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Why is TTT Miyuki

TTT is the first factory in China to introduce Miyuki into handmade jewelry. After a long period of experience, TTT has become the most professional and stable factory for all kinds of knitting and beading processes in Miyuki. 

At present, the whole market of Miyuki materials can only be produced by a Japanese factory so sometimes it is difficult to find the right Miyuki jewelry in the market. TTT warehouse has 80KG Miyuki inventory which including 1000 colors at any time so you can find any color Miyuki jewelry in TTT and in April 2018, there are 15 colors of Miyuki of Japanese factory was sold out of stock due to the bulk purchase of TTT.

In 2018 TTT guided the best-known fashion brands in the United States to adopt Miyuki elements, and designed a series of earrings, necklaces, bracelets to become popular styles and each series order 46000 pcs.


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