Appeals to Thousands of Women–Radiant Abalone Jewelry, What is It?

Wearing gold plated abalone shell earrings and abalone shell necklace

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If you want to know everything about abalone jewelry, just read this blog! In this blog, you will explore all things about “what is abalone jewelry” including what is abalone? Abalone in jewelry making, what is abalone jewelry and its meanings and benefits that buyers care about most. 

Start the journey to stylish and extraordinary abalone shell jewelry hot for beachy vibes! To truly understand “what is abalone shell jewelry”, let’s quickly view“what is abalone shell” first.

What is Abalone?

Abalone is a kind of marine snail. It’s a gastropod mollusk that inhabits coastal saltwater. As a member of the Haliotidae family, it varies in size from 4-10 inches. It is well-known as premium food with a delectable taste.

1. What Does an Abalone Shell Look Like?

The Abalone has convex, rounded to oval-shaped shells that can be either very flattened or highly arched. Most abalone shells have two to three whorls and a small, flat spire. Due to the shell shape, abalone shells are also named ear shells and sea ears.

This ear-shaped shell is dull outside while glorious inside. The dazzling parts of the shell are iridescent mineral composite–nacre or abalone mother of pearl where the pearls are formed, created by Gastropod within the shell.

A hand holding an abalone shell in front of the sea

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Covered by barnacles and other growth, it’s easy to dismiss an abalone shell as sea trash. After cleaning and polishing the abalone shell, the glossy and stunning hues of blue, green, and purple flowing and swirling are what make the abalone shell arresting, irresistible and magical.

2. Paua Shell and Paua Shell Meaning

There’re 50 species of abalone shells whose shapes and colors vary.

The most famous one is paua, an edible abalone, Haliotis iris, of New Zealand. Paua is the Maori name given to three New Zealand species of large edible sea snails, which belong to the family Haliotidae (in which there is only one genus, Haliotis), known as abalone in the US and Australia, and as ormer shells in the  UK. 

Paua has iridescent shells used particularly for paua jewelry. With protective and healing power, it brings prosperity, good luck, and peace to the wearers.

3. Where to Find Abalone Shells?

Except for the Atlantic coast of North America, the Pacific coast of South America, Antarctica, and the Arctic, abalone reside off the rocky shores of colder waters across the world. 

In the next 200 years, the abalone is at risk of extinction because of overfishing and increasing acidity of the water. With careful management techniques and strict harvesting laws, wild abalone populations are increasing.

Now, farmed abalone become more available. New Zealand has been culturing abalone to meet the demand without harming wild stocks. Except for New Zealand, abalone is farmed in Mexico, Australia, Asia, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

Wearing green silver abalone shell earrings

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4. Is Abalone a Gemstone?

Yes, it is. Similar to coral, abalone is an organic gemstone. Abalone is the source of the mother of pearls, and a few of them will create pearls. It’s very robust and tough due to the way abalone forms. Though the abalone shell’s Mohs hardness is 2.5-4, the jewelry made from abalone is durable.

Abalone in Jewelry Making

Abalone shells, which used to be currency ago, have been popularly used in jewelry and decorations for hundreds of years. In the 1960s and 1970s, the abalone shell is set into inexpensive silver jewelry, which is popular at that time.

Abalone shells’ natural patterns and shades make vintage abalone jewelry or modern pieces special, perfectly adding a burst of color to the look. It invites peace, luck, and prosperity. Moreover, abalone jewelry is affordable, and its prices suit any shopper.

Want to know how to make jewelry out of abalone shells? See video.

Finger wearing a sterling silver abalone ring

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What is Abalone Jewelry

The stunning abalone shell is renowned for its iridescence and vivid, unique color palette. The gem has been used in jewelry for countless years and is still popular in contemporary styles. Distinctive and fashionable, abalone jewelry is the perfect option to add a pop of color to people’s appearance. 

Abalone is not an expensive material making abalone jewelry affordable. People become glamorous when wearing abalone shell rings, abalone shell bracelets, abalone earrings, and abalone pendant necklaces. 

Intrigued? Continue reading and find more!

Abalone Jewelry for Vintage Style

Inlaid, carved, or mosaiced on jewelry, abalone jewelry adds a burst of glitter and color to jewelry. Abalone shells are always found on fine jewelry. With the basic tone of green, purple and blue, abalone shell jewelry typically expresses a notable vintage jewelry style. Moreover, it pairs well with all metal colors and remarkably matches well with yellow and rose gold jewelry. 

Abalone Jewelry for Minimalists and Statement Looking

If one prefers something subtle meanwhile eye-catching, jewelry with a bit of abalone stands out. Striking shades make abalone jewelry an ideal minimalist jewelry style.  Even if one is fond of something a bit louder, abalone jewelry works perfectly in large and statement jewelry. 

Woman wearing gold plated abalone shell pendant necklace

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For people addicted to gemstone jewelry like labradorite jewelry, abalone shell jewelry is a satisfactory alternative.

Is Abalone Jewelry Valuable?

Abalone is an inexpensive jewelry material, but jewelers are putting abalone jewelry alongside diamonds and gold, tying into the fifth trend of fusing precious materials with less expensive ones in a fifth trend.

Since abalone is not a particularly rare gemstone, it’s not difficult to find jewelry made from this shell. if you search online, you will have access to a vast array of options with affordable prices.

Abalone Shell Jewelry Meaning

Abalone shell jewelry, including native American abalone jewelry and paua shell jewelry, has been greatly valued by many cultures across the world.

Amazing Gift

The abalone shell is a fantastic present. The Maori people hold the view that abalone brings good prosperity, peace, and luck to the person wearing it. 

  • Same as other seashell jewelry, wearing abalone jewelry or a simple abalone shell ring, for example, invites luck and wealth.
  • With positive effects on emotional stability and openness, abalone jewelry can bring more tranquility to your relationships with others and allows people to stay centered when dealing with highly emotional situations.
  • Abalone shells can serve as a special reminder of the ocean for wearers who enjoy the water.


Abalone enhances love energy. Jewelry made of abalone is also effective to avoid rough minds. The love energy inside the shell relieves loneliness and it’s good for people who tend to be self-destructive. 

Abalone stone is also reputed to help people connect better. Wearing abalone jewelry leads to a better connection with significant ones. It contributes to the commitment to working through difficulties, especially in terms of faithfulness and maintaining the spark.


  • Peace and Harmony. It is believed that abalone shells have healing properties and improve emotional harmony and balance. Holding abalone or wearing abalone jewelry will enhance relaxation, peace, tranquillity, and mind-soothing.
  • Calming and Cleansing. Abalone jewelry works perfectly for stress relief. The abalone shell connects to the ocean and has calming and cleansing energy in many cultures. So, wearing abalone jewelry aids to put out the flames of mental and emotional stress. 

In some native American cultures, the abalone shell is used to burn sage. They believe the combined abalone’s spiritual power and sage would carry their messages to Gods. The smoke of the sage cleanses evil spirits.

  • Abalone lined with mother of pear is thought to promote intuition, creativity, mental clarity, and imagination. It is believed to link one to the highest chakras.

Feminity, Beauty, and Power

Adorning with abalone shell jewelry is good for showing beauty, femininity, and power. The colorful shell represents self-reliance, independence, and solitude. The shell’s energies are believed to protect and balance emotion. 

Abalone jewelry brings a shield of natural protection that gives the person peace.

Promote Feeling of Control

Wearing abalone jewelry alongside lapis lazuli, calcite, moonstone, aragonite, etc., wearers feel more comfortable with their environment to improve their feeling of control.


We make sure that you must be clear about everything about “what is abalone jewelry”. Can’t wait to get abalone pieces? Head to quotes or custom pieces now!

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