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Nerine, who lives in australia, is a top-notch handmade jewelry designer whose products are popular with customers. She has 10 years of hand-made jewelry making experience and she likes and is good at Wrap Bracelets and boho-style designs. She believes that Boho is a unique hand-made jewelry style, although the popularity of Boho is declining compared to the early 21st century and that the Bohemia style represents an unprecedented romanticism, folklore and liberalization. It also represents an artist temperament, a fashion trend, an anti traditional lifestyle.

In addition, she is also good at capturing fashion elements and integrating them into product design. That's why Nerine's design can be loved by so many customers.Since joining TTT in 2017, she has been committed to providing excellent product design or concept advice to TTT customers.

“I've stayed with the company for this long because their quality of service, their craftsmanship, and their attention to detail is prior beyond.”said by Nerine O'Brien, International Designer.

Australian Designer


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