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    Elevate your jewelry collection with the ttt jewel beaded bracelet. Handcrafted with exquisite natural Larimar stones and adorned with 14k gold-plated beads, this elastic bracelet showcases the perfect balance of elegance and comfort. Each Larimar stone is chosen for its unique and calming blue hues, making every bracelet a one-of-a-kind piece. Ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions, this bracelet can be customized to suit your personal style or branding needs.

    Product Details:

    • Material: Natural stone (Larimar)

    Key Features:
    Stunning Larimar Stones: Renowned for their serene blue and white patterns, these stones evoke the tranquility of the ocean.
    14k Gold-Plated Accents: The gold-plated beads add a touch of sophistication and complement the natural beauty of the Larimar stones.
    Elastic Fit: Designed for comfort and ease, the elastic band ensures a snug and flexible fit for any wrist size.
    Artisan Craftsmanship: Each bracelet is handmade by skilled artisans, guaranteeing exceptional quality and individuality.
    Customizable Design: Tailor this bracelet to your preferences or brand specifications for a truly unique accessory.
    Versatile Elegance: Perfect for both casual and formal settings, this bracelet enhances any ensemble with its elegant and natural charm.
    Shipping & Guarantee:
    All items are shipped directly from Guangzhou via DHL Express, ensuring secure packaging and dispatch within 24 hours. We enforce stringent quality control measures and provide 14 days of after-sales support. Any quality issues can be addressed with returns or exchanges.

    Note: Each piece is 100% handmade, resulting in slight variations that add to its unique character.

    Shipping & Guarantee :

    All the items will be shipped out directly from Guangzhou, China via DHL Express Official. All goods will be well packed 24 hours in advance before shipping.

    Our quality is highly guaranteed as our QC team work on piece by piece for 100% fully checking. Your satisfaction is very important to us! 14 days’ after-sales support after you get the goods. Exchange or refund is available for any quality problem caused at our side.

    Be noted: All our items are 100% handmade, so there will be an acceptable deviation.

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