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What TTT Boho Bracelet is

TTT's boho bracelets have a great sense of design or fashion because TTT's boho bracelets are 100% handmade, and each product comes from the TTT's manual team, so it's possible to blend almost all the elements of the jewelry. On the other hand, TTT has a professional design team which has the chief designer, Nerine, who comes from Australia so we can keep up with the international trends.

The wrap bracelet can be designed to 5 or 3 layers and all the elements you love can be introduced into the bracelets. Pls. feel free to contact us if you have any unique needs.

Why is TTT Boho Jewelry

TTT's boho bracelet is one of the most popular bracelets in European and American countries. The customer four-star commentary or above love degree achieve 92.1%. The design of the bracelet is changeable, and it can fuse all kinds of raw materials and colors. The logo location is convenient to display because of the high-quality button.

The buttons are made of alloy, hand high polishing, vacuum gold plating. The quality and appearance of the buttons have reached the high polishing grade of stainless steel, but the price is 1/3 of that of stainless steel. The button has reached the highest quality grade of China's alloy material production process.


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