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Appeals to Thousands of Women–Radiant Abalone Jewelry, What is It?

Wearing gold plated abalone shell earrings and abalone shell necklace

Source: Pinterest

Affordable, stylish, extraordinary, abalone shell jewelry is known for its radiant and translucent – opaque color. The abalone shell jewelry has sparkled for thousand of years and remains heat in modern designs. 

They are hot for beachy vibes and seashell jewelry at the moment. This blog will tell you “ what is abalone shell jewelry” concisely. 

To truly understand “what is abalone shell jewelry”, let’s quickly look through the “what is abalone shell” first.

What is Abalone Shell?

Abalone are gastropods. It goes by several names, including Paua (Maori meaning shell), ormer shell (UK word), and some less appealing names like sea ears, muttonfish, and ear shells. It is well-known as premium food and is sought after worldwide for its delectable taste.

What Does Abalone Shell Look Like?

The abalone shell is dull outside while glorious inside. The dazzling parts of the shell are iridescent mineral composite–nacre or abalone mother of pearl where the pearls are formed, created by Gastropod within the shell.

A hand holding an abalone shell in front of the sea

Source: Instagram

Covered by barnacles and other growth, it’s easy to dismiss an abalone shell as sea trash. After cleaning and polishing the abalone shell, the glossy and stunning hues of blue, green, and purple flowing and swirling are what make the abalone shell arresting, irresistible and magical.

Where to Find Abalone Shells?

Except for the Atlantic coast of North America, the Pacific coast of South America, Antarctica, and the Arctic, abalone reside off the rocky shores of colder waters across the world. However, they are not as widely known as lobsters, oysters, crabs, or clams.

A century ago, abalone was plentiful. Unfortunately, due to overfishing and increasing acidity of the waters, the population of wild abalone has severely declined. In the next 200 years, the abalone is at risk of extinction. 

As a result, collecting abalone from the waters is prohibited or restricted in South Africa or other countries. The majority of abalone used on jewelry now originates from farmed sources.

Types of Abalone Shells

50 species of abalone shells exist worldwide, and their shapes and colors vary. One of the most famous types is Haliotis  Iris. Haliotis Iris is found in New Zealand, also named paua locally. 

Paua is always valued as food or art by the native of New Zealand. It is related to the stars and frequently depicts eyes in traditional carvings. Today, paua shells are still sheen on jewelry, including paua shell necklaces, paua shell earrings and paua shell earrings.

Wearing green silver abalone shell earrings

Source: Pinterest

Abalone species threatened, so farmed abalone with shimmering vibrancy has become an ethical source to replenish wild abalone. For more than 300 years, New Zealand has been culturing abalone to meet the demand without harming wild stocks. Except for New Zealand, abalone is farmed in Mexico, Australia and Asia, Japan and Taiwan, etc.

Is Abalone a Gemstone?

Yes, it is. Similar to coral, abalone is an organic gemstone. Abalone is the source of the mother of pearl, and a few of them will create pearls. 

The way abalone forms make this organic gem material very robust and tough. Mohs hardness of abalone shell is 2.5-4, but the jewelry made from abalone is durable.

What is the Abalone Shell Used for?

What abalone shells were used to be currency ago has been popular in jewelry making for thousands of years. Hundreds of years ago, abalone shells were often set into silver jewelry.

Finger wearing a sterling silver abalone ring

Source: Pinterest

As iridescent, unique, vivid colors dazzle, the magnificent beauty of abalone comes to life on antique abalone jewelry as well as in detailed modern designs, adding a splash of color to the costume.

Abalone Jewelry

Abalone has been used in jewelry and ornamental decoration for centuries. Natural colors and mysterious patterns shine bright on the jewelry design. Abalone shell rings, abalone earrings, and abalone shell necklaces accessorized on men or women are obsessive, glamorous and contrasting. 

Abalone Jewelry for Vintage Style

Inlaid, carved or mosaiced on jewelry, abalone jewelry adds a burst of glitter and color to jewelry. Abalone shells are always found on fine jewelry

With the basic tone of green, purple and blue, abalone shell jewelry typically expresses a notable vintage jewelry style. Moreover, it pairs well with all metal colors and remarkably matches well with yellow and rose gold jewelry. 

Abalone Jewelry for Minimalists and Statement Looking

If one prefers something subtle meanwhile eye-catching, jewelry with a bit of abalone stands out. Striking shades make abalone jewelry an ideal minimalist jewelry style. 

Even if some are fond of something a bit louder, abalone jewelry works perfectly in large and statement jewelry. 

Woman wearing gold plated abalone shell pendant necklace

Source: Pinterest

For people addicted to gemstone jewelry like labradorite jewelry, abalone shell jewelry is a satisfactory alternative.

How Much is Abalone Shell Jewelry Worth?

Fine and luxuriant looking make abalone shell jewelry valuable. The more smooth the surface is, the more valuable the shell jewelry is. Mixing with gemstones and shells or tapping into pearls to design abalone pearl jewelry, abalone shell jewelry represents fantastic and exclusive glamor. 

Most abalone shells on jewelry today are farmed. Abalone shells are inexpensive, so that most buyers can afford them. 

Abalone Shell Jewelry Meaning

Abalone shell jewelry, including native American abalone jewelry and paua shell jewelry, has been greatly valued by many cultures across the world.


Abalone shells are believed to feature healing power, enhancing mental peace and balance. It is said that holding an abalone or wearing abalone jewelry promotes harmony, relaxation, tranquility and soothing of emotion. Abalone jewelry is helpful for people in stressful periods.


Abalone shell stands for water in many cultures, so jewelry made from abalone shell is believed to be able to extinguish the flames of emotional and mental tension.

Enhance Creativity

Abalone shell jewelry improves intuition, creativity, imagination, and mental clarity. It is thought to connect a person to the highest chakras.

Bring Luck and Wealth

Similar to seashell jewelry which brings luck and prosperity, wearing abalone jewelry or a simple abalone shell ring, for example, invites luck and wealth. 

Promote Feeling of Control

Wearing abalone jewelry alongside lapis lazuli, calcite, moonstone, aragonite, etc., wearers feel more comfortable with their environment to improve their feeling of control. 


In a nutshell, abalone jewelry displays vivid purple, green and blue colors. 2.5-4 Mohs hardness of the shell makes the abalone shell sturdy on the jewelry in vintage style or contemporary design. 

The abalone shell jewelry is affordable because most of them are ethically farmed. Heading to see more about sea shell jewelry? Check our shell collection now!

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