Bohemian Style Jewelry Buying Guide 2022

bohemian style jewelry

What is Bohemian Style?

The birth of the Bohemian style is strongly associated with the Bohemians (gypsies, artists, adventurers, or vagabonds), a counterculture that appeared in France after the French Revolution. The period saw many artists fall into poverty and compelled to don old, worn-out, and unstylish clothing due to being denied the old patronage system.

Hundreds of years ago, bohemian was a term that referred to an exotic style sense, usually associated with the artists of the time and with writers and certain eccentric intellectuals. 

The Bohemians forged their life’s philosophy on the path to pursuing liberation. Presently, it’s a symbol of an indulgent, nomadic, bold, and rebellious lifestyle, which became an impossible fantasy in the minds of busy city people.

Bohemian style is specified as an alternative type of fashion that is different from any mainstream trends. This detailed description pertains to the entire history of the movement. 

Bohemian is a fashion style closely connected to the 60s hippie fashion, in which raw fabrics, neutrals, warm shades, and retro fashion merged with the 70s style accents and flair for jewelry.

What is Boho Style Jewelry?

Bohemian style embodies a relaxed, peaceful, and simple life. This style traditionally represents nature, with themes relating to the earth, sea, creatures, and the universe. Boho jewelry is often made with pearls, stones, feathers, shells, beads, copper, brass, or silver.

When intending for the Bohemian look, the jewelry and accessories you sport are just as important as your clothing. Bohemian jewelry is the extreme opposite of minimalistic. You can instantly identify boho rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces based on their maximalist view. Bohemian jewelry comes in many shapes, forms, and colors; complex or enormous, beaded or statement, with or without gemstones, and in a surplus of antique finishes.

Bohemian Style Jewelry Buying Guide 2022

No simple boho outfit is ever complete without jewelry. Some may insist that accessorizing well indicates that half of the job is done. It would be best if you embraced everything and anything that looks or, even better, is antiqued, vintage or worn-out.

A straightforward rule when shopping for boho jewelry: the more structured an item is, the less inclined it is to be bohemian. Here’s a list of guides that could help you in choosing the perfect Bohemian Jewelry pieces.

1. Boho Style Bracelets 

There are no limits on whether you want to stack or pick a layer of small or large statement bracelets. Friendship bracelets, which feature handwoven patterns, are one of the most popular types of Boho bracelets.

2. Boho Style Rings

Semi-precious stones or raw gemstones that aren’t polished or cut are popular materials in Boho rings.

3. Boho Style Necklaces 

There are countless choices, but the most common materials used in boho necklaces are leather, semi-precious gemstones, beads, and yarns.

turquoise mala necklace

Turquoise Mala Necklace

4. Boho Style Earrings 

Boho earrings are typically colorful, rich, and oversized. Dangling earrings are jewelry typical to the Bohemian style.

crystal beads alloy drop earrings

Crystal Beads Alloy Drop Earrings

5. Boho Tiaras and Halos

Head jewelry chains, tiaras, or halos are also part of Boho Jewelry; various materials are used with floral and earthy themes.

6. Boho Anklets and Toe Rings

Anklets and toe rings are not as popular as the others, but it’s one of the most valuable accessories to wear, especially when you feel like walking barefoot. You can choose from an enormous selection of layouts and colors.

Characteristics of Boho Jewelry

1. More Layers Please 

There’s nothing that screams boho more than a few effortlessly put-together layers, whether multiple turquoise bracelets or a multilayer of hand-made necklaces.

2. Jewelry in Groups

What’s extraordinary about Bohemian jewelry style is the freedom to adorn numerous pieces of jewelry together. Achieve the Bohemian style by pairing every similar-themed jewelry together. 

3. Make a Statement

Making a statement is not only through your clothes; you can also make one with your jewelry collection. 

Wear bright, dangling earrings and pair them with neon geometric bangles if you wish to be loud and proud. There is a variety of Bohemian jewelry to choose from that will allow you to express yourself freely.

4. Don’t Forget the Theme

There are many themes in a Bohemian style. Conventional Bohemian fashion revolves around an Earth-themed color scheme. The earth theme is a lovely color scheme, for it will let you enjoy the freedom to layer whatever color you like. For a step higher, go for the gray and silver color themes.

5. Frills and Prints in Jewelry

Frills or fringes are a staple in Bohemian fashion, and you can also incorporate frills into jewelry. You can add frilled earrings, chokers, and bangles to your look.

Jewelry with printed designs is also a part of the Bohemian style. Pair a printed bangle with an animal or nature-themed headscarf for a Bohemian goddess look.

6. Bohemian + Vintage

Bohemian and vintage are ideal for they belong to the same color scheme, they’re both unique, and are into layering. If you want a classy bohemian style, pick some pearls for your attire, and for a regal look, combine pearl and silver bangles.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Embrace earth and nature tones.
  • Incorporate sophisticated jewelry that carries a timeless vibe like bangles, pearl necklaces, and gemstone rings.
  • For a retro vibe, favor rich hues, muted hues, and neutrals.
  • You can layer as much but don’t overdo it. Always remember that the secret to looking great is by creating a harmonious combination.

Why You Should Choose TTT for Your Bohemian Jewelry

1. High-Quality Raw Materials

Bohemian jewelry focuses mainly on natural materials, often incorporating genuine raw gemstones, white and colored pearls, leather, bangles, beads, and so on. TTT Jewelry is dedicated to high-quality materials to ensure durable, lasting, and breath-taking jewelry.

2. Unmatched Handcraftsmanship

All our boho jewelry is intricately hand-made. TTT’s skilled jewelry artisans and craftsmen see handcrafted Bohemian jewelry as a form of creativity and self-expression. They input their heart’s emotions into every piece of jewelry, bringing further extraordinary characteristics to the accessories they make.

3. Customized Option

Boho style combines an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, and textures to create a layered personalized look. We have customized options and our gifted artists to help you with your specific requests and designs.

4. Efficient Quality Control System

Our quality control team puts 100% effort and dedication into checking and seeing that all our jewelry collection meets the exceptional standard and quality we have set. Your satisfaction is significant to us!

5. TTT’s Bohemian Jewelry Collection

Beads, yarns, gemstones, and tassels make up the gist of our boho jewelry collection and, they are all elegant pieces.

natural stone bohemian stackable bracelet

Natural Stone Bohemian Stackable Bracelet

miyuki boho stacked bracelets

Miyuki Boho Stacked Bracelets

A Lasting Fashion

What started as an eccentric and unconventional part of history became a significant part of mainstream culture today. Bohemian style is not a fading trend and is more than a fashion craze. It’s a representation and fusion of different movements and eras.

TTT Jewelry is ready to take your unique ideas and self-expression in your desired Boho jewelry.

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