Have Skin with Cool Undertones? See the Best Jewelry Color for You!

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Skin is one of the most important factors that influence how the jewelry looks on you. Some metals and gemstones are more captivating against certain skin undertones than others. Thus, the same piece of jewelry can look different on different people. 

So, what’re the best jewelry colors for skin with cool undertones on earth? Find out from this blog!

Determine If You Have a Cool Skin Undertone

Before getting to know the color options, you need to figure out and confirm if you have skin with a cool undertone. Having a cool skin tone, you can notice pinkish or rosy-red undertones when looking in the mirror. Here’re some ways to test your skin undertone:

  1. Look at the veins on the inside of your wrist right now. Are they blue or green? 
  • If the veins show blue, you’re cool-toned;
  • On the contrary, if you see more green, you’re warm-toned;
  • If you see an amount of both blue and green, you have a neutral undertone. 

This is the easier way to see paler skin tones.

Veins colors on cool and warn skin tone

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  1. Grab a piece of pure white clothing or white paper. Hold it up to your face in bright and natural light. You’re cool-toned if your skin appears pink or rosy in comparison.
  1. Skin reacts after spending a lot of time in the sun. You’re cool-toned if you burn or turn pink easily whereas warm-toned tan easily. 

Which Colors Look Best on Cool-Toned Skin

  • Emeralds, deep purples, lavender, pink, bright blues, and ice blue are the most popular jewelry colors to wear. 
  • If you want to add a warmer shade to your outfit, you can try rubies, rose red, and very pale yellows. 
  • Alongside, gray and bright white are those neutral colors that go well.

What Metals Are Good for Cool Skin Tones? 

With a cool skin tone, you will look good in white or light metals such as platinum, white gold, silver, etc. 

White Gold and Silver Jewelry Light Up Your Skin

Jewelry pieces made of white gold, silver, and sterling silver look good on cool skin tones. They are the right matches that look fresh on your pale skin. 

White gold and silver complement your skin and won’t overpower it. Dazzling with crisp and luminous shade, white gold and silver jewelry light up your skin and look better on cool skin than yellow gold jewelry does. 

In addition, white gold and silver jewelry paired well with sparkling stones in deep reds, pink, purple, blues, etc. Thus, wherever you want to complete your look, wear silver or white gold jewelry decor with turquoise, blue topaz, purple tourmaline, and emeralds.

Oxidized Silver Form a Vintage Look 

Oxidized silver jewelry works well in both cool and warm tones, depending on the extent of the oxidization. Lightly oxidized silver jewelry completes better with cool skin tones. While heavily oxidized pieces work best with warm skin tones. 

Rose Gold Looks Great With Cool Skin Tones

Rose gold is the new hype that looks great on you if you have a cool skin tone. It’s quite a versatile colored metal that fits well with both cool and warm skin tones, and olive skin with a pink undertone. Rose gold is a stunning metal on its own, but it pairs wonderfully with morganite or pink diamonds.

Gold jewelry Mixed with Jewelry in Other Colors Works

Silver and white gold jewelry will suit you best if you have cool-toned skin. But if you love gold jewelry, two-tone jewelry looks pretty on you. Or, you can just layer the yellow gold jewelry and silver jewelry or jewelry in other colors together. 

Gemstone Jewelry in Vibrant Colors Goes Well

We’ve known those colors that will look best on your cool skin tone. An example of that would be bright and colorful gemstone jewelry. The vibrant gemstone jewelry will pop against cooler skin. So, you’re best to go for white, red, blue, green, purple, and violet colored stones:

  • Consider white pearl jewelry and zircon.
  • Red stones jewelry includes garnet/ruby/tourmaline jewelry pieces. 
  • Purple stone jewelry has jewelry made of amethyst, fluorite, and sapphire, Tanzanite. 
  • Blue stones include blue sapphire, topaz, Tanzanite, aquamarine, etc. 

Still unsure what works best for you? You can’t go wrong with diamonds. They are fantastic on both warm and coo-toned skin!

Jewelry for Skin Tone Chart

Jewelry colors for skin with cool undertones mentioned above are what most people care about. Still don’t have any idea what color jewelry to wear? Consider the following colors:

Jewelry color chart for cool skin tone

Source: Beads and Pieces

Jewelry color chart for warm-toned skin

Source: Beads and Pieces


This blog is going to help whenever you’re designing or buying jewelry that looks pretty on you or your customers! Want more? See How to Choose the Right Jewelry Color for Blonde Hair?-Final Answer or TTT’s vast handmade jewelry collection!

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