Custom Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Since 2010, TTT Jewelry has been manufacturing and providing quality 925 sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings at an unbeatable factory price.

Silver Jewlelry Manufacturing Process

We utilize various processing options, finishes, and private labels solutions in creating custom sterling silver jewelry that satisfies all of your requirements.

1. Custom Designing

We begin by understanding the latest trends, gathering custom feedback, evaluating market needs. Our design team begins to envision the idea and create sketches after analyzing the data.

2. Wax Model

After the design has been proved,  we start creating a rubber mould which is then used to replicate the original model by injecting hot wax into it forming identical wax replicas.

3. To Plaster Then Silver

A plaster model of the sculpture is made. Silver granules are then heated in a small bowl, melted, and poured into the plaster cast, filling out the model. 

4. Polishing and Tumbling

Every piece of silver jewellery is placed in a special tumbler machine to smooth and buff the surface. Tumble before setting stones, silver jewellery will come out highly polished and work-hardened due to the tumbling action. 

5. Stamping and Engraving

Our silver jewelry designs bear an ‘S925’ stamp to indicate purity. We also offer in-house stamping for branding your jewelry.  Boost your brand loyalty and outshine your competitors with our silver jewelry stamping service.

6. Oxidization and Electro-plating

Oxidization and electro-plating on our sterling silver blends 18k gold to become TTT’s gold Vermeil Sterling Silver Jewelry, and platinum to become our platinum vermeil sterling silver jewelry. And then an anti-tarnish barrier is applied.

Your Professional Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Our team of experts is happy to help global brands, wholesalers, and jewelry companies.

TTT only uses high-quality sterling silver that is at least 92.5% pure silver and is sourced from reputable suppliers. 

Lower MOQ to Speed Up Your Time to Market.

Custom Design Based on Your Requirements.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Through Design to Production.

Quality commitment throughout the manufacturing process.

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    Silver Jewelry Custom Options

    Based on your needs and budget,  you can customize various details of your jewelry pieces, including materials, colors, shapes, engraving, and the rest. 

    Our design team begins to envision the idea and create sketches, or 3D models after analyzing your requirements. Unique designs are based upon understanding the latest trends, gathering your feedback, and evaluating market needs.

    By applying plating methods like electroplating, we can bolster the corrosion resistance of our stainless steel jewelry. Some of the leading options are 14K/18K gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

    Apply oxidization for an antique finish, or blend 8k gold to become TTT’s gold Vermeil Sterling Silver Jewelry, and platinum to become our platinum vermeil sterling silver jewelry. 

    Our sterling silver jewelry is uniquely designed and expertly crafted in genuine sterling silver with semi-precious gems such as garnet, citrine, rose quartz, malachite, blue topaz, red onyx, and zircon, crystals, or cultured freshwater pearls.

    Get a wide range of gems jewelry that will shower different powers on your valued customers, who wear them regularly!

    Want charm made out of your brand logo? Have a glowing engraving by printing your logo on every piece of your silver jewelry.

    Mechanical engraved, chemical-etched, and laser engraving are available. We’ll give you the best advice based on your budget and delivery time.

    Whether it’s beaded chain, rope chain, ball chain, flat curb chain, or Figaro chain, you name it and we make it happen.

    Only the most skilled craftsmen are qualified to craft a TTT silver piece. Each silver piece is made of the finest sterling silver that is stamped with an S925 quality stamp.

    Based on your custom charm design, we can handle this very well due to our excellent molding experience.

    We also offer custom silver jewelry packaging to give your custom silver jewelry pieces an extra sparkle. TTT’s jewelry packaging is carefully designed and distinctively handcrafted to match your brand personality.

    A Reliable Handmade Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in China

    TTT Jewelry provides a full range of practical and cost-effective solutions for your silver jewelry needs. Boasting deep research and development, access to the best materials, and strong production capabilities, we have everything you need under one roof.

    Responsibly-Sourced Materials

    All materials used are sourced from the most reliable suppliers in the market. Each silver piece is made of the finest sterling silver that is stamped with an S925 quality stamp.

    Quality Manufacturing

    From routine inspections by artisans with over 10 years of manufacturing experience to our quality control team conducting multiple tests, checking for consistency and reliability.

    Exclusive Marketing Solutions

    We always go the extra mile to help your business to succeed in the competitive jewelry industry. Our team is here to provide marketing solutions and materials support for promoting your products and elevating your brand.

    Silver Jewelry One-Stop Service

    More than your resource for custom handmade fashion jewelry, partnering with TTT Jewelry sets your business to greater heights with our value-added services.

    Expert Consultation

    Our artisans and designers provide helpful recommendations in making your silver jewelry more sellable.

    Accurate 3D Design

    We take a simple and efficient approach to jewelry design, understand your needs as well as consider your project budget and sales plan.

    Sample Testing

    With the help of intelligent visualization of your jewelry design, we save valuable time and resources when reviewing for changes before proceeding to mass production.

    Efficient Manufacturing

    At the core of our silver jewelry manufacturing process is our team of over 600 handpicked artisans, having more than 10 years of experience in jewelry handcrafting.

    Experienced QA Team

    From material selection to jewelry inspection, our professional quality control experts stop at nothing to guarantee consistent products at all times.

    Fast Delivery

    We are committed to on-time delivery. Tell us your requirements and we’ll find you an optimized shipping solution.

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    Driven to deliver quality handmade silver jewelry and tailor-made services, TTT Jewelry is committed to seeing your brand succeed in the competitive jewelry industry.