2022 Christmas Gifts from 10 Best Jewelry Brands

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What designs obsess us so much? Take a look at the Christmas jewelry gift ideas from famous jewelry brands—-Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari… Go reading and be inspired by the fantastic creations!

Whoever you are——

a man just picking a jewelry gift for your baby, 

a jewelry designer who wishes to create new brilliant pieces, 

or a wholesaler seeking out new striking jewelry pieces, 

you will discover what’s trending in this holiday season and even what will be hot in the next few months.

Let’s dive in!

Christmas Gifts from 10 Best Jewelry Brands

Christmas jewelry sales increasingly grow as Christmas is approaching. However, you might not notice some jewelry items in your hands will surprisingly promote your sales.

Look at the following designs! See if you have any similar pieces that are getting popular, or might boost your Christmas jewelry deals if you’re running the business.  

1. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany’s rose gold knot necklace embodies strength and elegance. Powerful connections between people come in the knot formed by entwined ends.

Tiffany’s rose gold knot necklace

Source: Instagram

The modern aesthetic bracelet has scintillating diamonds creating a high shine and luster. Wear these sleek mixed-metal bracelet stacks for a striking look.

Tiffany’s mixed-metal bracelets

Source: Instagram

Diamonds shine brilliantly shines over the band.

Tiffany‘s engagement rings

Source: Intagram

2. Cartier 

Jewelry evokes timeless elegance with a rebellious spirit: metal pieces have a doubled-up row of clou carré studs, and diamonds or contrasting onyx beads.

Cartier’s Christmas rings and bracelets

Source: Instagram

3. Van Cleef & Arpels

Brilliance and blossoming come in the Van Cleef $ Arpels’ sparkling creations paved with diamond flowers.

Van Cleef & Arpels’ flower ring

Source: Instagram

4. David Yurman

David Yurman’s Carlyle necklace has 18K yellow gold hand-finished links in bold geometry design. Full-cut pavé white diamonds add dramatic sparkle to it. ​

David Yurman’s Carlyle necklace

Source: Instagram

18K yellow gold diamond ring from David’s Caryle collection.

18K yellow gold diamond ring from David’s Caryle collection

Source: Instagram

5. Bulgari

Precious creations with rubellites, rubies, and diamonds, finished in rose gold with mother-of-pearl elements.

Bulgari’s Christmas necklace with precious stones and pearls

Source: Instagram

Charming gifts with snake emblems for loved ones, granting the greatest wishes.

 Snake emblem necklace from Bulgari

Source: Instagram

6. Boucheron

Boucheron’s quatre Classique designs have fun and magic, taking one to a wonderland.

Boucheron’s  quatre Classique necklaces

Source: Instagram

Boucheron’s  quatre Classique rings

Source: Instagram

Serpent Bohème Solarité hoop earrings bursts revitalizing power.

Maximum hoop earrings from Boucheron

Source: Instagram

7. Pandora

Pandora’s stacking necklace has stunning star pendants. This celestial design makes a woman unique and out-of-this-world.

Pandora’s stacking star necklace

Source: Instagram

Bracelets are complete with magic charms filled with love and meaning. 

Pandora’s bracelets completed with magic charms

Source: Instagram

A design filled with timeless romance: Pandora’s stacking rings are defined by their brilliance and two-toned bands fit together perfectly.

Pandora’s sparkling stacking rings

Source: Instagram

8. Swarovski

Maximalist bracelets featuring stunning large gemstones translate elegance and channel your inner glow this winter.

Maximalist bracelets from Swarovski

Source: Instagram

Rings from Swarovski

Source: Instagram

Ice-clear crystals radiate holiday glamour, dancing, and dazzling in the light. 

Ice-clear crystal earrings from Swarovski

Source: Instagram

9. Chanel

A white gold ring fully paved with diamond. It’s alluring and stunning!

A white gold ring fully paved with diamond

Source: Instagram

Stunning and creative! Chanel star ring incorporates white gold and sparkling diamonds.

Chanel star ring incorporates white gold and sparkling diamonds

Source: Instagram

10. Gucci

Heart Charms is timeless forever. Gucci’s gift collection has these love jewelry defined by heart details. They reflect the House’s romantic narrative.

Silver heart pendant bracelet

Source: Gucci

Silver heart rings

Source: Gucci


That’s all about the popular gifts from famous brands. If you don’t know what to buy or what to create? See TTT Jewelry’s handmade Valentine’s Jewelry 2023 designed by our talented designers. All of them are one-of-a-kind gifts that blend with the most fashion-forward elements. 

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