Costume Jewelry VS Fine Jewelry- Know the Differences!

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“What is considered fine jewelry?”.“What is costume jewelry called?”. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate jewelry from fine jewelry. Think about customers reaching you to buy fine/costume jewelry asking such questions. Can you give them a perfect answer?

Here, we prepared a blog to distinguish costume jewelry apart from fine jewlery, which helps you make a correct decision when searching for the perfect jewelry.

What is Costume Jewelry?

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Costume jewelry is also known as fashion Jewelry. They are trendy as the price is lower than fine jewelry. Plus, they are highly stylized. Costume jewelry is formed with simulated stones, plastic and non-precious metals like copper, aluminum, brass, etc.

Sometimes, the metals on costume jewelry are plated with a thin layer of precious metals like silver and gold. The stones used in costume jewelry can be amethyst, quartz, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, or plastic rocks. 

The Durability of Costume Jewelry

To keep prices low, manufacturers use inexpensive materials in costume jewelry, which are cracked or tarnished easily. As time goes by, their shininess fades away and cannot be long-lasting.

But, if costume jewelry is formed with gold or silver plating, it can be worn for a little longer. Still, they may need to be colored or polished soon. 

Can You Repair Costume Jewelry?

Most costume jewelry is nearly impossible to repair because the metals with different heat points in costume jewelry change wildly. So, the high temperature for soldering the broken pieces will damage the thin gold or silver plating and melt the costume jewelry. Besides, where the repair is made turns dark. 

Therefore, it becomes challenging for the jewelers to repair the jewels, especially when the jewelry materials are unknown. Fortunately, this jewelry comes at a much lower price than fine jewelry. So, customers tend to get a brand new one if it’s broken. 

Benefits and Problems of Costume Jewelry


  • The main benefit of costume jewelry is that you can have them in different designs. Cubic zirconia, synthetic crystals, rhinestone or glass used in costume jewelry can be created in any color.
  • When people go out, costume jewelry is versatile to match people’s outfits on formal to casual occasions.
  • Gold or silver plated costume jewelry is durable, and jewelry lovers can wear them on any occasion. 
  • Moreover, they are very budget-friendly.


  • The main problem with costume jewelry is the low-quality materials. So, it will be easily broken or damaged by regular use. 
  • Some costume pieces of jewelry are made with nickel, which may cause allergies.
  • Costume jewelry can’t be repaired. 

Hope all the questions about costume jewelry are cleared. Now, let’s discuss fine jewelry. 

What is Fine Jewelry?

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Fine jewelry is made from solid gold, platinum, sterling silver, and other valuable metals. Handmade jewelry manufacturers use precious gemstones in them. So you will find natural diamonds, Blue Sapphire, Red Ruby, Green Emerald, Pink Sapphire, and Opal in fine jewelry. Unfortunately, these gemstones are costly and rare.

Moreover, manufacturers also use semi-precious stones like Topaz, Moonstone, Peridot, Garnet, etc. These gemstones are found in different colors and shapes on fine jewelry.

The Durability of Fine Jewelry 

Fine jewelry is more substantial and sturdier than fashion or costume jewelry. These jewels are made with pure gold, silver, or platinum. Therefore, they don’t break or rust quickly.  Moreover, fine jewelry won’t discolor or turn your skin green, and it shines for an extended period. This type of jewels can be polished and look new every time. 

Can You Repair Fine Jewelry? 

Yes, you can! And you can change its design. The precious jewelry metals used in these jewels won’t get damaged in high temperatures. Besides, the gemstone won’t get matt, and it can be last in the long term.

Benefits and Problems of Fine Jewelry

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  • People can wear fine jewelry for a long time without worrying about damage or break.
  • The valuable materials ( gold, silver, platinum) and precious gemstones keep it shiny, and they can be fixed entirely. 
  • You can redesign them to the latest trends because the high-quality materials used in fine jewelry can bear high temperatures.
  • The value of these pieces of jewelry never decreases, customers can sell them whenever you want. 


  • The main problem with fine jewelry is that they are costly and need to be worn carefully. If fine jewelry gets in contact with too much water when wearing, it needs to be polished soon. 
  • Getting the original metal and gemstone is also problematic. Most people don’t know how to determine the best-quality fine jewelry. So, preferring brands will be a wise decision as they guarantee the authenticity of metal and gemstones. 

Costume Jewelry VS Fine Jewelry: Which One is Better? 

Both types of jewelry are perfect. But, costume jewelry is less durable and long-lasting than fine jewelry. But, if they are safely used with proper care, both of them can be used for an extended period. 

Fine jewellery will be the optimal choice for customers who want to have the jewelry as a gift as it won’t break easily or tarnish quickly. In addition, if their dear ones don’t like the design or break it, fine jewelry can be easily redesigned or repaired. 

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