you can expect an exceptional quality product. Because he’d only deal with durable jewelry materials to craft compelling jewelry pieces for your brand. Also, it allows you to build a stronger connection with your customers!  

3. Handmade Beaded Jewelry is Affordable 

Buying handmade beaded jewelry directly from the manufacturer serves as an opportunity to buy products at a wholesale or reasonable price. You can buy the handcraft beaded jewelry at factory price. Moreover, handmade beaded jewelry manufacturers in China offer you a competitive jewelry price mainly because labour and production costs are much lower.

4. Eco-Friendly Beaded Jewelry 

Handmade beaded jewelry manufacturers can present you with an Environmental Management System Certificate in China. And they strictly obey sustainable rules when producing your handmade beaded jewelry. Selling sustainable handmade beaded jewelry shows your customers that you love nature and promote eco-friendly practices. 

5. Chance to Stand Out from Your Competitors 

If you’re offering something special to your clients, you win higher chance to attract more customers to your business. After that, you can convert them into loyal buyers. 

Things to Consider When Selecting a Jewelry Manufacturer 

Alongside these benefits, ordering handmade jewelry also has some risks. Before you contact any manufacturer, keep these factors in mind. 

1. Material Used 

It is crucial because it impacts the final output of the product. So, ensure that your manufacturer uses high-quality material and the required metals (Gold, Silver, etc.) in the desired thickness or width. Ask your handmade jewelry supplier for the materials they use.  

2. Customization Freedom

Does your supplier offer this? Make sure he does. It’s important, especially when you provide custom products to your customers. Remember, the more personalized jewelry is, the more people are willing to buy it. 

3. Check Out Their Reviews 

Review is usually a good indicator to check if the manufacturer is reliable or not. If a manufacturer has good customer feedback, it could be a good business partner or jewelry manufacturer. 

4. Sustainable Practices

Also, check out this factor! Evaluate whether manufacturers involve sustainable business practices or not. So, to make sure that your resources are going towards an ethical means. Also, it’s helpful to build a sustainable and environmental-friendly brand image.

5. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

It’s another top factor that you should keep in mind. MOQ is the minimum order quantity you can buy from the manufacturer. Always acquire your manufacturer about it—the lower MOQ, the better it is for your business, particularly for testing new jewelry business. 

6. Keep Price Factor in Mind 

Check out their pricing model—products prices, placement, shipment, and other charges. It will help you to avoid future adverse consequences. 

Top handmade Beaded Jewelry Manufacturers in China 

To find the best manufacturer for your handmade bead jewelry business, here are some of the top jewelry manufacturers in China.

1. TTT Jewelry

TTT Jewelry ‒ The Leading Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

TTT Jewelry is the topmost reliable handmade beaded jewelry manufacturer in China. The company prides itself in offering premium quality jewelry with skilled craftsmanship. As a professional handmade jewelry manufacturer, TTT Jewelry delivers a wide range of practical, attractive, and cost-effective solutions for your jewelry project.  

With over a decade of experience in the industry and over 20 production lines, the company offers dainty and sturdy beaded jewelry at reasonable prices while ensuring speed and efficiency. Talk to their team and see how they can boost your brand growth. 


To get an optimal price depending on your requirements, you’ll have to send them an inquiry. Visit their website to get a custom quote!  


  • Multiple handmade collections of different materials at affordable price 
  • Efficient design and delivery services 
  • Reputable and trustworthy manufacturer in the industry
  • Free samples are available


  • Sales representatives are mainly good at English
  • Delivery might be slower during the Chinese New Year

2. AYPearl

AY Pearl – Wholesale Jewelry Supplier in China

AY Pearl is another leading handmade beaded jewelry manufacturer in China. Jewelry items are supplied directly from their factory, which helps cut extra costs. The company offers exclusive high-quality, finest jewelry options. You can choose the desired options depending on your requirements.

Since 2004, AY Pearl has established a strong reputation in the market with thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. Avail of the outstanding services from them with no quantity limits! 


There is no minimum order quantity. But it would at least be $100. For more information about their pricing, contact representatives via their website. 


  • Exclusive collection of 10,000+ styles   
  • Ships to over 200 countries
  • Fastest shipping with DHL  
  • Experienced manufacturer in the industry


  • Limited payment modes
  • Lacks essential details, including the material used

3. Sola Craft Factory Co., LTD

Sola Craft ー Manufacturer of Beads and Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Sola Craft is a specialized manufacturer of beads and handmade beaded jewelry. The company produces high-end acrylic beaded jewelry products and offers after-sales service and technical support.  

Sola Craft delivers exceptional handmade crafts with hundreds of creative professionals and twenty production lines. Their designers whole-heartedly design handmade beaded crafts with sharp and stunning styles. The best thing is that you can get beaded jewelry in numerous sizes, styles, and colors. 

Visit their web to learn more about them and their products! 


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) and price vary from product to product, which you can check on their product page. For payment details, you need to send an inquiry. 


  • Wide range of beads collection   
  • 20+ production lines 
  • Quick response time 
  • Premium and verified Alibaba member 


  • A bit time-consuming contract

4. Alibaba

Alibaba ー the Giant B2B Marketplace for All Products

Alibaba is a giant B2B marketplace that gives you access to over 9000 hand-crafted beaded jewelry manufacturers. Moreover, you can also get a chance to contact multiple manufacturers and place your custom order directly. 

Through Alibaba, China’s and the world’s biggest marketplace, you can run and scale business to the next level. From small-to-large scale factories, you’re free to contact your ideal factory.


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) and price vary from product to product. For instance, you can get a product as low as $1 to as high as $60 or more with 1 to 100+ MOQ. 


  • Access to numerous products and handmade beaded jewelry manufactures 
  • 9000+ handmade beaded jewelry products  
  • High-quality products with the quickest delivery time 
  • Premium and verified sellers 


  • Contacting several manufacturers is a time-consuming job 
  • Also, picking the right seller among thousands of sellers is challenging

5. Yiwu Smooth Accessories Co., Ltd

Yiwu Smooth Accessories ー Manufacturer of Daily Life Accessories, Including Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Yiwu Smooth has been dedicated to providing its customers with various top-quality accessories for over 10 years. It’s another popular manufacturer equipped with the latest tools and technologies to deliver you the best experience. 

The company offers a wide range of products and OEM services to meet your customers’ needs. Apart from the quality products, the company offers reasonable prices. 


The company has yet to disclose MOQ. However, you can contact them for more details.  


  • Good quality handmade products 
  • 200+ skilled workers 
  • In-house quality checking and packaging team 
  • Reliable 


  • Very limited collection

6. Dongguan KAIMEI Jewelry Co., Ltd

KAIMEI Jewelry ー a Jewelry Brand Located in Famous Dongguan Jewelry Town

KAIMEI Jewelry is located in a famous Dongguan Jewelry Town specializing in producing various kinds of jewelry, particularly stainless-steel jewelry. They offer many products ranging from anchor bracelets, bead bracelets, nautical bracelets and bangles to much more! 

Their designers are well-versed and can translate their unique ideas into artistic jewelry that your customers love. Also, they can design as per your requirements. Each item is strictly inspected to ensure quality. 


The company offers 50 MOQ, ranging from $1.78 to $3 per unit. 


  • Top-quality handmade products 
  • Reliable and friendly services 
  • Reasonable prices 


  • High MOQ

7. LANCUI Jewelry

LANCUI Jewelry ー Leading Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer with Elegant, Stylish Collection

LANCUI Jewelry is China’s leading beaded jewelry manufacturer producing elegant, stylish, and sophisticated products. Their team truly stands for its innovative artistic style and exceptional hand-crafted jewelry pieces. 


The company hasn’t disclosed its prices and MOQ. Send them an inquiry for more details. 


  • Responsible and reliable partners 
  • Stylish handmade custom beaded bracelets & other products 
  • Low prices 


  • Low-profit margins 


Many jewelry businesses struggle to find the best handmade beaded jewelry manufacturers that produce high-quality products. Hopefully, the post helped you connect with the right manufacturer!

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