How Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry Better Than Gold Plated Jewelry?

“I have to attend my friend’s wedding party in the upcoming days. Like everyone else, I also want to look good. But because it’s my best friend’s wedding, I must be better than others. However, I am having an issue with what to buy; gold vermeil or gold plated jewelry. If you can provide any help, it’ll be appreciable. “- A Customer on the Website.

Everyone wants to look good and have a sense of style around them. People choose different things to do that. One of the most natural choices is gold jewelry items, as they attract the most. But purchasing and even selling gold items is difficult. If you are having trouble choosing a piece of gold jewelry, you ought to find the difference between gold vermeil and gold plated jewelry.

This article will tell you about gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry. Also, you will discover how gold vermeil jewelry is better than gold-plated jewelry. Walk with us through the article and figure out answers to your questions.

What Is Gold Vermeil Jewelry?

Gold vermeil jewelry is gold-plated higher-quality jewelry, which features a thick layer of gold plating (at least 2.5 microns) and a 925 sterling silver base. Gold vermeil is also known as Silver-gilt. But what is it? 

Silver-gilt means a high-quality product with a core of silver plated with gold. In contrast, the other gold jewelry items use brass or cheaper metals for the base. But vermeil gold has a base of Sterling Silver.

Nowadays, electroplating is common to combine metals. Electroplating is a chemical process that uses electrical current to coat gold layers on hold products.

Gold Vermeil is a good option for people who cannot afford pure gold jewelry. High-quality vermeil pieces are 14, 18, or 24 karats. According to rules in the U.S, a gold vermeil piece must be at least ten karats. The pieces that are less than ten karats will not be vermeil gold.

Explained representation of gold vermeil jewelry manufacturing

Characteristics of Gold Vermeil Jewelry

  • Gold vermeil is a piece of precious metals, including a silver base and a gold layer.
  • Gold vermeil jewelry is long-lasting. It has a pure and thicker gold layer making the jewelry more durable.
  • Gold vermeil is hypoallergenic. Because of precious sterling silver usage, you will not get any allergies or skin allergies.
  • Gold vermeil jewelry is easy for resizing process. You can change the sizing of your jewelry especially rings.
  • Gold vermeil jewelry is more affordable for people who don’t want to spend a lot on solid gold jewelry.
  • Gold Vermeil is a compound of gold layer and sterling silver, so it doesn’t discolor your skin.
  • Gold vermeil has a base of sterling silver. And silver is polish-able.

What Is Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry is gold jewelry with a metal base and a layer of gold (at least 0.5 microns). The gold layer is usually coated on a cheaper metal like copper and brass, although sometimes sterling silver. Therefore, gold-plated jewelry is generally more affordable than gold vermeil jewelry.

Luigi Brugnatelli from Italy first invented the gold plating process in 1805. He was the one to coat a gold layer on a piece of silver jewelry.

Explained representation of gold plated jewelry manufacturing

Characteristics of Gold Plated Jewelry

  • Gold plated jewelry has high-quality base metal. Metals include bronze, stainless steel, brass, nickel, silver, and copper.
  • Gold-plated jewelry has a wide range of qualities. Due to having different metal bases, gold-plated jewelry is available in other qualities.
  • Gold-plated jewelry is less expensive because it is a thinner gold layer on cheap metal. It doesn’t include any precious metal.
  • Gold plated jewelry does not need any rule of thickness or karat weight. Weight and gold thickness depend on the manufacturers and customers.
  • Gold plated jewelry gives you a unique style without high price tags. You can have different gold-plated jewelry items at a low price.
  • Gold plating is real gold. There is metal inside, but the gold layer is pure gold.
  • Gold-plated jewelry is hypoallergenic except for people with metal allergies. People with metal allergies should avoid using gold-plated jewelry.

Why Is Gold Vermeil Better Than Gold Plated Jewelry?

With time, things are advancing, so the gold jewelry. Gold jewelry has different modes based on quality, desires, and durability. People want to look good in affordable price items. 

Jewelry lovers think that all gold jewelry has the same quality. However, that is not the case since every piece of gold jewelry has a gold layer. But there are huge differences between all gold jewelry items.

Important factors that make gold vermeil jewelry better than other gold jewelry are:

  1. Base Metal
  2. Composition
  3. Thickness
Why is Gold Vermeil better than Gold Plated Jewelry

Comparison Between Gold Vermeil and Gold Plated Jewelry

There are many huge differences between gold vermeil and gold-plated jewelry. The differences are in quality, durability, price, and composition.

Following are the main differences between Gold Plated Jewellery and Gold Vermeil Jewelry:

  • Base: Gold-plated jewelry contains several metals, including bronze, brass, copper, etc. In comparison, gold vermeil jewelry combines sterling silver and pure gold, making gold vermeil better than gold-plated jewelry.
  • Gold Thickness: Gold-plated jewelry has a thin layer of gold at least 0.5 microns. At the same time, gold vermeil jewelry must have at least 2.5 microns’ thickness. Gold vermeil jewelry has five times more gold thickness than gold-plated jewelry. So gold vermeil is better than gold-plated jewelry.
  • Quality: Gold vermeil jewelry contains a thicker gold layer and sterling silver as the base. In comparison, gold-plated jewelry has a cheaper base. Therefore, gold vermeil jewelry won’t tarnish or rust, and it’s more durable.
  • Affordability: Gold vermeil jewelry and gold plated jewelry are affordable. But gold vermeil has high quality due to its construction. Gold-plated jewelry lacks better quality. The priority should be high quality.
  • Durability: Gold vermeil jewelry with a sterling silver base increases its durability. Cheaper metals in gold-plated jewelry start to rust soon. But sterling silver can be shone and polished. So gold vermeil jewelry will last longer than gold-plated jewelry.
  • Hypoallergenic: Gold vermeil jewelry is hypoallergenic. People using gold vermeil jewelry will not get any allergies because of the sterling silver and pure gold. However, gold-plated jewelry consists of less valuable metals that cause allergies.
  • Risk of Green Hues: Cheaper metal base makes your skin green. It is due to the tarnish of metal. But gold vermeil jewelry does not create green hues on the body because of the sterling silver base.


People try to look for good quality gold items at reasonable prices. It is a difficult task to make a distinction between gold items.

This post helps you understand more about gold-plated and gold vermeil jewelry. Now, you can choose what suits you better, whether you are a customer or running a jewelry business. Gold vermeil jewelry provides you with high quality at reasonable prices. Gold vermeil is one of the best choices for people who keep an eye on quality products.

Gold vermeil jewelry is far better than gold-plated jewelry with its unique characteristics. It lasts long and provides you stylish look.

So, before purchasing a gold item, keep all the above points in mind. And make an educated choice with your priorities in mind.

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