Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Good Jewelry?

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Whether you are new to sterling silver jewelry projects or going to sell sterling silver jewelry, you will no doubt wonder:

Is sterling silver jewelry good jewelry? How about the quality?

Is sterling silver jewelry good for everyday wear?

Is it worth it for customers to buy sterling silver jewelry?

Can I earn profits selling sterling silver jewelry?

Though you can have them clarified one by one through google, it’s hassling work. Today we will resolve all your confusion once and for all. Without further ado, don’t go away and get thorough answers now!

What is Sterling Silver for Jewelry?

To find out whether sterling silver jewelry is good jewelry, we‘d better know “what is sterling silver” first. 

Heart Cut Cubic Zirconia Aquamarine Ring

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First of all, is sterling silver real silver? The answer is yes. Silver content differentiates pure silver and sterling silver. Pure silver consists of 99.9% of silver and 0.01% metal components like copper. 

However, the famous silver-tone metal for making jewelry and accessories–sterling silver–is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or zinc (mainly copper). And this is for which sterling silver is often called 925 sterling silver or 925 silver.

Diamonds 925 Silver Ring

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More other metals consisted, sterling silver is harder than pure silver and they’re alike in terms of shade. Sterling silver well responds to exquisite and complex designs while pure silver is too soft and ductile to make most jewelry. 

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Good?

Market Needs Continuously Increase

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Every one of us aims at bringing dainty jewelry to customers and making a profit at the same time. As a type of silver jewelry, the sterling silver jewelry business is lucrative for jewelry brands, wholesalers, retailers, etc. in the next couple of years. Thus, sterling silver jewelry is good jewelry for you.

Silver Investing News reported that silver jewelry demand in 2021 is over 181 million ounces. It’s rebounded from the economic tension of COVID-19, peaking by a significant 21% over 2020. Between 2022 and 2029, the silver jewelry market is expected to continuously increase by a considerable percentage.

In addition, our society is getting more gender-neutral, which drives men to focus on decorative rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Years ago, global men’s fine jewelry (jewelry made from silver) sales were 5.3 billion, a growth of 22% over the year prior.

Nice Quality 

To see if sterling silver jewelry is good jewelry, we have to evaluate its quality which is important to you and your customers. Keep reading!

Sterling Silver Green Agate CZ Necklace

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1. Durable

Customers feel discontented if they get jewelry that is not sturdy or strong enough. As we mentioned, sterling silver used for jewelry contains 7.5% other metal content. More other metals contained makes sterling silver jewelry sturdier than pure silver jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry tends to be long-lasting and stay looking beautiful. Properly remaining, sterling silver rings, for example, will last between 20 to 30 years. Sterling silver jewelry is not brittle, it won’t break easily. Meanwhile, it’s much more scratch-resistant than platinum jewelry.

Sterling Silver Necklace Abalone Shell Pendant

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2. Lightweight

Sterling silver is the lightest precious metal, so sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings won’t be heavy. Lightweight sterling silver jewelry is comfortable for customers who don’t want to be weighed down by substantial items.

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Oval Drop

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3. Bright and Shiny

Sterling silver looks shimmering and gray, similar to white gold and gold. While sterling silver jewelry features brighter colors than gold and platinum jewelry. And it matches well with yellow gold and rose gold jewelry.

4. Hypoallergenic

None of us wants to see customers get irritated and allergic to wearing our jewelry. The fact is that 10% of people get allergic to nickel and 20% of those are female. 

Sterling silver jewelry is allergic-free. Made from sterling silver with 7.5% metal (mostly copper) and 92.5% silver, sterling silver jewelry is safe to wear without causing skin rashes, swelling, and blisters to your customers. 

Compared to cheap brass jewelry, anti-allergic sterling silver earrings, which are constantly in contact with skin, are especially a perfect alternative for customers who have sensitive skin.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Crystal Hoop Earrings

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Other Benefits

1. Unlimited Options

Thanks to the amount of other metal contained, sterling silver jewelry can be shaped or customized in many different designs. 

Jewelry artists and manufacturers find it hard to create durable jewelry pieces in exact shapes with pure silver and pure silver jewelry is easily bent. However, thousands of designs are available on sterling silver pendants, necklaces, chains, rings, earrings, or bracelets free from misshapen.

Sterling Silver Rings and Necklaces in Different Design on the Wooden Background

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2. Affordable 

Gold is 70+ times costlier than silver. Thus 925 sterling silver jewelry, which looks as pretty as silver jewelry, is much cheaper than pure silver jewelry and gold jewelry. 

Lower prices push jewelry lovers to purchase high-quality sterling silver jewelry. People can get a beautiful sterling silver ring from Amazon jewelry stores for no more than $30. And it’s budget-friendly for you even if you are a small jewelry business.

Oval-Cut Cubic Zirconia Double Ring with Ruby

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Besides, it is worthy as sterling silver jewelry value increases with time. But many fake imitation sterling silver jewelry is sold in the market, be sure to create or buy it from famous silver jewelry manufacturers or wholesalers.

3. Trendy

Sterling silver is workable. Most gemstones, crystals, and stones can be securely set on it. Jewelry manufacturers and designers can test new styles on it following the viral trends. Due to the popularity and classic call of sterling silver, craftsmen are constantly creating new designs to fit with fashion-forward trends. And here‘re some worthy sterling silver jewelry trends for 2022: 

Sterling Silver Necklace with Malachite Pendant

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4. Highly Versatile

Sterling silver jewelry looks pretty on groups of customers of all skin colors. It pairs well with white gold jewelry and rose gold or yellow gold jewelry, completing a very intricate look that goes well with all outfits, seasons, and occasions like parties, camping, lunch, and dinner dates.

A Woman with Tan Skin Tone Wearing Two Sterling Silver Rings

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Singer Olivia Rodrigo with Ivory Skin Tone Wearing Sterling Silver Necklace, Rings and Gold Pendant Necklaces & Rings

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5. Easy Maintenance

It’s easy for customers to take care of sterling silver jewelry because it’s resistant to corrosion and anti-rust. Clean it using mild liquids and a soft cloth. Store it in a dark place away from water and air exposure. 

Drawbacks of Sterling Silver Jewelry

1. Sterling Silver Jewelry Does Tarnish

Though sterling silver jewelry won’t rust, it tarnishes after some time and causes what looks like a dirty layer on the surfaces. Because the added metal tarnishes and the silver reacts with water and gasses in the air. It’s suggested that people take off their jewelry when taking a bath. Luckily, sterling silver jewelry is easily polished or plated in rhodium, which can make it tarnish-resistant and bright.

A Tarnished Silver Bangle

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2. Doesn’t Pair Well with Stainless Steel Jewelry

Some metal jewelry like stainless steel jewelry doesn’t go well with sterling silver jewelry. Because stainless steel in dull tone could take away the shine of sterling silver. 

3. Unsuitable for Setting Very Expensive Gems Sometimes

Even though sterling silver is stronger than pure silver, the softness of sterling silver is not ideal for very expensive gemstone settings. For example, a larger diamond is barely set in sterling silver because sterling silver it’s not strong enough for it. Instead, cubic zirconia is well set. There’re sterling silver rings with diamonds, but those are likely tiny melee diamonds.

Sterling Silver CZ Tennis Bracelet with Ruby

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Is Sterling Silver Good for Everyday Wear? 

Yes. Sterling silver jewelry is good for everyday wear. Your body oil and lotions rub it constantly making the jewelry shiny. Unlike pure silver, you cannot overuse it or use them roughly to prevent possible denting. Besides, sterling silver jewelry is scratch resistant.


Now, we are clear about the benefits and disadvantages of sterling silver jewelry. We believe that at this moment you got the answer to “ Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Good Jewelry?” 

Sterling silver jewelry is good jewelry considering its beauty, durability, and affordability. But it’s all up to your target customers’ needs, budget, and existing jewelry collections. Can’t wait to find satisfactory 925 silver jewelry? Get inspired by our TTT sterling silver jewelry collection now!

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