Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer


The most stringent quality assurance system

Our quality assurance system consists of three parts: raw material, manufacturing process and product inspection.

Raw material:

TTT has integrated 16 the top manufacturers of handmade jewelry raw material to ensure that each metal, crystal, stone bead, seed bead is the top quality of the industry when purchasing raw materials in bulk.

Manufacturing process:

TTT focuses on handmade jewelry since 2010. Generally speaking, hand-made products are hard to ensure that every product can achieve the highest quality, but TTT achieved this seemingly impossible goal by the eight years of experience focusing on handmade jewelry and a professional handicraft team.

Product inspection:

Like any other manufacturer, after the product is finished, the quality inspector will compare the details of the product with the customized requirements, such as color, material, specifications, etc. Uniquely, our quality inspectors will personally wear the product samples no matter what the weather is to confirm whether the product is discolored, deformed or damaged before the delivery date arrives. Only when the above problems are not identified will the product be completed and shipped out.

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