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custom service


Personal Consulting Service

Challenge us with your ideas and concepts: the wilder, the more exciting. Fully developing a fashion jewelry takes a great deal of experiense in a number of specific fields. Our teams can help you make informed decisions about jewerly materials, product optimisation, cost efficiency, or possible partners to outsource specific materials of the production.


Material Research

Throughout our years of experience in the handmade jewelry industry, TTT Jewelry has curated a library of materials and options for customers to further allow them to customize their custom fashion jewelry. Our task is to make the perfect jewelry for your brand, to research the most appropriate material for it and to give you a recommendation.

Jewelry Material Research
Jewelry Structure and Visualization


Structure Visualisations

Our design team can help you make informed decisions with accurate 3D visual representations of your fashion jewelry. Intelligent visualization and using suitable materials help to save freight space to minimize on shipping costs.


Sample Service

After confirming the design requirements, we will start to arrange the production samples for you. Your benefit includes:

First sample

  • In strict accordance with product design specifications for production.
  • In the case of not opening the production mold 5 working days or within 15 working days out of the sample.

Secondary sample modification

The second sample will have changes and modifications base on your feedback, ensuring that we achieve your design expectations or until you are satisfied with the final design.

Jewelry Sample Services


Value-add service

Besides regular customized wholesale product services, we will also provide our customers with a wide range of value-added services, including popular trends and market updates.

According to these, we can provide our customers with professional products or market solutions. You can get more if you are our VIP. The complementary color card, HD photos, samples, and models are always our value-add service for you.