Handmade Jewelry Manufacturer


Who We Are

Found in 2010, TTT jewelry has specialized in handmade jewelry for 10 years which made us be the most professional fashion handmade jewelry manufacturer in China. We have more than 600 skilled wokers who make us can handle any order in time and we have produced 20,000 five-wrap bracelet in a week. As a direct production factory, we have also entered into a partnership with more than 16 raw material plants. From raw materials to production, we will provide you with the most professional and best service. TTT is the best industrial and trade enterprise integrating design, production, trade and retail in China.

Why Handmade

Ⅰ:We believe handmade jewelry leads the fashion trend

 1.Design can be varied. Handmade jewelry can integrate all the raw materials together

 2.All major fashion brands regard handicraft as an important selling point, whether it is Gucci or Rolls Royce.

Ⅱ:The manual direction of the swordsman is derived from a special group in China - left behind women. Young people go to work in the city, and as their wives will stay in their homes because of their children and parents. They can't pursue more and achieve more value. So we put our work in one direction, providing jobs for left-behind women and realizing their value. In addition, we decided to donate 0.01 cents to the relevant charity organization for each handmade jewelry sold.

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