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How to choose a right mala

As new beginners to meditation or Yoga, it is a common question that how on earth to pick a suitable mala for yourself. Your meditation practice will develop, your yoga practice will improve and then your spiritual awareness will grow so you will realize that a mala could be the tool which could take your growth to the next level. And then comes the question...which mala?


There are thousands of malas in the world and caused by the different beads and different beads represent different meanings. You might be wondering, do you choose by what gemstone you’re drawn to? Colors you love? Shapes you’re attracted to? Or just by the intention that you’re trying to manifest? Never worried about the wrong choose, there actually isn’t a wrong answer here. You can choose a mala by any one or all of these aspects. Here are some suggestions:



Birthstone: Take a choice depending on your birthstone could be simple but pretty good. Look at your birthstone, make your choice based on the 7 chakra system or choose on an intention. But you should notice that not all the birthstone can take into the mala such as diamond.

Natural stone: A key factor in choosing mala is to connect it to the intent you want to display. Ask yourself before you take a choice:

What do I want to create in my life?
What am I working on professionally, emotionally or spiritually?
What am I struggling with or challenged by? 

One of the coolest things about mala beads are their metaphysical properties. Everything is made up of energy and vibration. For example, if you are intending to look for more love, that aligns to an energy of a specific gemstones and you can choose rose quartz.



A direct other way of choosing a gemstone is to close your eyes and think strongly about the intention you have. When the intention that you have is all around in your mind, open your eyes and see which stone attracts you the most. This is what we prefer, choose with your own intuition. The best feeling in the world is hearing your inner voice is coming through loud and clear!

People often be told the mala that you're drawn to first is the one you're meant to have. It truly just simple like this. Allow yourself to surrender and be lead by your heart.



The color we are drawn to tell things a lot and its believed that certain colors are therapeutic and can contribute to our healing. There are so many colors in the world and each person has different colors they are in favor – honor that.

If you wear a lot of pink, and you are drawn to the pink rose quartz stone, allow that to happen. If you love blue and find yourself in love with an amazonite mala, embrace it.



In our mala design, in addition to 108 mala beads, there will be 109th guru beads or pendants. There are a variety of different shapes of these and you can find a mala with a shape that you connect with like oval, pear or nugget. Have you ever heard of sacred geometry? There are sacred universal patterns made up of interlocking shapes used in the design of nearly everything in our reality.


All you just need remember: Everyone will be drawn to a different mala, and there’s no wrong way to find the one that’s right for you. Just trust your heart, and the perfect mala will come to you.

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