natural stone jewelry

What is Natural Stone Jewelry?

People have been dazzled by natural stone jewelry with its natural beauty and timeless style throughout the decades. But what exactly are gemstones? Natural stones or gems are constructed in nature with no intervention from any man other than being mined, cut, and polished. If a stone is specified as natural, it has never been enhanced, treated, or altered.

Why Natural Stone Jewelry is So Popular?

Man has always been fascinated with bright, shiny, and colorful stones, shells, and crystals. Gemstones are regarded as bringers of happiness, prosperity, and peace. People who love and understand natural stones know that all these gems have unique properties that distinguish them from each other. 

People have acknowledged that gemstones contain health and spiritual benefits and even innate magical powers in olden times. Today, some people use specific stones to restore an equilibrium of energy to the body, enabling well-being and peace of mind.

Why Choose TTT as Your Natural Stone Jewelry Manufacturer?

With many manufacturing companies, what sets us apart from the other ones? Our company has excellent years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, and we have been devoted to the exploration and development of natural stone handmade jewelry.

Aside from these, here are your other benefits in choosing TTT Jewelry.

1. Material Quality: Top-Class and Genuine Gemstones

Here at TTT Jewelry, we only deal with quality genuine natural stones. Our team sources superior natural gemstones for our quality jewelry pieces from all over the world. Then, our experienced master cutter cleans, cuts, and polishes the stones.

The processed stones are then examined by the quality control team, checking for any defects or imperfections. Inferior parts are not permitted to be used in jewelry hand settings.

2. Superior Craftsmanship

Our Natural Stone Jewelry is handcrafted by our team of skilled and seasoned Craftsmen. And our professional gem cutters (lapidary) shape those imperfectly beautiful gemstones into flawless works of art for our Artisans to begin their creations.

Let us show you the process we make in cutting these precious natural stones.

Step 1

After the first assessment, the cutting master will clean and roughly trim the natural stones based on the customers’ requirements by using precision cutting tools.

clean and trim the natural stones
Step 2

With the help of a hoop machine, the trimmed natural stones are now reshaped to fit and create a more defined style that is closer to what the client demands.

cutting stones with hoop machine
Step 3

Facets or the distinguishing lines that bring out the beauty of the natural stones are made by an angling machine, setting them apart from regular beads.

cutting natural stones by angling machine
Step 4

After processing and cutting, the faceted natural stones will go through a final wash to enhance their brilliance.

stones go through final wash
Step 5

A high shine finish that is smooth to the touch and comfortable for daily wear makes them more appealing when used in handcrafted jewelry.

stone in high shine finish

3. Fashionable Jewelry Designs

TTT has the most widely-used stones in the market, employing about 170 kinds of gemstones. We have plenty of in-stock natural stones to make any fashion jewelry, and we have a wide variety of premium handcrafted natural stone jewelry collections available. The maximum sparkle in every genuine jewelry stone piece is reserved before delivery.

4. TTT’s Natural Stone Jewelry Collection 

Here at TTT Jewelry, we offer handcrafted jewelry and deal with quality genuine natural stones. Each natural stone jewelry piece in our collection is 100% authentic and hand-made by our in-house artisans. Please scroll down and browse through our unique, custom, and hand-made natural stone jewelry collection.

gold amethyst earrings

Gold Amethyst Earrings

gold drop earrings glass on abalone shell

Gold Drop Earrings Glass on Abalone Shell

gold green jade drop earrings

Gold Green Jade Drop Earrings

5. Custom Jewelry Design 

Our natural stone jewelry is customizable. We work on custom jewelry in gold or platinum-plated and gold or platinum vermeil; then, we set your precious stones into these unique jewelry pieces. Choose your preferred style, specific metal, and your favorite stones, and we’ll create your dream jewelry today.

6. Innovative Jewelry Packaging 

All of our jewelry comes with a durable, totally giftable box with foam inserts, ensuring the safety of your custom jewelry. We also have high-quality custom packaging that will surely complement your hand-made jewelry.

7. Competitive Pricing

Here at TTT Jewelry, our team works hard to source natural stones and carefully select and handle them to give you stunning jewelry pieces that will surely fit your style while being affordable and treasurable.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Natural Stone Jewelry Manufacturer

1. Color Difference and Color Chart

Your focus should mainly be on the natural stones’ colors since this is their most important aspect. What you glimpse on your computer screen may not be the accurate color of the gemstone. It could be due to the color and brightness settings of the manufacturer’s monitor or what you have set on your computer. Having the same color charts (one for you and the seller) is the best way to get a synchronized color scheme.

2. Gemstone Details and Quality Grading Chart

The manufacturer should provide you with essential details of the natural stones. The four factors to classify gemstones are cut, carat, color, and clarity. It is vital to have a quality grading chart of stones categorized in A, AA, and AAA to ensure that the quality of gemstones being offered to you is exceptional.

  • A – Low grade with visible inclusions
  • AA – Good quality with slight inclusions
  • AAA – No inclusions visible and almost perfect

3. Customer Feedback

Feedback is one of the most critical factors you should look for when buying a gemstone. Feedbacks reveal a lot about the company as a whole. Check and read people’s experiences about their services, stone quality, payment, and delivery customs. You could also check the company’s name online as an option to learn about their company relations and social media pages.

4. Return policy

Carefully skim through the company’s return policy. Ensure that you buy natural stone jewelry from a manufacturer that delivers a fair return and exchange policy.

Your Wish is Our Command

If you wish for something new to have and if you wish for a 100% authentic and outstanding quality of hand-made natural stone jewelry, then TTT Jewelry is at your command. Present us your dream design, and our team of skilled artists will make your wish come true.