Why TTT Is The Most Reliable Manufacturer in China

Two bracelets & a bowl with beads in & threads & a knife placed on the dark background.

Handmade jewelry has always been a fashion staple. As time goes by, these handcrafted, custom jewelry became increasingly popular. People have started to value the higher level of materials used, craftsmanship, and the exceptional quality and uniqueness often missing in mass-produced items.

What makes handcrafted jewelry better than machine-manufactured or mass-produced ones? What makes TTT Jewelry unique and more reliable? Let’s find out.

Material Selections

No matter how easy or intricate your planned jewelry design is, we have an excellent team of seasoned artisans, superb material choices, and efficient production capabilities to achieve them.

We can help you select the most favorable jewelry materials with our vast selection of different handmade crafts, styles, colors, and materials. Our team can also provide you with an in-depth consultation service to choose suitable options and make the perfect jewelry for you.

Our team can help you with product optimization, cost efficiency, and possible collaborators in outsourcing specific production materials and providing you with the best service for all your needs.

Dedicated And Skilled Artisans

In the current world of machines and mass production, handcrafting may seem like a lost art. But fret not, for these Master Craftsmen and Seasoned Artisans are keeping their legacy alive through TTT Jewelry.

Handcrafting jewelry takes a lot of time, concentration, and devotion to guarantee consistency and beauty. Enormous dedication, skill, and experience are the core attributes of craftsmen. TTT Jewelry has all of these. Formed with a team of over 600 Craftsmen with more than ten years of experience in jewelry handcrafting.

The Artist’s outstanding commitment and mastery are proved by the supreme quality and consistency of every piece of fashion jewelry that joins each collection.

A pair of hands is crafting beaded jewelry and below are stone beaded jewelry and a box with colorful beads placed on the wooden table.

Quality And Satisfaction Guarantee

“Your products will represent your company, and your brand is as good as the people behind it.”

Understand the importance of providing clients with our best-handcrafted jewelry and ensuring that all materials used on all products are economical and of stellar quality.

The company has also established long-term business partnerships with top material suppliers in China based on our strict screening method, so fast and reliable access to favorable materials for every project.

Fashion-forward Design

Three people are discussing near the table where some jewelry docs and files placed on

TTT Jewelry’s professional designers, headed by senior designer Nerine, are constantly updated in the fashion trade. Our designers have a very intimate connection with each piece of jewelry or design they create, allowing them to foresee upcoming demands and create trendy bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that echo future trends. The design method is essential to the quality that is innate in each piece.

Custom Design Service

Equipped with an elite Custom Design Service, we can cater to your desired design, no matter how complex or straightforward your jewelry plan is. The designers take note of the specifications in mind and understand your design concept. We create a 3D model using cutting-edge design equipment to have a precise picture of your desired jewelry, and a prototype is sent to you for checking.

After the prototype meets your expectations, we create your custom handmade jewelry, then examine it for quality, pack it, and deliver it to you.

Custom Packaging

All of the jewelry comes with a durable, fully giftable box with foam inserts, and the packaging perfectly fits every product to ensure the safety of your custom jewelry. We also have customizable packaging to fulfill your specific requests.

Marketing-oriented solutions

TTT Jewelry is a deluxe handmade fashion jewelry destination that provides consumers with custom jewelry solutions and also gives you an extraordinary and extensive back-to-back service to save you time and make your job easier.

  • Our project management system allows us to quote within 12 hours and provide clients with a short manufacturing turnaround.
  • Our company’s expert designers readily discuss any jewelry design challenges to ensure that we will launch the client’s products to the market even faster.
  • We aim to make it easier for all customers – from small businesses to famous brands and companies to access on-demand manufacturing by providing the most efficient way to source premium and high-quality materials.

TTT Jewelry also offers customers a wide range of value-added services, including famous trend updates and market updates, providing customers with professional products and market solutions.

Browsing Through Our Collections

Natural Stone Collection

3 natural stone jewelry on the champagne background.

This astonishing collection highlights the rustic charm of natural stones. Natural gemstones are molded in nature with no intervention from humans other than mined, cut, cleaned, and polished. 

Crystal Collection

A hand wearing 6 crystal beaded bracelets

This collection is a charming set of high-quality jewelry given prestige by adding these authentic crystals made from natural quartz crystals.

Copper Collection

10 brass fashion jewelry wrapping around a dark green cylindrical jewelry organizer

This collection conjures a classic and timeless look with its copper jewelry selections. Bronze and brass are the more commonly used copper alloys. Copper is an excellent metal used for jewelry making, and it doesn’t easily rust.

Miyuki Collection

Miyuki Jewelry from TTT Jewelry

TTT Jewelry is the first manufacturer in China to introduce Miyuki into handmade jewelry. Miyuki Collection is professionally handcrafted jewelry made with various colors, detailed shapes, and patterns using top-notch Miyuki Japanese Seed Beads, focusing on Delica beads.

Pearl Collection

Freshwater pearl handmade 5 wrap bracelet

This fine collection of pearl jewelry mirrors remarkable sophistication and luxury. These freshwater pearls are made into jewelry pieces that embody the natural elegance of pearls.

Tila Collection

Colorful Tila beaded bracelets

Tila Beads are made from Japanese Miyuki beads, and this collection is one of the trendiest jewelry available. You can explore your creative side with their various whimsical selections.

Handcrafted With Love

It takes an incredible amount of time to create a single piece of handmade jewelry; the Artisans making those items infuse love and energy into each piece of art. Their connection and love of their craft transform ordinary materials into jewelry masterpieces.

If you’re dreaming of having unique and personal handcrafted custom jewelry, then your dream can turn into reality. For fashion-forward and incredible handmade works of art, be sure to visit TTT Jewelry

Here at TTT Jewelry,

We manufacture jewelry.

We support your design.

We make it happen.

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