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Frequently Asked: “How to Wear Anklets?”. Handy Rules and Tips are Ready.

Fingers Touching the Beautiful Flower Anklets

Source: Pinterest

This blog will answer the question “how to wear anklets?” which is customers’ most frequently asked question about anklets. 

Let’s get inspired by how customers can wear anklets correctly before developing or launching new anklets. Start reading. You will learn the rules and tips on wearing anklets and the meaning of wearing anklets.

What are Anklets?

Anklets, also known as ankle bracelets or ankle chains, are jewelry pieces worn around the ankle. 

Anklets can be made of precious metals such as gold or silver or fun beads and charms. They are seductive and provocative, making a big comeback right now.

Anklets Meaning in Different Cultures

Anklets First Found

The excavation of Sumerian tombs revealed traces of ankle bracelets 4500 years ago in Mesopotamia, the world’s first civilization.

In the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a Female Attendant sculpture dates from the 4th-5th centuries BC. This sculpture is dressed in “diaphanous robes” with band anklets on both ankles, demonstrating their archaic course.

Anklets Occured in America

  • Anklets first appeared in America in the 1940s, when fans of traditional pop music, particularly ardent fans of Frank Sinatra, formed a sociological group known as bobby soxers

Poodle skirts, sandals, short white socks, and anklets to highlight the socks became the signature fashion costume of the teenage and young adult women swooning over Sinatra.

  • However, anklet mania in the United States peaked only in the mid-1960s, when the hippie movement erupted. 

The bohemian spirit spread worldwide, and many in the West developed a taste for Eastern culture. As a result, Eastern-inspired anklets became an essential part of hippie fashion.

Wearing Eastern Style Silver Coin Boho Anklets Decorated with Blue Natural Stones

Source: Pinterest

  • Later, some conservatives ascribed negative connotations to ankle bracelets, claiming that wearing anklets is a call-girl thing.
  • In the US today, anklets are worn for fashion and beauty, with no stereotypes or clichés attached, unless a wearer puts personal meaning into his/her anklet.

Anklet Meanings in Southeast Asia

In southeast Asia, it was customary to wear anklets on both ankles connected by a chain to achieve the “feminine” short tripping step.

Anklet Meaning in India

Indian Wedding Style Barefoot anklets with Toe Rings

Source: Pinterest

  • Indian culture has flair shared in the anklets’ symbolism. In India, ankle bracelets or payals are closely associated with traditional weddings. 

Whether it’s magical barefoot anklets with toe rings or intricate charm chains, anklets are now a required component of any bridal costume in India, alongside sarees. Besides, ankle strings may indicate the woman’s marital status.

  • There’s another meaning for anklets in India. Married women wore jingling anklets to make a sound when entering the room and to keep men from indecent conversations.
  • Women in rural India now wear rigid, heavy anklets to symbolize fortitude and endurance.
  • Every year in March, the Indians hold the Elephant Festival in Jaipur, where they decorate their elephants with colors and jewelry. You can even see female elephants wearing anklets with charms, bells, and trinkets.

Anklets in Predynastic Egypt: the Symbol of Social Status

  • Ankle bracelets were once worn by Egyptian women from all walks of life. If it was gold, it denoted a higher social class, whereas silver or iron denoted a lower social class.

The Egyptians used the same term menefret for bracelets and anklets, distinguishing them only by the phrase “for arms” or “for feet.” Menefrets were massive, all-powerful, with baubles hanging down.

  • Then there were kholkhal, rigid cuff anklets, usually in bright gold, that Alexandrian women wore in the early twentieth century.
  • Because of Islamic conservatism, many Egyptian women nowadays avoid wearing anklets in public. However, the tradition of wearing jangling anklets continues.

7 Common Anklet Rules: How to Wear Anklets Right?

Can people wear an anklet to work? What about wearing anklets on the left ankle or right one? What kind of anklets should a person wear?… Keep reading. You will find the answers from the following anklets-wearing rules!

1. Where Should People Wear Ankle Bracelets?

First and foremost, ankle bracelets or gold anklets may not be that appropriate in the workplace or professional setting unless people work in a Hollister store or equivalent. 

Ankle bracelets that make noise or have bells or chimes on them are also inappropriate in quiet public places. However, there are numerous situations in which wearing an anklet is perfectly acceptable! These are some examples:

  • At a festival
  • On vacation
  • Relaxing poolside
  • At the beach (the barefoot anklet will be the best)
  • Casual summer party (like in summer cocktail party, women’s cute flirty dress calls for a matching bohemian anklet)
  • Everyday running errands ( The anklets combined with sneakers is worth try)
Wearing Heart Anklet & String Anklet & 2 Golden Chain Anklets with Sneaker Addidas

Source: Pinterest

Anklets are also an excellent option for those who want to show off their legs in warm weather. They look incredibly chic when paired with a new pedicure and fashionable footwear.

2. Which Ankle to Wear Anklets?

There appears to be a lot of debate around whether to wear anklets on the right or left ankle. Most people are unconcerned about whether ankle bracelets are worn on the right or left side; others are.

Some argue that wearing ankle bracelets on the left indicates a woman’s marital status, much like the wedding ring, but this perception is much more common in oriental cultures.

One assumption is that the left anklet indicates the woman is married but in an open relationship, whereas the right anklet indicates the wearer’s homosexuality.

Another reference is that wearing an anklet on the left ankle is generally associated with evil forces. By wearing the anklet on the left side, the wearers simply protect themselves from the Devil.

Whether these are definite truths or old wives’ tales, it makes no difference which ankles for ankle bracelets today. It’s up to a person to decide which one she/he prefers.

3. Positioning the Anklet

Wearing Beach Anklet Under Jeans

Source: Pinterest

Once people decide which ankle they like to better for anklet bracelets, they should consider the anklet’s positioning. Never wear an anklet over anything, including pantyhose, but bare skin.

Wear anklets only on bare legs. People can, however, wear anklets under jeans or other pants.

Some people prefer to wear the anklets loosely around their ankles, resting gently on the tops of their feet. Others prefer a more snug fit and have it wrapped around their ankles. That is all up to them.

4. Measure Ankle for the Perfect Fitting Anklet

Before acquiring anklets, one should know his/her ankle sizes to pick well-fitting anklets. People today prefer shopping online. But shopping for anklets online is no picnic, much like footwear. Here are some anklet sizing guidelines to keep in mind when helping customers picking for anklet chains online:

  • First, know whether a customer wants the anklet to rock loosely and snugly below the ankle or tightly above the ankle. 

A quick tip: below-the-ankle anklets pair well with sandals,  flip-flops, or loafers. Above-the-ankle anklets well match with ankle-strap footwear.

  • For people who prefer the anklets to fall below the ankle: wrap a measuring tape around the ankle, record the ankle size, then add ½ – ¼ (depending on how loose they want) to it. For example, If the ankle measures 10 inches, the ankle size should be 10.5 – 12.5 inches.
  • Women’s standard anklet sizes are: 

8.5 inches / 21.5cm (petite); 

9 inches / 23cm (small), which is the most popular length; 

9.5 inches / 24.15cm (medium), which is one more popular size; 

10 inches / 25.5cm (large).

  • If people make a mistake with the size, they can always make up for it with necklace extenders.

5. Personal Style

Wearing Thin Golden Chain Anklets with an Initial Pendant

Source: Pinterest

Whatever people wear anklets with, make sure they reflect one’s personality and sense of style. 

  • Age is certainly a consideration. Teenagers or 20-somethings are free to choose and wear an ankle bracelet with a lot of youthful beading. 
  • On the other hand, a simple thin metal chain would be more mature and understated while still making a serious style statement. Thus, golden, pearly or silver anklets are more suitable for a mature woman.
  • Avoid an anklet dripping with tassels and gems if someone doesn’t like the bohemian look and prefers smart, glamorous fashion. In this case, a pretty, jeweled option might be more suitable.

6. Styling and Outfit

Wearing a Diamond Anklet with Summer Shoes

Source: Pinterest

  • When wearing anklets, wear them with some killer shoes. Anklets should never clash with shoes. Instead, they should complement what people have on their feet. 
  • Ankle-strap shoes are not the best option because the ankle bracelet will clash with the strap and become lost. On the contrary, anklets look incredibly impressive when worn with summer shoes, such as sliders and backless loafers.
  • Regarding what clothes to wear with ankle bracelets, they look super chic when matched with cropped jeans and a crop top for a grill out with friends or with a throw-on casual summer dress for a day trip. 
  • What if for people who are on vacation? Pair anklets with a fabulous crochet bikini to add a touch of sass to the beach look
  • When wearing a gold anklet, keep in mind to stick to more formal wear. 

7. Legs and Nails

When wearing ankle bracelets, people are likelier to draw attention to the legs, especially if the anklet is eye-catching and showy. So make sure the leg skin is free of blemishes and scratches. 

Before wearing the anklets, moisturize legs with body cream or lotion for a smooth and shiny appearance: the effect is amplified with tanned skin. Don’t forget the toes. They should be clean, neat and spotless, with a perfectly manicured pedicure.

Anklets Options

Ankle bracelets are great summer birthday gifts. The anklet styles vary from the most simple to the most outrageous. Some types of anklets are listed below:

Wearing Evil Eye Anklets on Both Ankles

Source: Elle

Tips on Wearing Anklets

  • Maintain a Dainty and Elegant Look

A pair of elegant high heels emerge when a woman opts for a barely dainty anklet. Set out to a cocktail party with that soft caress on foot, and keep it up all night. Charm anklets look great with classic pumps.

  • Chain Anklets with Sneakers

Anklet fashion has gone above and beyond by introducing an unusual sneaker-anklet combination. Today’s It-girls are all wearing sneakers with rigid chain anklets that are either tightly wrapped above the ankle or casually handed down.

  • Mix and Layer Things Up

There’s a lot of room for mixing and matching. If someone is willing to get her legs in the spotlight, try gold and silver anklets. Wearing a layered anklet or stacking together a couple of anklets is impressive to show creativity. They give a sense of aesthetics pairing with summer sandals, flip-flops or high heels.

  • Keep Eye-catching in Cold Winter

Summer gone, while anklets won’t be tucked away. Wearing anklets over the boots is an option. Make sure that the anklet is eye-catching to match the boots. All-black ankle boots with a rhinestone-studded chain anklet hanging over the top will be the best combination. 


  1. Can men wear an anklet?

Men and women have worn anklets for thousands of years. Anklets serve specific purposes; the metal should be silver or copper, never gold or other artificial materials. Silver cools the body and generates positive energy. Both men and women wear anklets in many ancient cultures and India today. But, there is a design difference. (Men’s anklets are thicker)

  1. Do lesbians wear anklets?

Yes. Most lesbians wear anklets.

  1. What does it mean if you wear an anklet on the right ankle?

An anklet on the right ankle could indicate someone is single and searching. If, on the other hand, a married person wears an anklet on their right foot, the message is that she is open to extramarital affairs.

  1. What is the scientific reason behind wearing anklets?

Wearing silver anklets has a scientific basis. Wearing anklets helps to re-vibrate one’s energy. Silver anklets will alleviate leg pain and weakness. As a result, many grandmas who followed the Indian tradition are still alive and well.

  1. Is it good to wear silver anklets?

It boosts the immune system. A nice silver anklet looks lovely on the ankle and works wonders on the body, providing numerous health benefits. Wearing silver anklets activates lymph glands and enhances immunity.


When worn correctly, in the right place and in proper style, with the complimentary outfit, etc., your ankle bracelets can make a more elevated look on customers. One more tip: the summer seashell anklets are selling hot now. Check it out here.

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