How Do You Wear Multiple Pendants on a Necklace?

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Layering is always in. But it’s not always easy, especially when layering multiple pendants on a necklace. You struggled to wear several pendants on a necklace, but it turns out—-they don’t look great or even ruin your outfits. Awful!

Read this blog now! You will learn how to wear multiple pendants on a necklace with minimal effort and make them lay perfectly on your neck all day.

How to Wear Multiple Pendants on One Chain?

Pendants and charms add personal style to your chains. Making them look delicate all day, you should have your tokens, coins, rings, hearts, lockets, or gemstone pendants stay balanced and pretty on your chain. To wear multiple pendants on one chain, you can:

  • Layer them: Layer your pendants by attaching them to the chain at different lengths. As a result, your chain evokes an interesting and layered style.
  • Cluster your pendants: Aside from layering, you can cluster the pendants to the same jump ring or bail. This forms a cohesive look, especially when your pendants are in similar style and size.
  • Mix and match: To add a more eclectic and personalized look, try mixing and matching different pendants on the same chain by attaching each one to its jump ring or bail.

How Do You Put Multiple Charms on a Necklace?

Now that we know your necklace can stay stylish with several pendants on your neck. Try to put your charms on the necklace. Start by taking out a necklace with a chain or cord that is long enough, your favorite charms, jump rings, and other types of attachments. Then, follow the steps:

  • First, lay out your charms and necklace on a flat surface.
  • Secondly, add charm to your necklace. If your charms have a jump ring, you can open the jump ring using a pair of pliers. Once the jump ring is open, slide the charm onto the chain. Then, gently close the jump rings.
  • Repeat the second step for each charm you want.

Tips on Spacing Charms on a Necklace

In case you suck at spacing the single charms, we list a few helpful tips that will help. When spacing the charms on a necklace:

  1. Consider the sizes and shapes of your charms. Space the large and irregularly shaped charms further apart so that each one stands out. On the other side, space the smaller and common charms closer together for a more cohesive look. 
  1. Consider the overall design of your necklace. To make the charms the focal point, arrange them in a pattern or evenly space them. Also, you can space the charms further apart or mix them with different beads or pendants to make them more subtle.
  1. Determine the distance between each charm using a ruler or measuring tape. You can space the charms by measuring the distance between the center or edge of every two charms.
  1. Adjust the length of the necklace as needed. 

When you’re happy with how the charms look, secure them to the necklace with jump rings or other types of attachments. Make sure the charms and attachments are evenly spaced and securely closed.

Can You Wear 2 Pendants on One Chain?

Two metal ring pendants hanging on a silver-tone metal chain

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Yes, you can wear two pendants on a chain. With pendants characterized by different sizes and styles, you can suspend them several ways on your chain.

How to Put 2 Pendants on One Chain?

When the pendants are significantly different in sizes and styles, spread them at the ends of the chain with one pendant hanging from one end and the other hanging from the other end. This perfectly creates a blanched look.

Or, wear your chains with pendants attached to the chain side by side, with one pendant slightly hanging lower than the other.

On top of that, you can put the two pendants at different points along the chain, with one hanging closer to the center of the chain and the other hanging closer to the end. In this way, the necklace gives you an asymmetrical aesthetic.

How to Wear 2 Necklaces Together?

There are several ways to wear multiple necklaces with pendants.

  • Layer one shorter necklace over the longer one, and the pendants on both chains burst out a vivid luster on your neck and give you a layered look. 
  • Having multiple pendants on your necklaces, mix and match the necklace bringing you a unique style. For example, wear a necklace with a larger pendant and another with a smaller pendant.
  • Wear one of your necklaces as a choker or wear a necklace at choker length. This shapes a stylish contrast and shows off all your pendants.

How Do You Wear Several Necklaces?

Wearing several gold necklaces with round pendants and heart lockets

Source: Primark

The most important thing is to layer them properly when wearing your necklaces with multiple pendants. 

  • Wearing several necklaces with different styles and lengths. You can mix and match materials, like gold and silver, or pair a chunky necklace with a delicate one. 

However, It’s important to make them complement each other, rather than conflict. For example, a gold necklace with a diamond pendant may look adorable with a silver necklace with a pearl pendant, but a silver necklace featuring turquoise pendants clashes with the gold necklace.

  • To create a playful look, layer necklaces with pendants or charms of different shapes and sizes.
  • Consider the occasion and your style when selecting necklaces. Choose more refined and elegant necklaces. While for casual occasions, you’d better go for more relaxed and playful styles.

When it comes down to it, just try different combinations and styles to find a look that works for you. 

The other things you should bear in mind are:

  1. Personal style. Necklaces should reflect your style. Wear simple and elegant necklaces for a more minimalist look. Put on different types of necklaces and pendants if you prefer a more eclectic style.
  1. Proportion. When wearing a necklace with a large and bold pendant, pair smaller and more subtle necklaces with it.
  1. Weight matters. Choose necklaces with chains and pendants made of lightweight materials like lightweight metals, wood, and plastic. 

How to Wear Multiple Necklaces Without Them Tangling?

Here come 8 tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Don’t wear too many necklaces at once. 
  2. Wear necklaces of different lengths. 
  3. Choose pendants with smooth edges. They’re less likely to snag on clothing or other necklaces, preventing tangles. 
  4. Use necklace dividers. Necklace dividers create a little space to help keep necklaces separate and prevent tangles.
  5. Use necklace clasps. Attaching and detaching your necklaces with clasps can make it easier to put them on and off without tangling.
  1. Put on your necklaces in a specific order. Start with the shortest necklace and work your way up to the longest.
  2. Add weight. Wearing gold, silver, and platinum jewelry that is denser and heavier than plastic or costume jewelry. Or, select necklaces with larger pendants.
  3. Choose thicker pieces that go well with the overall look. Thicker pieces are substantial so that they help keep the necklaces in place and prevent them from sliding around or tangling. 


Till now, you must have some excellent ideas on how to wear your necklaces with multiple pendants. 

Take out our pendant necklaces and match them in front of your mirror. You will find some combinations that grab your eye!

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