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Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Galaxy Star Open Ring

SKU: CGC01Y02-2A



  • Material: Genuine 925 Sterling Silver
  • Metal: 18K Gold Vermeil (Nickle Free, Allergy Free)
  • Gemstones: 1mm Cubic Zirconia
  • Style: Galaxy Star
  • Stamp: S925


Known as 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Silver, Sterling Silver contains 92.5% Pure Silver content, the rest is formed by adding other metals, usually copper to make the compound hard enough for extra durability and shine.

18K Gold Vermeil is Sterling Silver that is plated in 18K Gold. Plating is heavier than regular fashion jewelry, making it more resistant to signs of wear.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Galaxy Star Open Ring is a celestial ring shaped like a planet with a ring around them, or like a star, featuring a cluster of shimmering clear cubic zirconia with star burst pattern. Hand-crafted using luxurious 18K Gold Vermeil sterling silver, this galaxy glam ring is perfect worn on its own or styled with our sterling silver Cubic Zirconia Star Necklace.

Why Choose Us ?

Your Benefits:

Favoring craftsmanship, creation, and the use of sustainable materials, our Sterling Silver Ring reflects the latest jewelry trends and includes a broad collection of classic and bold pieces you need for your jewelry brand.
Customize this Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Galaxy Star Open Ring with your favorite Gold Vermeil and a cluster of stunning CZ stones.

  • Premium Cubic Zirconia
  • Eye-catching Design
  • Reliable Materials
  • Customizable

Simply choose your style, favorite vermeil, and size, create a timeless, classic, attractive silver ring for your loyal customers.

Hit the Talk To An Expert button to get your custom order started. We will get back to you within a few hours.

Packaging Options:

All TTT Jewelry comes with a durable, totally giftable box with foam inserts thereby ensuring your custom jewelry will arrive safely; packages also can be customized to fit your specific needs.

  • Innovative Jewelry Packaging
  • Marketing-oriented Design
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Tailor-made Solutions

We offer custom jewelry packaging solutions and make sure your custom jewelry boxes perfectly fit your brand personality, as well as the unique jewelry being placed inside. Request a free sample now!

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TTT handmade jewelry manufacturing is one of the strongest points of contact between your design and your market. Contact us today to discuss your project!

    Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

    How To Care For 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

    With proper care and maintenance, vermeil silver jewelry can keep sparkling through the years. Here are our top tips for cleaning and storing your vermeil sterling silver jewelry

    • Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfume, water, and perspiration. This is especially important for our gold-vermeil pieces which are more prone to oxidation and tarnishing.
    • Be sure to remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering/bathing, swimming, or engaging in any other activity that is subject to friction or contact with moisture.
    • Store your jewelry in your original TTT jewelry box which is lined with velvet (and keep it in a cool, dry spot) to maintain luster and prolong life. If you need to clean your jewelry, only use a non-abrasive cotton or silver polishing cloth.
    • Never use chemical cleaners, water, or soaps on vermeil silver jewelry, as they can strip the gold finish.
    • Vermeil silver jewelry does not tarnish easily, but residues and oils from the skin may build up on the jewelry over time. We recommend giving your pieces a gentle polish with a soft, silver polishing cloth from time to time to keep your jewelry looking shiny.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When 92.5% of pure silver is mixed with 7.5% of other metals (usually copper to make the compound hard enough for durability and shine) is called sterling silver. There is no difference between the terms sterling silver and 925 silver.

    To identify it as 925 sterling silver, our sterling silver jewelry have a number stamped upon the silver, often in a hidden part of the jewelry.

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