How to Choose Healing Crystal Jewelry for Your Business

Different Crystals for Crystal Jewelry

Healing crystals are everywhere now. Many people worldwide use these crystals — gemstones, natural stones, and healing stones — to claim their spiritual benefits. Using these healing crystals in daily life could be a great idea, especially if you want to open your chakras. 

Numerous beautiful crystals and gemstones have recently been introduced to the market. But, their popularity is not only due to their beauty but to proven healing features. 

From a simple raw stone to a premium necklace, you can get crystal jewelry in any form. The best thing is people can use them wherever they go — either wearing them or putting them in their pockets! This way, they can start their way to a more conscious, relaxed, and healthy lifestyle. 

However, choosing healing crystal jewelry can be tricky. But, no more! This article will cover a practical guide that will help you in every aspect you need to know before picking healing crystal jewelry for your business. So, let’s start! 

What are Healing Crystals?

Crystal healing is a particular type of alternative medical technique or therapy where crystals are used to help cure illnesses and diseases. The belief and practice of crystal healing stem back thousands of years ago in early ancient civilizations. And its origins are linked to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Mesopotamia, and India.

Ancient Egyptians unearthed crystals to make them into amulets in the form of jewelry for health and protection to the living, and headrest amulets were placed in tombs for security in the afterlife.

The Ancient Greeks used Amethyst as amulets to cure hangovers and prevent drunkenness. Native Americans use quartz to help in analyzing ailments. And in Europe, the belief in healing crystal amulets lasted until the Middle Ages.

Benefits of Crystals 

Healing crystals are no doubt powerful healing tools. They heal and relieve our body from blockages and provide spiritual energy through interaction with the body’s vibrations. Their molecular composition stimulates our vibrational frequency to promote efficient energy flow. It helps us lead a better and healthy life.  

Millions of people globally claim significant changes in their health routine after using crystals. For instance, it helps enhance mental/cognitive abilities and reduce stress and anxiety levels. 

Therefore, healing crystals are the best alternative to invasive therapies, as they channel our inner energy to work smoothly. 

Here are some specific health benefits of them: 

  • Aquamarine — used for digestive, teeth, and eye problems. 
  • Citrine — used to relieve pain and inflammation. 
  • Moonstone — encourages inner strength and growth. While soothing stress and instability. 

Different Forms of Crystals

● Raw Crystals

Raw crystals or crystal clusters are more powerful and have more pure energy because they remain unchanged and untouched.

● Crystal Slices

Whether small or enormous, crystal slices are another form of enhancing the charm and hue of crystals as much as amplifying your chakras and inner energies.

Crystal Slices

● Crystals in Jewelry, Wands, Pendants, and Pendulums

Crystals in crystal wands, pendants, and pendulums are sophisticated ways of enticing the energies of healing stones. And crystals in jewelry are another excellent way to incorporate a crystal’s abilities while showing off its elegance.

Here are the top 12 healing crystals, along with their meanings, colors, and uses or powers. 

  1. Clear Quartz
Popular Healing Crystal Jewelry Stones with Their Pictures and Names

Clear Quartz is a white-colored crystal known as Master Healer. Clear Quartz means healing and spiritual growth as it clears the mind and balances your body’s energetic system. 

Moreover, it proves to help clear out negative thoughts and endures your emotional stability in critical situations. And it is perceived to help with goal accomplishment. Also, Quartz is essential in activating the crown chakra, which controls how we understand situations. 

To maximize its benefits, it’s often paired with other crystals like Rose Quartz when making crystal jewelry. 

  1. Amethyst

Amethyst, the lavender or purplecolored crystal, improves the psyche, purifies the mind, and protects from negative energy. The meaning of Amethyst is spiritual healing and peace. 

It stimulates calmness, intuition, and creativity. It also acts as a natural form of anxiety relief and helps in good decision-making.  

  1. Citrine

Citrine is a golden-yellow color. Its name is derived from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon. The crystal means to increase happiness, enthusiasm, and prosperity. 

Furthermore, it attracts abundance and boosts your self-esteem to achieve your wealthy goals. This stone will warm your heart and soul with clarity and confidence. Citrine is an excellent crystal for conquering depression, reducing sensitivity to criticism, and inspiring motivation, creativity, and self-expression.

  1. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a light blue to green stone with balancing and calming properties. The crystal depicts its features as spiritual awareness, enlightenment, and the ability to become attuned to your own emotions. This crystal has a unique ability to calm and soothe others and its owner. 

Moreover, it helps to balance chakras, especially its association with the throat chakra helps improve communication and resolve throat problems. 

  1. Hematite

Hematite is a hard crystal with shades of silver and black. This metallic crystal is known for its shielding properties, protecting people from psychic attacks and negative energy. 

Hematite is one of the most powerful crystals used for grounding and protection. This crystal absorbs negative energy from your body and relieves stress and anxiety. Also, it proves to provide positive energy while breaking down fears. 

  1. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is known as the confidence builder crystal. This chatoyant gemstone with shades of golden to red-brown color helps build self-confidence and provides the willpower and motivation you need to attain success. 

The stone helps to activate the solar plexus chakra, the important energy center related to determination and motivation. It’s also known as “Shapeshifter” as it stabilizes energy to create positive mental shifts. 

Finally, Tiger Eye can help you remain calm even in desperate situations, aiding in being a triumphant leader. 

  1. Lapis Lazuli
Popular Healing Crystal Jewelry Stones with Their Pictures and Names

This blue crystal encourages the free-flowing of ideas between colleagues. It also enables clarity and directness and is famous for inflicting communication meltdowns. 

Moreover, its association with the throat chakra helps you share your truth and inner well-being with the world. It brings confidence in communication and helps make a strong connection between your wisdom and the wisdom of the space. It’s excellent for clearing throat chakra and encouraging self-expression. 

  1. Moonstone

Moonstone is translucent and comes in various colors, including green, blue, pink, orange, and brown. However, the main ones are white and grey. The true meaning of Moonstone links it to feminine energy and new beginnings. 

Moonstone promotes inspiration, enhances intuition, and good fortune in business and love. Additionally, it is a balancing crystal with a calming effect on most people. It also helps with fertility issues and helps to settle hormones. 

  1. Carnelian

Carnelian connects you with the root chakra’s fiery oranges and reds instinct. Carnelians have safeguarded and inspired throughout history, known as the crystal of motivation, leadership, perseverance, and bravery. Ancient warriors wore it around their necks to conquer foes for courage and physical power.

Carnelian is a balancing crystal, and its high energy helps restore lost strength and motivation and stimulates creativity for new pursuits.

  1.  Jade

Jade is typically a green gemstone that takes a high polish and can be carved into healing crystal jewelry. It offers several benefits such as increasing fortune, good luck, grounding, etc. 

Jade is a combination of two stones: nephrite and jadeite — both have the same healing benefits.  

Moreover, Jade generates abundance and prosperity in the material sphere and the social domain. Donning jade jewelry on your left hand or wrist is said to help bring in blessings, increase your vibrations, and welcome good deeds. 

  1.  Ruby 

Ruby is a well-known crystal with red shades. It portrays wealth and glamor, brings self-awareness, and promotes sexuality and sensuality. The person wearing ruby jewelry initiates the sensual pleasure of life. Also, its association with the base chakra helps increase vitality and a balanced energy system.  

  1.  Turquoise 

Turquoise is a natural, light blue-colored gemstone. It offers many healing benefits. For instance, it helps balance our emotions, bridges the gap between emotional paths, and delivers charm. 

It is also said to be fruitful for respiratory and immune system disorders. It’s ideal for wearing a turquoise necklace and other turquoise jewelry pieces. 

Ideas for Picking Healing Crystal Jewelry 

Want to know some key ideas for picking the right healing crystal jewelry? Let’s check them out: 

  • Always follow your ‘Gut Instinct’ and see which items seem more exciting, thrilling, and sparkling simultaneously. Because in most cases, these crystals perform well, and more customers incline towards them. 
  • Personality type — yes, the stone type might depend on personality type. Small crystal jewelry works better for small body sizes, while large pieces work better for prominent personalities. 
  • Healing benefits — it’s crucial to check their effects and the type of benefits they offer, as not everyone has the same problems. 
  • Check sensing abilities — it’s probably the best way to decide between two jewelry pieces. For instance, one can close his eyes to predict which one feels better.
  • Vibrational frequency/quality — have a sneak peek into traditional properties and use each crystal provided to see which one has more healing benefits or treats rising problems. 
  • Birthstones — check stones for birth signs or months. [General guideline for it is mentioned below in this article]
  • Price — it also matters because most people can’t afford pricey options. Always look for affordable yet beneficial crystals for jewelry making. 

1. Healing Crystals for Different Groups of People 

We have learned what healing chakras are, their common forms, popular crystals, and ideas for picking the right healing jewelry. So, let’s discuss different crystals for different groups of people. 

2. Healing Crystals Jewelry for Various Intentions and Purposes 

The stone you choose mainly depends on the purpose your customers will wear it or the intentions they are using it for. 

For example, people looking to wear necklaces or bracelets daily might not prefer expensive crystals, unlike those worn occasionally at events, weddings, or parties. And, using Moonstone might be more effective for women facing fertility issues than someone looking to build confidence — Tiger’s Eye would be the best option in this case. 

Also, the factors depend on the color, price, shape, and overall benefits or effectiveness of the stone. 

Understanding the purpose and intention behind each stone often makes the decision-making process straightforward. 

3. Birth Month and Suggested Stones 

Birth Months Recommended Stones 

January——Amethyst/Clear Quartz 










November——Lapis Lazuli 


4. Zodiac and Suggested Crystals 

Star SignCrystal or Stone
Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)Amethyst, Jade, Turquoise
Pisces (February 19 – March 20)Amethyst, Turquoise, Quartz, Aquamarine
Aries (March 21 – April 19)Aquamarine, Jasper
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)Citrine, Tigers Eye, Moonstone
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)Moonstone, Ruby, Clear Quartz
Leo (July 23 – August 22)Clear Quartz, Turquoise
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)Carnelian, Moonstone
Libra (September 23 – October 22)Lapis Lazuli, Topaz
Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)Aquamarine, Turquoise
Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)Amethyst, Garnet
Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)Ruby, Clear Quartz

5. The Cut and Clarity 

The cut and clarity are the 2 most important parts of any crystal jewelry. The cut is described as the shape and size of the stone. Some people believe that “bigger stones are better”, others relate it to their personality type, and some others might say that “precious things come in tiny size” or prefer “quality over quantity.” However, all of this depends on personal preference and taste. 

If we talk about the shape, it depends on the type of jewelry you’re using it for. Also, it’s seen that an Asscher cut offers different benefits than a baguette cut. It simply stands on what shape is eye-catching and matches people’s character well. 

6. Your Budget 

Who doesn’t want to get possible value for his money, right? That’s why your budget matters. Choosing pricy options means only fewer people will buy them. While affordable stones are more likely to increase the purchase rate. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for affordable options, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, and Quartz might suit you better. On the other hand, Sapphires, Opal, etc., are quite expensive options. 

So, before hunting for any healing crystal jewelry for your business, do your market research. And then pick the optimal price stone, which everyone or most people can afford. 

Useful Tips on Using Healing Crystal Jewelry 

People can use these healing crystals for the following purposes: 

  1. Mediation 

Since crystals offer spiritual and healing benefits, using this crystal jewelry ignites vibrations required to pleasure your mind and body and open associated chakras — body energy points. 

  1. Sleeping Near Healing Crystals 

Healing crystal jewelry is excellent to place near your sleeping place or bed. When we rest or sleep, our mental shields are down. These crystals heal, relax, and stimulate your mind, allowing you to develop positivity and cleanse the negativity. 

  1. Placing in Cars and Homes 

Some people believe that healing crystals protect us from uncertainties. Protective crystal jewelry like Amethyst jewelry shields us from accidents or break-ins using their energy. 

Clearing and Cleansing 

Crystals jewelry used for special purposes is often required to cleanse and clear regularly. It helps to prevent the accumulation of ‘unwanted energies.’ The process doesn’t require extra care. You have to clean it properly, so it always shines as new

NOTE: Avoid using harsh cleaners as they might damage the stone. 

TIP: As a tip for cleaning your jewelry, run it under cold tap water. Dry it off using a soft cloth or simply putting it out in the moon or sunlight also works well. Most people also use sun or moonlight to re-charge their stone’s energy. 

Why TTT Jewelry is the Best Choice for Your Healing Crystal Jewelry

● Carefully Selected Raw Materials

Pure, authentic raw crystals are mined and sourced to ensure that we create timeless and durable top-class crystal healing jewelry.

● Customization Service

Bring to reality any specific thoughts, ideas, and designs you have in mind. And allow us to help you through our custom jewelry service.

● Unmatched Craftsmanship and Innovative Designs

All our items are 100% handmade and intricately crafted by our skilled craftsmen and fashion-dated artisans. Our jewelry collection consists of fashionable designs that are sure to impress your clients.

● Impressive Quality Control System

Our Quality Control system and team guarantee that our crystals and the processes it goes through are checked thoroughly to ensure 100% exemplary quality.

TTT Healing Crystal Jewelry Collection

Please browse through our healing crystal jewelry collection and find which suits you best.

rhinestone crystal beads jewelry

Rhinestone Crystal Beads Jewelry

crystal cord copper accessories bracelet set

Crystal Cord Copper Accessories Bracelet Set

colorful crystal bead handmade necklace with tassel

Colorful Crystal Bead Handmade Necklace with Tassel

A Fascinating Discovery

Healing Crystals are not only stunning to look at but also fascinating things to learn. There are still so many crystals with different attributes and abilities out there waiting to be found.

If you’re looking for a piece of unique jewelry meant only for you, check TTT Jewery‘s exceptional healing crystal jewelry and use your intuition to choose from our collection.

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