How to Choose the Right Jewelry Color for Blonde Hair?-Final Answer

Wearing brown and blue gemstone rings and a pale yellow gold ring

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“Which jewelry color would suit me more: gold or silver? I’m blonde with blue eyes.” —A question from Quora. 

Your hair color directly influences how the jewelry looks on you. You hardly try out different jewelry other than what already works since it works! It’s challenging to select a suitable jewelry color for blonde hair. 

In this blog, you will find the best choices of jewelry colors for blondes. Keep reading!

Types of Blonde Hair You Should Know

There’re cases where the jewelry color is determined by the tone of your blonde locks. When you get your hair done and it’s bleached, the result might be gold, brassy, or lighter, white. 

“Colorists separate blonde hair colors into three categories: cool, warm, and neutral,” explains Redken Artist Celene Dupuis. Furthermore, each of them has various shades:

Cool blonde is those pale, super light, icy shades, just think platinum blonde hair. 

Warm blonde hair includes golden, strawberry blonde, honey blonde hair, etc. They have sunnier hues with orange, gold, or red undertones.

Neutral blonde, also called natural blonde, falls somewhere in the middle, think of those wheat or buttery blondes.

What Color Jewelry Goes Best with Blonde Hair?

Most colors look great with blonde hair because it’s versatile and not too imposing.

For Warm Blondes

  • Rose gold: Grazia Magazine reiterates that people who have dark blonde hair can wear rose gold jewelry as a good alternative to silver and gold jewelry. 
  • Gold color: for yellow-blonde, gold, and strawberry-blonde hair, gold color jewelry work well. In this case, wearing gold-tone jewelry highlights your hair.

For Cool Blondes

  • Blue: blue gemstones jewelry, such as blue topaz jewelry and sapphire jewelry look gorgeous with blonde hair because they add a subtle contrast to the lightness of the locks. Green jewelry also looks great. 
  • Orange: if you’re bold enough, go for orange gemstone jewelry, which will give you a healthy glow especially when paired with pale skin and hair. 
Wearing blue and red gemstone rings

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For Natural Blondes

  • Gold: put the gold jewelry on if you prefer to go with a look from the Eighties. It’s more of a bringing-back-the-Eighties style. (While for some people it looks dated)
  • Silver: silver jewelry looks fresh on those who have blonde hair and very pale skin. If you have bleached or white blonde hair that has a natural tone, silver jewelry is the way to go.

Whether the jewelry is made of silver, sterling silver, white gold, stainless steel, or platinum, this jewelry perfectly blends with your blonde hair and fair skin, making you look healthier and luminous.

Brown, black, or bold colors for gems, and light and white metal jewelry are best for most blondes. You could never go wrong wearing these jewelry.

Wearings black gemstone rings, light yellow gold rings, earrings, white metal rings, etc.

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Does Silver Jewelry Go with Blonde Hair?

Yes. Silver jewelry suits blondes. Some consider that there are times when silver jewelry doesn’t look good with blonde hair. 

But ultimately, you can wear silver jewelry/silver color jewelry, such as platinum or white gold jewelry to complete a fantastic style. Whether for cool or warm-toned blondes, silver jewelry looks great for most blondes.

When Silver Jewelry Doesn’t Go Well with Blonde Hair

If you have light blonde hair, and already lack warm colors, you need some shadowing and highlighting since the hair is so light in tone. 

Wearing silver jewelry will only be more of an issue. Silver-tone jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry in silver and white gold will get lost in a sea of blonde hair. They clash too much, and when your hair is blonde, you tend to overlook the silver jewelry. The jewelry almost appears to be a highlight rather than a costly and precious statement.

So in this case, bright color jewelry like blue or pink is way better, because this help to accentuate the silhouette.

When Silver Jewelry is In for Blondes

If you have blonde hair and are naturally tanned in the summer, you can use the tan of your skin to make your light hair stand out. The same is true for your jewelry, particularly if you wear white gold rings, bracelets, and ankle bracelets. 

Besides, sterling silver or platinum jewelry pop and exude a Nordic vibe that conjures up images of Viking spirits. It’s very Scandi, by definition, Scandi is cool.

However, some also consider that “silver looks so fresh on very pale skin, especially those who also have pale or blonde hair.” 

Does Gold Jewelry Go with Blonde?

That depends on the shades. You might have gold jewelry in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and more. And we’ve known blonde hair has more varieties. With so much variety on both sides, you can pick gold jewelry that stands out and looks good on blonde hair. 

Can Blondes Wear Rose Gold? 

Yes. Rose gold jewelry is a great alternative to silver and gold jewelry if you have warm or darker blonde hair. Rose gold accentuates the pink undertone in your skin. 

“The skins of real blondes – which often tend to blush – are also generally sublimated by silver or rose gold jewelry”, the colorist Romain Colors reminds.

Can Blondes Wear Yellow Gold?

If you have blonde hair, generally you should avoid very yellow gold because this hot gold metal will “raise the yellow present in the blonde hair”, the colorist Romain Colors simplifies and advises. He invites us to be vigilant when we select jewelry and “avoid the golden”, especially earrings that are close to the face.

Meanwhile, the colorist also noted that a certain shade of gold is possible if you have blond hair and dewy skin. Pale gold and pale yellow gold (like 9K or 14K gold) work because they come to enhance the complexion which is cold, and rosy. 

Additionally, “With an ash blonde, you can enhance the shade of the hair with yellow gold” He adds. Thanks to the very yellow of gold, we thus achieve “awaken warmth and shine ” in the shade of the hair. 

Ash blonde wearing yellow gold jewelry

Source: National Jeweler

Bonus Tips

1. Don’t overthink. Put your jewelry on and look in the mirror. What matters most is that you like what you see. 

2. Wear bling with some extra sparkle is another way to make jewelry shine! Like gold earrings with gemstones and white metallic pieces with diamonds or bright cubic zirconia are more eye-catching.

3. Silver jewelry looks better than gold jewelry on blondes, whether cool or warm-toned. If you want a metal option that ‘just works’ with minimal effort, silver jewelry is a better choice.

Try Out Different Jewelry Colors!

Hope this article is helpful when you’re trying to add new jewelry pieces. Now that you’ve known how different jewelry colors look with your blonde hair, just go pick new pieces!

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