How to Make Beaded Jewelry

Make beaded jewelry

The beaded jewelry making is a fast, easy, and cheap project. Get your hands on some leftover beads from another project and you can have a plentiful amount of beads in no time. Depending on the beads you choose, the jewelry can be as casual or formal as you like. 

What’s more, beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings perfectly complete any jewelry collection. They are worn comfortably and characterized by bright colors. This blog will show you varieties of beaded jewelry and how it can be made.

Want to know how to make beaded jewelry in detail? Keep reading now!

How to Make Beaded Bracelets

There are so many fantastic beaded bracelets projects available these days, and TTT Jewelry is chock-full of ideas. Many of these instructions are simple to follow and provide stunning outcomes. Now let’s have a look at different varieties of bracelets and how they are made.

Types of Beaded Bracelets

1. Simple Beaded Bracelets
A colorful Miyuki Bead Bracelet


String beads onto a tiger tail or rope with a clasp attached is one of the simplest ways to make a bracelet. Such a simple design allows so many variations, so this beaded bracelet will never seem to go out of style.

2. Stretch Bead Bracelet
Citrine Chakra Bracelet


3. Multi-strand Bracelet
Howlite Mala Bracelet


A multi-strand bracelet may spark your attention if you’re feeling a little bolder, because you may use a lot more beads to make more complicated and crazy designs.

4. Charm Bracelets
7 Chakra Healing Balance Beads Bracelet


A charm bracelet is an excellent project for creating something truly unique for yourself or as a gift for a friend. A charm bracelet’s foundation is frequently chain, to which the charms are attached.

5. Leather Wrap Bracelet
Grain Stone Wrap Bracelet


Leather wrap bracelets are fashioned from a thin strip of leather (akin to a slim belt) that produces an overlapping cuff-type bracelet naturally. 

6. Macrame Bracelet
Macrame Bracelet


Macrame bracelets may appear subtle, but they may be difficult to construct. You can make beautiful bracelets by combining different knots and weaving techniques. 

Make Beaded Bracelets with String

You can make simple beaded bracelets with a string and some beads. Below are the steps that can help you make it:

  1. Take the string bundle and wrap it loosely around your wrist three times. The cord should be measured and cut off (2.5 or 3 times more than your wrist size). 
  2. Choose your wooden beads or any other type of beads that may be fitted into the rope. You can either fill the string (a bit less than the length of your wrist size) with beads or use 5 or 6 beads as we did. 
  3. Make a ring by overlapping both and making it slightly larger than your wrist size. Maintain a uniform amount of length on both sides of the overlapping rope and firmly grasp the overlapped point.
  4. Make a loop with either of the free ends by wrapping it around your fingertip. Draw the open end of the looped side beneath the bracelet’s main cord ring.
  5. Form another loop with the same side as before. Do not drag the open side under the main ring this time. Draw it from left to right through the loop. Pull both open ends gently and neatly tighten the knot.
  6. Once the knot is tightened, check to see whether one of the open ends is adjustable; if you tug, it will slide. To complete the bracelet craft, tie knots near the open ends of the two sides.

Make Stretch Bracelet

There are several varieties of elastic cords available on the market. Stretch Magic is a popular jewelry-making tool that is commonly accessible at craft stores and certain large retail outlets.


  1. Adjust the length of the cord to the length of your bracelet, plus three inches of elastic on each side for making your knots. 
  2. The string is slick, and there’s nothing worse than getting everything just right and then losing the end when knotted.
  3. String the beads on the elastic when it is still on the spool, or use a bead stopper to prevent the beads from falling off the rope.
  4. Before stringing, pre-stretch your cable by pushing on either end. This is a critical step to take.

How to Make Bead Earrings

Beaded earrings making is a fantastic project. Here, we will show you the fundamental instructions for crafting earrings for you to study and practice. Above all, you need the following tools and materials to make a beaded earring: head pin, ear wires, beads, wire cutter, and wire twisting tool.


  1. Thread the beads onto the headpin. The beads will be held on the pin by the flat “head” of the pin.
  2. Add beads until you reach the desired earring length. Rep with the opposite earring.
  3. After placing beads on the headpin, snip off the excess wire, leaving enough to coil around a couple of times.
  4. Twist the straight wire into a tiny circle with a wire twisting tool.
  5. This is best accomplished by grasping the wire at the top, curling it over once, moving the tool, and curling it again, and so on. Repeat until the wire has coiled up into a little circle. 

Types of Beaded Earrings

1. Native American Beaded Earrings
Beaded Miyuki Drop Earrings


The Pre-Columbian Americans and their descendants who wore these beaded earrings are the indigenous peoples of America.

2. Beaded Brick Stitch Earrings
Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Diamond-shaped Pendant


They are called brick stitches because the beads are layered on top of each other like bricks. 

3. Feather Beaded Earrings Pattern
Feathered beaded earrings


The feather beaded earring is made out of feathers and beads. This lovely multi-colored earring features a single loop with four feathers linked with beads. The bright colors will look great on teenagers.

4. Beaded Stud Earrings
Beaded Stud earrings


The beaded stud earrings are trendy and may be worn by children as well as adults. 

5. Beaded Mirror Earrings
Beaded Mirror earrings


Mirrors are employed in beaded earring patterns in these earrings. They might be circular, triangular, or square in form, with a variety of earring motifs. 

6. Handmade Beaded Earrings
Handmade Crystal Beads Alloy Drop Earrings


Handmade earrings are created by artists, but they may also be created by simply attaching beads to threads or wires and creating patterns.

7. Mexican Beaded Earrings
Mexican Beaded Earrings


This Mexican beaded earring features floral motifs and strings of beads that fall down. It features brilliant colors and is visually appealing.

8. Beaded Earrings with Gems
Handmade Turquoise Drop Earrings


Gemstones are charming, and when combined with beaded earrings, they create an attractive aesthetic. 

9. Beaded Crochet Earrings
Beaded Crochet Earrings


Interlocking loops are used to create crochet from yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. Beads are also inserted during the interlocking process in crochet beaded earrings. 

Make Beaded Dangle Earrings

Rose Quartz Pearl Earring


Making a pair of beaded dangle earrings you need to follow some simple steps.

  1. Make a wire loop with each of your beads on its own headpin.
  2. Make a chain by connecting two jump rings.
  3. Beads should be attached to the two jump rings.
  4. Attach the second jump ring to the open end of your ear wire.

Make Stud Earrings with Beads

With a pair of beads, jewelry wire, and pliers to get started, you can make a charming and simple set of stud earrings for your summer jewelry collection.       


  1. Bend 1 cm wire to 90° using the flat nose pliers. The bent section of the wire is the base of the beads.
  2. Insert the beads into the 1 cm bent section carefully.
  3. Hold the beads securely within the bent section of the wire with one hand, at the same time wrap the wire around the beads smoothly and tightly with the others.
  4. Wrap the wire around the beads 2or 3 times. Maintain the coiled wire’s flattening with the bead. After coiling the wire three times or so, you can see how it looks around the bead.
  5. Hold the bead and coiled wire securely, then carefully bend the open end of the wire to the rear. Bend the wire and pull it along the bead’s mid-line.
  6. Hold the wire on the backside and bend it to 90° using the flat nose pliers from the center of the bead. Then pull the open end of the wire towards a straight position opposing the location of the beads. 
  7. Cut off the excess wire using cutting pliers after measuring the necessity of length for the backside of the stud earring.
  8. Similarly, make the other stud earring from the same beads to complete the set.

Make Drop Earrings with Beads

It will be a good idea to plan the design before  “stringing” your beads. In order to make drop earrings with beads, you will need these tools: a headpin, a French hook(ear wire), beads, a wire cutter, one needle-nose plier, and a flat plier.


  1. Putting a headpin to keep track of its length. The beads should then be arranged in a straight line parallel to the headpin.
  2. “String” beads onto the headpin, beginning at the bottom and working your way up. You could discover that the design doesn’t exactly “work” for you once it’s on the pin. At this point, you may simply remove and reorder the beads as many times as you like.
  3. Clip any surplus wire at the bent headpin’s end with wire cutters. The loop’s tail end should just touch the beginning without overlapping. Squeeze the loop with your flat pliers to make it flat and level.
  4. Because the loop you just made functions as a jump ring, attach your new earrings to whatever type of ear wire or ear post you choose. To open the jump ring, just push down on the tail end with your needle-nose pliers.
  5. Wrap the ring around the jump ring or other attaching loop on the ear wire. Push up in the opposite direction to complete the loop and close the jump ring.

How to Make Beaded Necklaces

Necklaces are the most noticeable items of jewelry. Their size, paired with their vibrant colors, makes them simple to notice and admire. Despite this, they are the most basic jewelry crafts to make, using only a few hand tools.

The materials range from pearls and emeralds on one end of the spectrum to wood and seashells on the other. There are many additional minerals, metal, and glass beads to pick from in between.

We provide you with a fantastic method to begin in jewelry creation, and many individuals choose to produce nothing but necklaces. The abilities are simple to acquire and can be mastered by anybody with quick fingers. 

Make a Mala Necklace

Amazon Stone Mala Necklace


Traditionally, 108 numbered beads are used for mantra meditation. In this lesson, we’ll start with a basic, pre-made bone mala necklace that we’ll alter. Keep in mind that it is ideal to keep all beads sitting securely on a level surface to maintain the necklace’s count, pattern, and structure.


  1. Measuring the length of your basic necklace and adding 10 inches to it. Then, cut a piece of waxed cotton cord to the same length.
  2. Prepare the plan and template for the new mala necklace design. It will be easier to thread the beads if they are laid out ahead of time.
  3. Cut between the tassel and an adjacent bead so as to remove the tassel from your base necklace.
  4. Carefully take the tassel away from the toggle bead.
  5. Thread the cotton cord through the loop when you have a short length of thread with a loop on the end of the tassel that you removed.
  6. Pull the thread in such a manner that your cotton cord passes through the upper knot of the tassel.
  7. Place the tassel in the center of your cotton cord.
  8. Tie a knot in the center of the string to secure it. Insert the toggle of your tassel through both ends of the cord at the same time.
  9. Slide both ends of the thread into the beginning of the three-hole tassel bead, then bring each string out of a separate side’s hole (left and right). 
  10. String the beads on either side of the necklace in the design you created before. Tie a knot at the necklace’s completed end. 
  11. Pass the excess cord through two beads on either side of the knot. Remove the visible piece of the cord. Congratulations on your first Mala necklace. Was it as simple as you anticipated?

Make a Chain Necklace with Beads

Gold Plated Long Link Necklace with Freshwater Pearls


To make this chain necklace with beads, please prepare the following equipment and materials:

  • Chain
  • Plier
  • 7 Eye pins
  • Lobster clasp
  • Beads
  • Jump ring


  1. Put all of your beads on the eye pins.
  2. Using round nose pliers, bend each pin at a right angle to the bead.
  3. Shorten your pin with cutting pliers if your pin is too long.
  4. Curl your pins into a loop using round nose pliers after they’re the proper length.
  5. Steps 2–4 should be repeated for all of your beads.
  6. Take the bead you want to use at the end of your pattern and slightly open one loop with your pliers. Attach the free loop at the end of your chain.
  7. Close the loop one more to lock the bead charm in place.
  8. Count the links in your chain.
  9. Using the pliers, open the 7th link and separate the chain parts. Attach the next bead to the end of the little length of the chain. Close the link with your pliers to secure the bead in place.
  10. You should now have two beads connected by a chain.
  11. Steps 8 and 9 should be repeated until all of your beads have been added to the chain.
  12.  This is how your artwork should appear.
  13. Connect the remaining chain length by opening the loop on one of your end beads.
  14. Connect the chain’s other end to the bead on the other side.
  15. Open a link in the midst of the long piece of chain.
  16. Slide the lobster clasp onto the open link and fasten it in place with pliers by closing the link again.
  17. Connect a jump ring to the chain’s opposite end.

Your necklace is finished! You may play around with this pattern by using other types of beads or varying the distance between the beads. Be innovative!

How to Make Bead Rings

This beaded wire ring is perfect for regular use and also makes a nice gift for a loved one!. We TTT provides you with methods to be creative with some lovely seed beads, craft wire, and pliers!

  1. Using your ruler, cut roughly five inches (13 cm) of wire. Then, gently bend it where you’ve measured to designate where you’ll cut. 
  2. Using wire snips, cut away the wire that will be used as the band of your ring before bending the wire with pliers.
  3. Prepare a primary bead that will construct the ring’s top. A huge bead for your centerpiece might provide a cool differentiating element to your ring, but if you prefer, a typical sized bead can work just as well. 
  4. Thread the centerpiece bead onto the end of your wire and you’re done. If a bead centerpiece isn’t your thing, consider using a charm linked to a jump ring.
  5. Make a stopper for your centerpiece. Take your needle nose pliers and grip the wire through which you have just threaded the bead. Hold the wire tightly with your pliers, then bend it over the bead to form a little, squashed loop that prevents beads from sliding off as you work.

It’s fun and creative to make beaded jewelry. Following some simple steps, you can create a wonderful piece of art. Want to know more about bead jewelry? Click our article 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Beaded Jewelry now!

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