How Did We Deliver 5000 Necklaces in 9 Days?

Pressed by the strict timeline and tight budget for a large-volume order of custom necklaces for Mother’s Day, TTT Jewelry pulls all the stops to meet our client’s request with record-breaking speed and unmatched efficiency.  


On April 10th, 2021, the client reached out to TTT Jewelry asking to get a quote for silver heart pendant necklaces via Alibaba’s Request for Quotation service.

After some preliminary communication that began a couple of days after, we learned that the order of 5,000 necklaces would be part of their store’s Mother’s Day offering, which placed a hard deadline for the project.

The Challenge

First challenge: Strict Timeframe

Delivery time was the most crucial factor in this project, as the on-time delivery of the custom necklaces is what they are looking for to close the transaction. With Mother’s Day slated to be on May 9th, they wanted to start selling the necklaces a week ahead, which is May 2nd.

Typically, large-volume orders for custom necklaces like this take between one to two months to complete. As the date was too short for our standard timeframe, we originally offered to complete the request by April 30th. However, Laura wanted the custom necklaces to be in Germany before month’s end, as it would be too late for their target selling date.

Because of the perceived delay, Laura initially wanted to give up the order. Thankfully, she continued communication, and by the 15th, we were able to close the transaction and started production on April 16th.

Second Challenge: Tight Budget

The second challenge posed by the project is the limited budget the clients have for the bulk custom necklace order. Their allocated cost is roughly $12 for each product, with the price covering the necklace, rose box packaging, and applicable shipping fees.

Considering the short production cycle required for the project and their budget allocation, management had to convene and discuss how to address the concern at hand. After deliberation, an agreement was reached and we manage to meet their expected budget. The swift action taken towards the client’s concerns prompted them to place the order, thus initiating the production.

The Result

Through our complete cooperation with the short timeframe and budget allocation, we gained the trust and confidence of the client and decided to push through with the order on April 15th. Laura was so satisfied with how we adapted to the situation that she offered to pay for the full amount up front!  

Full-scale production for the 5,000 custom necklaces started the following day, April 16th, requiring the assistance of most of our team to get the task completed. Two assembly lines were set up to speed up the manufacturing process, with dedicated teams handling the necklace construction, quality control, the preparation of the rose boxes, packaging, and sealing of the packages.

Thanks to the combined efforts of our staff and established production processing, we were able to complete the 5,000 custom necklace orders within 9 days. The first batch of 1,000 units was shipped on April 25th, with the remaining 4,000 units leaving our facility the next day. The necklaces arrived in Germany before the 30th, hitting our agreed deadline on point.

In addition to our high-quality production and on-time delivery, we went the extra mile to exceed the clients expectations. The services of our expert marketing professionals were offered to provide the exceptional support needed for promoting the products and elevating their brand. High-definition images of the necklaces were also taken by our talented photographers, which can be used as sales and marketing material for the products.

How We Did It

Looking at the project in hindsight, here are some of the factors that influenced the successful completion of the order while satisfying the client’s specific needs:

Clear and Effective Communication

Effective communication helps us build strong relationships with prospects and clients

Communication was the first vital part of the transaction, as this conveyed the client’s pressing demands and our confidence in meeting those demands. Though she was hesitant we could do the task based on the short lead time and limited budget, showing that we can complete the order with our customer-centric production gave the assurance needed to close the deal.

Flexibility in Adapting to Customer Needs

Flexibility in production strategy and adapting to our clients perceived needs

As a dedicated partner in the success of our clients, we do our best not to be hindered by typical limitations of timeframe, budget, or custom production. Instead of seeing the issue of limited production time and budget as obstacles, we took them as challenges to overcome. By trusting our manufacturing prowess and staff, we made the impossible possible.

Production Planning and Manufacturing Optimization

Strong and optimized manufacturing contributes to our competitive advantage in the custom jewelry marketplace

In the jewelry industry, it takes 1-2 months to complete an order as large as the one presented by the client. However, the client only offered a maximum of 2 weeks to fulfill the 5,000-unit project, as it was needed before Mother’s Day. Understanding this, we did our best to produce the needed amount of custom necklaces, from modeling and electroplating to packaging and logistics, in just 9 days.

Maximum Utilization of Equipment and Manpower

Strategic Management and Quality Control makes us reliable, professional wholesale jewelry suppliers, manufacturers

The true star of this monumental feat is our committed team of experts who spent countless hours just to fulfill the project at the time we did. Not sacrificing quality for speed, each item is expertly produced and subjected to strict quality control standards, maintaining our promise of world-class jewelry.

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