Handmade Jewelry Business Chrismas & Thanksgiving Checklist 2022

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For the handmade jewelry business, the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are two of the most exciting and busiest times of the year! With buyers looking for gifts beginning at the end of October, you must plan and implement holiday strategies, products, and campaigns well in advance to succeed. 

November came, and all your preparation for the holiday must come to an end. In case you might ignore something important, we prepared some helpful checklists and tips to help you with your handmade jewelry business for the upcoming  Thanksgiving and Christmas. Explore now!

Handmade Jewelry Business Chrismas & Thanksgiving Checklist

1. Display the Jewelry Your Customers Would Like to See

Take a look at your best-selling designs and the trendiest designs and make sure they’re stocked and can be easily seen in your shop. If you follow and view the websites of famous jewelry brands like Tiffany and Kendra Scott, chances are you can see a gift collection has:

  • a range of best sellers,
  • a few stocking fillers,
  • varied price ranges, etc.

You can display your jewelry in the same way. This can add interest to your customers and attract existing and potential customers. 

Kendra Scott’s homepage

Source: Kendra Scott

Homepage of Kendra Scott’s website

Source: Kendra Scott

2. Create Jewelry Collections for the Holidays

Special collections for Christmas or thanksgiving not only add extra interest to your shop but also make it easier for your shoppers to find what they’re looking for. 

Therefore, make sure you’ve already added the jewelry collections for holidays, like “Christmas Jewelry”, “Thanksgiving Jewelry”, and “Gifts” online. 

3. Keep an Eye on Your Stock

The last thing you want is that your best-selling items out of stock during the holiday rush. 

Manage your inventory. You should have plenty of your most popular items on hand and adequate jewelry that is supposed to sell hot during the holiday. 

It may be beneficial to schedule some checkpoint days to assess what is and isn’t selling so you know what to focus on.

4. Update the Photography

Go over your jewelry photos and see if there’s anything you can do to improve them to entice customers to buy. Check your listings and see if they have clear, bright, in-focus, and holiday-vibe photos of wearing jewelry pieces. 

Excellent jewelry photography can help break a sale! This is also a good time to promote your brand with social media photo videos, to add a festive feel to your photos, and to create a buzz around your brand.

Tiffany has festive photos on its page

Source: Tiffany

5. Price Strategy

Make sure your customers will see special offers and promotions like free delivery, gifts, and offers when Christmas or Thanksgiving comes. 

Special offers and promotions are one of the best ways to drive additional sales during the holiday. Most customers come to expect them. And some will even postpone shopping until the holiday comes to take advantage of the best discounts. 

Kendra Scott offers discount

Source: Kendra Scott

Statistics show that loyal and repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. So, the holiday is ideal for rewarding your loyal customers with unique gifts or offers. You can easily check their purchasing history, jewelry style preferences, and amount of previous purchases to create powerful sales promotions.

6. Review Your Website

Customers order jewelry online more than ever. So, to retain the customers who visit your website, it’s critical that your jewelry website hit the spot and adheres to industry best practices.

First, provide a seamless ordering experience. Your jewelry website should totally hit the spot. Note that what your customers expect most are: 

  • new and trendy designs for Christmas/Thanksgiving;
  • updated alerts about inventory if something is out of stock;
  • clear terms and conditions, including shipping cutoff dates, custom design details, and any other seasonal changes;
  • a smooth user interface. 

Second, SEO update your web pages. It’s a crucial factor in running an online handmade jewelry business because it is how you get traffic to your site. Examine your current listings to ensure that relevant keywords for your business, such as “Christmas gift” and “handmade jewelry” are included in your titles, tags, and descriptions.

7. Check Your Marketing Strategy

2-3 weeks at least before the holiday, make sure you’ve already been in the promotion period and carried out the promotions on time. Some promotions are probably required including:

  • regularly posting on social media and growing your following, 
  • creating advertisements, 
  • appearing in magazines, 
  • writing holiday blog posts, 
  • sending weekly newsletters, or word of mouth, etc.

Several ways are there to promote your company. All you have to do is see what works best for you.

8. Keep Tracking Your Marketing Plan

After the marketing strategy is developed, you must have had an excel spreadsheet to track your holiday marketing plan. Continuously check the content and promotions, and ensure that they are carried out on schedule. This will make the tasks appear less daunting and will keep you from losing track of your plans.

Finding useful websites and apps to assist you is a great way to stay organized and avoid becoming overwhelmed by your to-do list. Trello is a fantastic free website that allows you to organize your tasks, set deadlines, and mark them as completed.

9. Run a Competition on Social Media

Social media Apps

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Running holiday giveaways on social media platforms is an effective way to increase your brand awareness, engagement, and followers. Offer a chance to win a piece of jewelry, a gift voucher, or a custom order.

10. Remind Customers by Sending E-mails

Sending e-mails at key times can help you capitalize on holiday shopping momentum. Most customers start considering holiday shopping at certain times, such as early November(when Halloween is over), Thanksgiving, and weeks after Thanksgiving

If you haven’t sent emails, now it’s a good time to start before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Encourage existing customers to sign up for your newsletters via your website or social media channels. You can provide an incentive, such as free delivery, a discount if they sign up, or entry into a prize draw to win a gift voucher. 

Make a schedule, plan your newsletter content, and schedule newsletters ahead of time so you don’t have to add them to your to-do list every week.

11. Fix Your Customers’ Issue Fast

Every jewelry store has “customer service,” but only a few have exceptional customer service. When your customers have problems, they may contact you via text, phone, email, live chat, or in person. If they don’t get a response, some disgruntled customers will go straight to social media and message you or leave a comment.

Customers expect problems to be resolved as soon as possible. Most people are willing to overlook a problem and return to your jewelry store if you can resolve it quickly and satisfactorily.

How you treat your customers reflects how you run your business. Your reputation is your most effective form of advertising.

Break a Sale!

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Here’s the thing. Hope this checklist is helpful to increase your jewelry sales. Enjoy the season!

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