Top 10 Handmade Jewelry Manufacturers In China 

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Finding the perfect handmade jewelry manufacturers in China can be a challenging task. There are some fantastic options that can make it so much easier to run your business. 

The best handmade jewelry manufacturers in China offer you the most exquisite designs, which can help you stand out from your competitors. Or, when you start a jewelry business, you can get products that are of high quality and the latest designs from them. 

If you provide your customers with the best quality products at affordable prices, you are more likely to grow your jewelry business and retain customers. It’s preferable to find a handmade jewelry manufacturer in China so as to boost your business and sales. 

Why Choose Handmade Jewelry Manufacturers In China? 

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Whether you want to sell gorgeous pearl jewelry or other elegant fashion jewelry, handmade jewelry manufacturers in China can help you with all your needs. 

The manufacturing industry in China is massive, and it will continue growing. There are various reasons that make China one of the top choices for all handmade jewelry businesses. 

1. Cheap Labor Costs 

The cost of labor in China is lower because the wages of the workers are lower. If you find a handmade jewelry manufacturer in China, there are chances that will save you much more money. Cheaper labor is a great advantage if you do business with a manufacturer in China.

2. Low Production Cost

If you work with a wholesale manufacturer in China, the manufacturing cost is incredibly low. You can get the best products at surprisingly low rates. Businesses everywhere in the world prefer handmade jewelry manufacturers in China because they get a cheap production expenditure but favorable quality products. 

3. Various Materials For Production 

The manufacturers in China have access to numerous raw materials. This is why it is better to find handmade jewelry manufacturers in China. Even if they don’t have the specific material you ask for, these manufacturers always ensure that they source and provide excellent materials to you.  

4. High-Quality Products 

The best part about working with a manufacturer in China is that you will never worry about the product quality. Most of the handmade jewelry manufacturers in China extremely control the quality of their work, and they always assure that you will get fine jewelry pieces. You can tell them the expected designs and materials and then sit back and relax as they create their best work for you. 

10 Best Handmade Jewelry Manufacturers In China 

1. TTT Jewelry 

TTT Jewelry Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

TTT jewelry started in 2010, and since then, it has established itself as an innovator in the jewelry industry. The company is known for top-quality handmade fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. If you are looking for the best handmade jewelry manufacturers in China, TTT jewelry is one of the top choice. 

From necklaces and earrings to rings and bracelets, you can get them in the latest designs and revolutionary quality. TTT jewelry provides all the latest jewelry trends and designs for its clients. 

One of the most brilliant services offered by TTT jewelry is jewelry customization. You can get any design and style you want. From TTT, you can get one-of-a-kind statement jewelry that can help you accelerate business growth and build your brand. 

Apart from that, there are various services that make TTT jewelry the best handmade jewelry manufacturer in China. With efficient customer support, free samples, custom packaging, and strategic marketing plans, TTT jewelry has established its name in the industry. 

With TTT jewelry, you can get your large-scale orders in 15 working days. The team consists of 600 incredibly skilled artisans and 50 professional designers that help you create the most exquisite jewelry pieces. 

The handmade jewelry collection from TTT jewelry includes:

  • Sterling Silver Collection 
  • Natural Stone Collection
  • Miyuki Collection
  • Copper Collection
  • Crystal Collection
  • Pearl Collection 
  • Leather Collection
  • Enamel Collection
  • Tila Collection

2. Kirin Jewelry

Kirin Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Kirin jewelry is a manufacturer and wholesale exporter. The company has a team of 500 skilled workers making exquisite jewelry all year. Kirin jewelry specializes in making silver/brass jewelry with semi-precious stones. 

The company has strick quality control. The quality-control workers make sure that every piece is perfect. When you order from Kirin jewelry, you won’t be disappointed with the received items. 

3. Nelson Jewelry

Nelson Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Nelson jewelry is known for its world-class craftsmanship. The jewelry pieces it manufactures are nothing less than perfect. The assortment and placement of gems with the metals make the jewelry pieces look beautiful. 

As one of the top handmade jewelry manufacturers in China, Nelson jewelry also cares about the environment. It incorporates sustainable techniques and methods into its manufacturing process. If you order from Nelson jewelry, you will receive sustainable products that are also aesthetically pleasing. 

4. Fanny

Fanny Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Fanny, a well-established manufacturer, has been providing top-quality jewelry to numerous stores for the past ten years. Fanny has its own manufacturing factory and a team full of skilled workers. 

The R&D team at Fanny is always working to develop new materials, designs, and technologies. If you order from Fanny, you get great customer support. The sales team is also involved with your order and they provide you with advice to make your products better. 

5. Jewelry Bund

Jewelry Bund Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

If you have been researching handmade jewelry manufacturers in China, you must have come across Jewelry Bund. The company offers top-quality products and wholesale prices. You can also get your brand’s logos customized on the packaging. 

With Jewelry Bund, there is no minimum order. It is also a company that offers worldwide shipping. You can get in touch with the customer support team through the live chat option. 

6. AY Pearl 

AY Pearl Handmade Jewelry E-Commerce Site in China

AY Pearl is another wholesale jewelry eCommerce site in China. You can find all the latest products and designs for your business. It is always nice to have a trendy jewelry manufacturer that can help you meet your target audience’s needs. 

AY Pearl offers fast shipping to 21 countries all over the world, making it an excellent choice for your business. You can always get in touch with the customer service representatives through email.

7. Nihao Jewelry

Nihao Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

Nihao jewelry is one of China’s leading jewelry manufacturers. It provides people with beautiful designs and some of the best crystal jewelry. There is no minimum order quantity bar, and you can try it out with a small order first. 

One of the services making Nihao jewelry stand out is the 10-day delivery promise. No matter where you are in the world, you will receive your order within 10 days as long as there’s DHL in your country. 

8. Hktdc

Hktdc Jewelry Wholesale E-Commerce Platform in China

A wholesale eCommerce platform where you can find some of the top handmade jewelry manufacturers in China. The platform has 50 offices all over the world and 13 offices in mainland China. has a competitive environment, and you can get in contact with the manufacturers directly for the best prices. The platform also offers worldwide shipping, so you don’t have to worry about shipment. 

9. SOQ Jewelry

SOQ Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer in China

It is remarkable how SOQ jewelry provides the most high-quality products at the lowest prices. Even though the cost is low, you don’t have to afraid that the manufacturers comprise the jewelry quality. 

If you are ordering from SOQ jewelry, you can ask for a sample at the wholesale price. It can make it easier for you to judge the production of the jewelry and make your decision. 

10. Alibaba 

Alibaba wholesale E-Commerce Platform in China

Alibaba is the most well-known wholesale eCommerce platform in the world. Although it is not a handmade jewelry manufacturer in China, you can still find an affordable manufacturer that provides you with the best products. 

When you scroll through Alibaba, you can contact the manufacturers on the platform directly and bargain with them to get the ideal prices. One of the best features of Alibaba is that you can get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the received products.  

Final Takeaway

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The top handmade jewelry manufacturers in China offer you the highest quality jewelry pieces at fabulously low prices. Once you know the type of jewelry you are looking for and the budget for your project, you can make an informed decision and choose the best manufacturer for your business.

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