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Invitation -- VIP Club

In the past 8 years, TTT jewelry has become a partner of thousands of jewelers. In the past 2018, TTT successfully achieved double sales. Taking this as an opportunity, and in order to further promote the cooperation with customers and provide better services, the VIP Club of TTT was officially established in 2019.

Naturally you will ask:

Whats the VIP Club?

How to join?

Any benefits?

Here cones the answers.

What’s the VIP Club

VIP Club is a special customer area set up by TTT to better serve its customers. You can get the latest TTT news here, enjoy free design, free samples, discounts and other offers. Here you can get industry information, raw material prices and trends, and get a lot of value-added services in addition to basic business. In the club, there will be different levels depending on your sales: From VIP 1 to VIP 5.

How to join

We regret that in order to provide VIP with faster and more unique services, not all customers who have worked with TTT can become a member of the VIP Club -- it will take a lot of time and effort. So we are happy to tell you that those customers with orders over $5000, whether it is a single or cumulative order, will become the first members of TTT's VIP Club. Take orders and become the special one now.


Benefit A: Free HD photos. In the jewelry industry, photo marketing is an indispensable piece. But a good HD picture not only costs a lot of money, it also takes a lot of time. With our free high-definition images, you can not only save the high cost of product image promotion, but also allow members to enter the marketing stage faster.

Benefit B: Free samples. As we know, samples are indispensable in business, and the confirmation of samples is indispensable to the completion of all orders. But in many cases, the unit price of the sample often exists several times as much as the order unit price. If the sample fails to meet the expectation, the customer will not only waste a lot of money, but also pay more for the cost of time. Free samples are provided to enable VIP members to solve the waste of time and money.

Benefit C: Free design & color sheet. Thats no doubt that many customers will always need new elements, new designs and new products. TTT has a dedicated design team, led by Australian designers, Nerine, which can provide design concepts with Western elements that many Southeast Asian suppliers can not provide.

Benefit D: Free mold opening. The cost of mold opening has always been an unavoidable extra expense for designers to reproduce their own design drawings. The benefits of free mold opening allow VIP members to save a lot of details and extra costs in confirming the mold opening with suppliers. In addition, free paper color cards will enable designers to better design and find more suitable materials to complete the product.

Benefit E: Return Commission At The End Of The Year. At the VIP club, when your total order amounts to $100,000, you get a 1% rebate on the total order at the end of each year.

Benefit F: 7-10 Days Free Chinese Tour. Reach your order amount to $200,000 and enjoy a 7-10-days-tour. During the period, there will be professionals to accompany customers to visit China's materials and products market.

VIP Club is in vacancy. Consult and join the VIP Club immediately.

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