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Do you offer sample order?
Sure. We can support and offer you sample order.
What is the price and delivery date of the sample?
Designs≤5,pcs≤3,each sample cost will be the wholesale price;Designs≤5,pcs>3,from the fourth pc,each sample cost will be the 3 times wholesale price;Designs>5,pcs≤3,from the sixth design,each sample cost will be the 3 times wholesale price;Designs>5,pcs>3,from the sixth design or the fourth pc,each sample cost will be the 3 times wholesale price.If a new tooling needs,sample cost will need to pay the tooling cost too. Lead time for sample is 3-7 working days for TTT design,and 7-15 working days for custom design.If a new tooling needs the lead time for a sample is 15-30 days.
What's your tooling cost and lead time?
Tooling cost based on the specific designs usually ranges from 100USD-300USD.When your order quantity is enough for 600pcs we will refund you back the tooling cost. Lead time for a new tooling is 20-30 days.
What's your lead time for an Official Order?
Usually is 4-6 weeks, urgent order to confirm with the sales privately.
Do you have a MOQ?
Yes,to offer you best quality with lowest cost we ask for a MOQ of 120pcs for each design and each color.
What about your products quality ?
We set full complete quality standards to keep sure the quality is the best.You can know more from quality inspection handbook in Info. column.
Do you offer customized service?
ODM & OEM services are available with TTT. If you want to TTT CUSTOM your own unique designs, send e-mail or inquiry to us directly we will confirm with you about the details in 24 hours.
If there any color difference in your product?
Natural or dyed material often gets a little color differences. TTT will let you know the color differences situation in advance and ask for your approval to see if it is acceptable or not.
What about the shipping?
TTT offer shipping method as your needs,get DHL, E-PACKET, FEDEX, UPS for options.
Free sample available?
Yes there are two ways: 1.Confirm the order with TTT directly with 30% deposit. Then samples for the order will all be free. How TTT help you control the risk of doing so. TTT will make you samples until you say yes to the samples will TTT start to make the order for you. So all the risk will be covered by TTT you only need to confirm with TTT about your needs. If TTT failed to meet your needs we promise full refund. 2.To be our VIP customer 120pcs free samples will be available every year. And TTT do not set any standards to the samples as long as you place order for them.
Free Design Available?
As long as your order amount is over 10000USD our Designer will design for you for free.VIP can get 10 free designs each month.
Free HD pictures Available?
HD pictures are free as long as you are our VIP customers. If you are not the IP customer we support your business by 5USD for one picture.
Free Color Sheets are available?
To be our VIP customers all the color sheets will be free. If not we will offer you the pictures of the color sheets for your designing using.
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