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Why is TTT Raffia

TTT is the first Chinese factory to introduce Raffia into jewelry and before that, Raffia is used only for hat weaving. Raffia is a natural plant growing in Madagascar, Africa. It has about 40 colors, is very thin, coherent and has a certain toughness. In April 2018, TTT made 6 colors of Raffia of the only agent in China out of stock.

Raffia has been popular in Europe and America, so it has become a brand competition material. In 2018 TTT guided the best-known fashion jewelry brands in the United States to adopt Raffia material, and designed a series of earrings, necklaces, and became one of the most popular styles and order a single series of 52000 pcs.

What Raffia is

Far from exotic and mysterious, Raffia is only from Madagascar, Africa and it is recognized by the international market for its strong toughness and extraordinary character. It is usually regarded as a love grass because of its smooth appearance, refreshing interior quality, water-free and extremely strong nature. It implies that people should treat love consistently and steadfastly.

There are about 40 colors of Lafite grass and different color has the different meaning. For example, black means Academiclight green means encounter a valuable person, dark green means luck of wealthblue means career, red means lovegolden means transhipmentmulticolor means healthy and good moodwhite means family, coffee means wisdompurple means friendship. The grass has been woven into a variety of jewelry with national characteristics.


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