The Ultimate Guide to Chain Link Jewelry

Two hands holding gold plated chains

Chain link jewelry is one of the most sophisticated and graceful accessories that can change the tone of the style and give originality to the whole look. They form a strong impression and make wearers’ outfits more flamboyant. Before purchasing enthralled chain-link jewelry, you must know the chains and closures on it, how’s chain-link jewelry thickness for men and women, how it’s made, what the buying criteria should be, and who are the reliable manufacturers.

In this chain-link jewelry guide, we will try to provide you with these details. But before moving further, let’s take a look at the history first.

This is not to say that the fashion for chain link jewelry has returned: perhaps it never went anywhere. Chains appeared exactly when humanity learned to work metals: first bronze, then iron, gold, and silver. 

Since antiquity, massive gold and silver chains have been a man’s adornment and a sign of distinction and honor. They can be seen on ceremonial portraits of monarchs and nobles – for example, on the chest of the British King Henry VIII and the courtier-philosopher Thomas More, Italian Renaissance doges, and Russian tsars. 

Later, link-chains necklaces and bracelets appeared and became popular women’s jewelry in the second half of the 19th century. Jewelers made large link chains and bracelets hollow so that the jewelry would not be too heavy for clients. Sometimes these decorations were supplemented with pendants and key chains. Now, this chain-link jewelry is famous worldwide.

Keep reading this article to know more information that we TTT prepare for you.

Types of Chains for Jewelry 

Chain-link jewelry has various types and styles. Selecting the best chain can be tough with all these gorgeous chains. Listed below are some details to help you narrow your options.

1. Anchor Chain

The anchor chain looks like the chains bound to a boat’s anchor. It has interlocking oval links with dividing bars in the center. 

2. Ball Chain/Bead Chain

A ball chain or a bead chain is a row of beads linked together to form a chain. Each bead is close together, but they have some space between the others. Metal bars are used to attach each dot to the chain. The jewelry chain may break easily and is not easy to fix. Usually, it’s at a lower price. 

3. Box Chain / Venetian Chain

The box or Venetian chain has several square loops connected to look like a box. The chain’s cube shape makes box chain jewelry firmer and more durable.

4. Byzantine Chain

The Byzantine chain is complex. It has four oval or circle loops, forming a complicated but beautiful and intricate design.

5. Cable Chain

Chunky cable chain link bracelet

The cable chain looks identical to an ordinary iron chain. It is created using symmetrical ovals or round coils linked together in a single pattern. This chain is durable and can be worn with pendants. Besides, it’s easy to repair if it’s broken.

6. Curb Chain

Layered curb chain necklace with baroque pearls

The classic and timeless curb chain is made up of equally-sized loops that are interlocked together. The loops can be round or oval-shaped. With its durability, it’s well-partnered with heavy and oversized pendants. And the thinner curb chain jewelry is more delicate for women.

7. Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain is one of the best types of chains. This chain pattern comprises two or three round loops followed by a long oval link.

8. Herringbone Chain

Herringbone chains are made up of numerous flat and thin sections of metal. Each segment is curved in the middle to make the herringbone pattern.

9. Omega Chain

The Omega chain is almost identical to the herringbone chain. It has metal sections that are leveled and bound. This stylish chain is mainly worn as chokers.

10. Rolo Chain

Link chain white turquoise bracelet in 18K and 14K gold

The Rolo chain has a succession of round loops that are linked together. Each link is twisted to 180 degrees to give it a distinct look. The pattern is similar to a cable chain, except for the links, which are round and proportional. Men’s Rolo chain necklaces or bracelets are thicker and chunkier than women’s.

11. Rope Chain

The rope chain is one of the universal chains. It has portions or loops twirled around to imitate a rope’s design. This chain is sturdy and durable.

12. San Marco Chain

The links of the San Marco chain are identical to grains of rice. They’re made of hollow long, or rounded, flat chains situated next to each other at a tilted angle. San Marco chain jewelry is eye-catching!

13. Singapore Chain

The Singapore chain looks like a twisted curb chain. It is a series of segments that are twisted, braided, and linked together. This style creates a durable, lightweight, and robust chain necklace. Customers prefer Singapore chain necklaces with a pendant.

14. Snake Chain / Brazilian Chain

The snake chain resembles the body and movement of a snake. It consists of numerous small hoops and bands that are firmly connected. The tight connection of the chain makes it remarkably durable and elegant. What’s more, it won’t tangle the wearer’s hair or other chains.

15. Spiga Chain/Wheat Chain

The Spiga or wheat chain consists of oval loops twisted together to look like a braided rope. The chain’s design creates a balanced chain with all the links going in one direction. This chain is sturdy while challenging to fix if broken. Wheat chain necklaces look pretty on wearers with or without a pendant.

Chain Jewelry Platings and Finishes

Different gold-plated necklaces hanging in the air

Platings and finishes are essential in jewelry-making, especially in chain-link jewelry. Platings can modify the appearance of a metal. Metal necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are more lustrous and sparkle in gold-plated. The plate is also frequently used to add brilliance and durability to the jewelry.

1. Antique Brass

Antique brass chain is a famous finishing option for vintage-style and steampunk jewelry. Brass-plated chains also match innate jewelry decoration, such as crystals, leaves, and feathers. 

2. Antique Copper

Its antique finish is perfect for boho and Western-style jewelry. Copper works well with intrinsic designs like the wire-made tree of life charms.

3. Antique Silver

One of the most famous jewelry finishes is the antique silver-plated finish. Also known as vintage sterling silver or oxidized silver, this jewelry chain fit almost any style.

4. Copper

The bright orange copper-plated jewelry goes well with natural designs and rustic styles. Copper is a versatile chain-link material that you can use in any project. 

5. Gold

The Gold-plated chain is an excellent substitute for gold-filled or solid gold chains. This type of chain is more durable and affordable. It’s also stylish and perfect for any ensemble. 

6. Gunmetal

The sleek gunmetal-plated chain has a distinctive metallic dark grey look. It’s excellent for gothic styles, and it also beautifully contrasts with crystals. Gunmetal works great with unisex jewelry and mixed metal layouts.

7. Ruthenium

Ruthenium is a stunning contrast to other polished metals with its black, gunmetal shine. Ruthenium finishing is perfect for creating mixed-metal jewelry. Handmade chain link jewelry plated with ruthenium is delicate and wear-resistant. 

8. Rhodium

With its bright chrome finish, rhodium plating is similar to white gold. Many white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium to irradiate the underlying gold plating.

Rhodium plating is perfect for diamond jewelry because it reflects glittery diamonds. It’s also often used in pearl jewelry to hinder tarnishing.

9. Silver Plating

Silver-plated chains are economic substitutes for sterling silver chains. Like sterling silver, it tarnishes slowly and is wear-resistant.

Silver plating suits most designs and styles. It’s particularly ideal for simple, minimalist jewelry.

10. Rose Gold

The rose gold chain has a brass base with rose gold plating. Rose gold-plated jewelry is usually in soft pink because the gold mixture contains copper. And jewelry plated with rose gold is prevalent in today’s minimalistic jewelry.

Types of Clasps and Closure for Chain Jewelry

Gold plated toggle clasp T-bar & ring clasps for handmade necklaces and bracelets

Chain-link jewelry needs excellent finishing materials to its fabulous start. After completing the body of your chain necklaces or bracelets, you need closures to connect them. Here are different clasps and closures that are perfect for your jewelry.

1. Spring Ring Clasps

This closure is a metal ring clasp with an easy spring device. The clip opens when you pull back the tiny lever. Insert the ring and release the lever to close and lock the chain in place.

2. Lobster Clasps

This closure is one of the spring-loaded and self-closing clasp types. Push the lever down with your thumb, and the lower part of the “claw” will swing inward. The clasp closes after releasing the lever.

3. Barrel Clasps

This closure comprises two metal halves that look like a barrel when fastened together to lock.

4. Toggle Clasp

A toggle clasp consists of a bar or “T” shape and a loop. The bar slides through the open loop and latches in place. This clasp is often designed to add to the jewelry style, where the clip is deliberately positioned in front.

5. Hook and Eye Clasp

This clasp is similar to a toggle clasp. Instead of a bar and ring, this clasp consists of a hook and loop.

6. Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are made of two halves of powerful magnets. Put the two ends together to fasten and lock the chain jewelry.

Jewelers and designers are trying to develop more new products to expand the clientele circle and surprise the picky fashionistas with new inventions, proposals, and design solutions. And often, we are faced with the problem of choice: what kind of link chain jewelry is in fashion today? 

To make it easier to choose a chain or chain bracelet, we have collected a list of the most popular varieties.

Here are the 15 main types of link chains, necklaces, and bracelets. Each type is beautiful in its way, and such a variety will easily satisfy the requirements of modern women. If you can’t find a suitable necklace, then you can contact us at for an exclusive and original custom design.

4 Important Points in Layering Your Chain Necklace

Chain-link necklaces are perfect to pair with other small or large pieces of jewelry. There are a few simple points to keep in mind when layering your chain necklaces flawlessly:

  1. Consider mixing various chain lengths.
  2. Mix and match different widths and sizes of the chains.
  3. Add finishes and customize your chains with pendants or charms.
  4. Mix various textures or mix different types of chains.

Many types of weaving are made in three ways – by hand, by machine knitting, or by stamping. 

Handmade chain-link jewelry making is quite tricky and responsible. Here are 6 steps to making Handmade chain-link jewelry in TTT jewelry.

  • First, the master manually pulls the metal wire through a special press and winds it on the base. This is how a spiral is formed.
  • Second, after a spiral is formed, the jeweler uses special tools to cut it into small ring links.
  • Third, these small ring links are attached with the help of pliers.
  • Fourthly, the resulting links are soldered for strength and then run between the presses to get the flat look of jewelry we are used to.
  • Then work on the appearance of the products goes on: they are cleaned, washed, and dried.
  • In the end, the master weighs the accessory, attaches a tag to it, and sends it to the laboratory for verification and evaluation if necessary. 
A faceless man making chain link with pliers

Link chains using the machine knitting method are carried out using special machines. This equipment allows you to make incredibly thin links with a thickness of 0.15 mm. Everything happens automatically. The machine can connect up to 600 elements per minute to make an anchor link chain. And to seal the edges of the links, the finished chain is placed in a special oven.

There is another option for making chains – stamping. In this case, the chains are produced using punching dies. Such jewelry is cheaper. True, experienced buyers try to purchase them only as a last option. The method, of course, is simple, but it is difficult to call such a product durable. Therefore, it is believed that handmade technology for making chain link jewelry is much preferable.

Chain-link pearl bracelet

Can the chain be shortened? If you need to shorten the chain, it is wise to go straight to our shop. The fact is that this work is usually not particularly difficult (there is no need to restore links), so it is relatively inexpensive. TTT jewelry can easily cope with shortening even the most complex and hollow products. 

The only subtle point in this situation is the reduction in the weight of the jewelry. Therefore, before giving the chain to the master, you need to find out its exact weight and then check the mass of the resulting chain and the remainder (it should be given to you) with the original result. The master will simply remove unnecessary links and connect and solder the decoration. 

Sometimes chain shortening is done directly in the client’s presence and takes half an hour at most. It is theoretically possible to shorten the chain around the neck at home, but an expensive piece of jewelry can suffer from the experiments of a homebrew master. We TTT Jewelry hone our skills for years, have the appropriate solder, and a wide range of special equipment, and are responsible for the result.

When purchasing chain jewelry, listen to your taste and aesthetic sense. It is not worth copying someone else’s image; it is much better if our jewelry is your individual “highlight” that looks unusual and creative. Only then will it suit you! 

Follow these simple rules:

1. Select a Reliable lock

Having decided what kind of chains you like the most, do not forget to pay attention to the lock. By weighting the jewelry with a pendant, you proportionally increase the load on all its elements. A weak locking mechanism may not be able to withstand this.

Preference is given to the tightest fasteners. Lobster Closure, T Bar/Toggle, Lobster Claw Closure, and Toggle Closure are considered the best locks. 

But even such precautions can be in vain if the chain is actively exploited. Constant movement will inevitably loosen the lock, shortening its lifespan. To avoid this, we recommend having several pieces in the collection and alternating them from time to time. 

2. Select a Suitable Length

The chain length is an equally important criterion when choosing a piece of jewelry. Basically, the length of jewelry chains ranges between 40 cm and 70 cm. An important criterion is decisive when choosing a piece of jewelry and involves several options in TTT:

  • from 40 cm and above – the jewelry gently bends around the neck;
  • from 50 cm and above – the product lies just below the base of the neck;
  • from 60 cm and above – the chain is at the neckline;
  • about 70 cm – the chain touches the chest level.

Women prefer products up to 50 cm long; men prefer chain necklaces with longer lengths like 20” and 24”. There is no general rule. Each case is dictated by personal preference and is considered correct.

3. Select a Suitable Thickness

Layered Baroque Pearl Link Chain Necklace

A universal rule is the more expansive the chain, the sturdier it is. Different chain thicknesses depend on several things. The length and width of the chain usually rely on the pendant, gender, and preference.

Here is a brief explanation of the small and thick chain necklace and layering. Let’s go ahead and explore!

  • Small Chain Necklace

A dainty chain necklace is one of the most flexible jewelry choices you can get. When layered, it’s a modest option for daily wear and a fashion statement piece.

The average chain width women preferred is around 1mm to 1.5mm. This width is strong enough to carry small to medium-sized charms. If you go under 1mm, remember that a thinner chain is less durable, even with a smaller look.

  • Thick Chain Necklace

Flashy jewelry is a terrific way to liven up even the simplest outfits. Thick chain necklaces are the evident preference for those with minimalist styles who want to stand out.

Men usually gravitate toward larger widths such as 3mm and higher.

4. Check the Quality

The purchase of accessories should be approached soberly and judiciously, critically assessing their appearance and the seller’s words. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when choosing: 

  • Carefully feel the chain – if any sharp corners, burrs, or notches will cling to the fabric and tear it. If such details are provided constructively, think over what you will wear this product with; 
  • The links must be well-soldered, and the color of the solder must perfectly match the shade of the metal itself. Make sure that there are no burns or scratches on things – they will only become more noticeable over time; 
  • If the item is decorated with precious stones, examine their setting – crystals should not wobble, fall out or twirl. In addition, the legs of the fastener can only be located symmetrically; 
  • Regardless of the cost of the chain, it must be perfectly processed, free from any spots, darkening, gaps, and other defects. Such shortcomings significantly reduce the cost of anything, spoil its appearance and the impression you make; 
  • All element connections must move easily without getting stuck or twisted. Also, try to twist the chain in different directions, bend and fold. A quality product will stand the test without any consequences.  

But what to do if you are buying an online chain? Only select reliable manufacturers such as TTT Jewelry provide guarantees to our products.  

  • Avoid scratching
  • Wipe with a soft cloth
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics
  • Do not wear the chain link jewelry during showering
  • Do not wear the jewelry to bed

Where to Buy Chains?

A gold plated pearl necklace and bracelet from TTT Jewelry

In today’s busy life, no one gets time to make this kind of jewelry for themselves. If you need custom handmade fashion jewelry, visit our store. TTT Jewelry offers a comprehensive range of handmade link chain jewelry collections that meet the latest fashion trends in the industry. So, leave your details for our manager to contact you. You will get a free consultation! 

We hope that after reading this article, you have already become an advanced expert in chain-link jewelry and will be able to find for yourself a great option that is durable and sturdy.

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