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Four Step-How to manufacture jewelry in China

STEP 1. Confirm your need

All the premise is that you must confirm your production needs. Generally there are 3 options:

I. ODM Products (no design changes): Base your design entirely on the supplier’s existing ODM designs. That means you only modify the manufacturer's existing products by reducing or adding parts(i.e., custom designed labels).

II. Custom Design (using ODM parts): Base your design on ODM parts. That means you can get a catalog from supplier and then design your jewelry “from scratch” using existing ODM parts from the supplier catalog.

III. Custom Design (using OEM parts): All design base on your own design, the parts, the material, the craft and process are all depend on you. That means you need provide a need as detailed as possible at least following:

2D Design Drawings (showing ODM parts and position)

ODM Parts List

ODM Parts Material Specifications

Label / Logo Badge and Part Files (.ai format)


STEP 2.  Pre-Production Samples

Production and confirmation of prenatal samples is essential in manufacturing jewelry. According to the above three customization options, here option A, B and C following:

Option A: Existing samples from manufacturer

Getting a sample from manufacturer’s existing product after reduced or added parts according to your design is a good choice if you need ODM service. These could save your time and would take a less time to the mass production.

Option B: Self Assembled Jewellery Samples

You can get ODM parts from manufacturer and assemble the samples according to your design if you intent to design your own jewelry. This approach can save weeks because you can assemble whatever you need and send the finally sample to the manufacturer to mass produce. On the other hand, you can test your new design or improve your design in a highly cost-efficient way.

However, make sure to order two or more sets of jewelry parts as you need to keep at least one piece of each sample for your own reference.

Option C: Supplier Assembled Jewellery Samples

On the one hand, you can choose manufacturer’s existing parts and request the manufacturer assemble the sample for you. These will take your more time for several sample revisions.

On the other hand, you can request the manufacturer to custom new parts for you. This enables you to test the supplier’s attention to detail. However, the samples are only as good as the sample documentation no matter how the manufacturer professional is. You still need to expect several sample revisions before you are ready to place a first mass produced batch.


STEP 3. Mass Production

Point 1:One of the possible ways to test the production capacity of a manufacturer is to obtain the number of machines or workers at the manufacturer's factory. The size of the factory generally determines the ability to produce. You can ask the manufacturer send you some photos about the factory and workers. It could not be better if you can personally visit the factory.

Point 2:Another possible way to check the production capacity of a manufacturer is to find out the manufacturer's industry experience. A wealth of industry experience means that the manufacturer can be more professional also means that the manufacturer will have better machines or workers. The manufacturer can produce 2 PCS while the others just 1 PC by using the same time.


STEP 4. Quality Assurance

Point A. Incoming Materials & Parts Inspection

Purchasing parts and materials is the first step of the production process. As quality issues, tend to stem from the production of the parts rather than the later assembly stage when manufacturing jewelry. So finding out a manufacturer who can control their material source is necessary and it could not be better if the manufacturer have their own material factory.

Point B. Pre-Shipment Inspection

The final, it is most important that inspection shall be carried out when the products are fully assembled. Some defects, for example scratches. A great quality inspection departments is the second point you should pay attention to.

Point C. Partner

The manufacturer's partner will be a dark indicator of the quality of the manufacturer's products. Will famous jewelry brands work with poor quality manufacturers? Never! So ask the manufacturer whether they have partnership with some jewelry brands.


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